Baby Shopping for the first time ( FIRST TIME MOM)

Oh cute oh my gosh I hope my baby's not

spoiled because every time I see

something and it's just like waves up

let's welcome back to my channel so

today's video I'm going baby shopping

for the first time okay so I don't know

how much baby stuff cause I don't even

know what I'm and really needs yet

honestly we um we went out earlier to

start getting some stuff but I was

looking too messy all my hair wasn't

even finished I was looking crazy I'm

gonna start that now it's really not

baby stores like near my house so

Walmart is like the only place two

things all right now

as far as in the registry today and we

don't see what they have also I already

have some stuff you know that that car

seat it has to be attached to the bottom

of the stroller yeah I don't know I

didn't look up like the brand and

everything hmm so they had a big baby

section so we might do a registry here

once we see what they got first come

back to y'all once we start buying this

stuff you know we can't even look at the

girl stuff we wonder like beanies and

stuff this is gonna be a big November

being beaming yeah you know we gonna get

a lot of these though at the baby shower

four months left we haven't done the

baby shower you once we did your baby

shower it's gonna be like a lot more

stuff like the main stuff

yeah really what we can get is like

socks pampers white stuff that light

you're gonna run out of but we're gonna

need some more caustic you say you don't

know who he who he like - I camped oh

this whole story was a super 498 90

second oh that's three T oh right here

is you're out of six months is that cute

yeah yeah

why is that much for six stocks these

are pants it's so small these are are

you gonna meet Jackie but you don't need

you no time for warm fuzzy jackets don't

need someone else he needs give me some

of these four boys with the oh no that's

fake it's not even nevermind these shoes

would be cute actually just to have but

it's so like cheap but anyways I am back

now that I look a little bit more decent

I decided to come back hour later on you

know in the evening and I'm actually

going to Ross that's probably weird

y'all probably like says what are you

doing step1 already going wrong but

listen y'all check this out Ross

actually be coming through with the

deals okay and I want to see what what

kind of stuff they have if I can find

some little little buys little steals or

whatever so yeah I didn't even get a car

because I really just want to see what

they have I think that some cute little

sets I know this is like huge stuff you

like I know you gonna have to grow into

this but still babies grow quick so

honestly it's not bad to get like stuff

like this so cute okay let me see if

they have like smaller sizes stuff my

baby going to church y'all

oh it's over here I'm tripping here we


newborn alright so oh this is from

Carter's see I told y'all bro

we're ought to be looking at hole 2 and

let's see so it's usually 26 11 dollars

look at that that's cute but he's

probably gonna get so many of these are

the baby showers so that's what I was

saying earlier like I really don't know

what to even get right now I kind of

just want to like look and get a feel

for how much stuff is what kind of stuff

i'ma need what they have in the stores

all that stuff cuz at the baby shower

we're gonna get like a lot of the main

stuff I am gonna go back to Walmart and

probably stock up on some pampers and

wipes and stuff because although we will

get that later on it's like you could

never have enough yo

oh my gosh I hope my babies because

every time I see something and it's just

like I need that okay Oh

matching songs I gotta get that yeah I

gotta get that look look what you're

doing to me Ross oh wait it doesn't

match so it's not like a set but it's

still cute so I'm still gonna get it

because I can't not get yeah cuz wait a


bad so Wow I wasn't ready y'all for a

tutorial on this hairstyle go to my

channel homo here really it's just like

the healthy type of wipes or something

or is it just like author brands

okay I'll be no baby for sensitive skin

I'll get that I guess why not why not

what else they got Oh duh oh baby dog

they sure do have baby dog I'm gonna get

these two actual stuff besides clothes I

already have a bathtub Wow y'all they

got little socks and stuff for three

dollars bro and I told him I said Ross

be having the deals see this is five

dollars for and you get all of these

here we go zero to six months boom is so

cute and it's gonna be winter time so

he's gonna need these thick ones I'm

getting these two okay my hands are full

because I didn't expect to be getting

all this stuff and okay the wipes are

dropping so I will be back

so on that target and we have to do our

registry so I just made one and they

gave me this little standard thing so

this my first time doing this yeah so

I'm trying to find something that I know

well some things that I know the baby

will need I'm not going

I don't think clothes people gonna add

that anyways but oh this is good okay so

it added I'm about to walk around and

get some of this registry stuff at it

and then i'ma catch y'all once I get to

Walmart okay y'all saw him back at

Walmart and one thing about diapers is

they got so many different types and

it's just like this like I'm a read

through a lot of these boxes but I think

I'm gonna stick with the simple pampers

cuz I got all of these what if you don't

like the diapers that I get but

whichever ones I pick I know I'm Annie

like a lot of them what's the shelf life

actually we still got what four months

I'm gonna need to find out I mean I'm

pretty sure it's like years maybe like

two years or I don't know it could be

list all right let me see let me see let

me see see which one rough in the guinea


so I just pick up the ones that looked

the most normal and I got one more

special type of 100 overnight protection

some extra soft so uh yeah that's cool

y'all leave some tips down in the

comments for your girl because this

doesn't know what she's doing

it's not hard to baby shop but it's just

like getting the right thing oh I'm

gonna tell y'all so he already has a car


totally pop this up so he already has a

car seat you just have to get like the

stroller part attachment for it and it's

like a chewing one type of thing so

that's a plus cuz I was just about to

pass this section right here so I just

reminded me to tell y'all and also he

got some onesies I'm an insert that clip

actually I think I took a little video

of some of the other stuff he got so so

this is some of this stuff for baby he

probably won't be able to wear the short

sleeve onesies for the first few months

but they're still super cute these are

like never-ending and these are all our

things 0 to 6 months Oh

6 to 9 months so ok he can grow into

this yeah that's big he'll grow into

that and he has some some long sleeve

ones these the some little socks with

the legs and all that this is what he'll

really need

so yeah he'll be wearing all of these

all of these all of these so y'all I

have bags of stuff that's been gifted to

me which is crazy just a whole bunch of

clothes bigger than you know newborn

that he can grow into these are for my

best friend actually from her little

baby my love nephew and you know he


swagged also noticed some good quality

stuff in here though but heavy bags of

just clothes both of these are clothes I

need to take them up my car really but

I'll do that when it's time to wash them

this is like a portable breast pump so

that's super super convenient and then I

even got like some tummy time stuff and

just a whole bunch of stuff more bottles

just stuff stuff stuff stuff so I got

all of this and I'm super blessed for it

I think we are pretty much good for now

between what we got earlier this morning

and I just needed some little white

diapers and stuff like that so I don't

want to like OD and plus they still got

time so that's a baby shower

all of that so I just wanted to make

this into a little vlog baby shopping

for the first time besides what has been

like gifted to me so yeah I don't think

the prices are like too high or nothing

right now true your newborn still so let

me not speak too soon but anyways you

guys that's completes this vlog thank

you guys so much for watching make sure

you catch up on my other videos and I

will see you guys in my next one of my