prom dress shopping 2020!!

hey guys welcome back to my Channel

today if you couldn't tell by the title

I'm going prom dress shopping I'm going

with Emily and grace to my best friends

I'm so excited to guys with me as a lot

of you know I'm a freshman so you

probably get asked what the heck why are

you going to prom it's a go-to about

really small school everyone just goes

to all the dances and also high school

isn't a very interesting situation so

freshman to go into prom it is a little

early to be prom shopping it's March but

my prom is in April so it's like give or

take I don't know I feel like it's a

good time because we want to get the

good dresses before they all run out or

sold out and eat that stuff so I'm not

gonna ramble on I don't have a date by

the way that who knows I could change I

said I didn't have a date in my

homecoming shopping video and that all

changed in like a week and like all my

friends are dates so who knows honestly

I don't really want to go the date

because I just wanna have a good time

with my friends because it's like if I'm

not dating somebody it's really awkward

to go to dance especially problem you

know what I mean so anyway gonna go pick

up Emily and I'll see you guys then do


all right we have a little road trip and

we came to the Nordstrom to East

Norseman cafe and we're going to see if

they have any dresses here not will go

to Windsor she likes playing I'll show

you guys our food and we get it tomato

soup god bless america and look who's

here look who made it

Queen okay we are currently on our way

to Windsor just looked me dead in the

eyes sera no way to rinse Windsor we

found nothing at Nordstrom because they

had no dresses that were from

appropriate and see you when we get

there one needs rest of the ran Emily I

am co-driving reaches zero values like

three Emmeline are kind of a thing that

we genuinely have the exact we have what

grace but I'm kind of struggling so

we're gonna try on I have any dresses

I'm like the fashion yeah guys I'm

really struggling I'll show you all

these dresses help okay first dress here

it is this one's a little booby so sorry

about that I don't love it I really like

the fit of it but it's a little itchy

like the straps are bad yeah and the

straps also are about and again in Ruby

which is makes me a little bit like feel

weird only because I'm very conservative

but what I wear I know I believe I

believe put it all out there I'm more

concerned about what I wear so I'm

excited to try these ones on I really do

like this one I just I feel like these

might be a little more me so Emily

thinks she's so pretty in this as

gorgeous love you look at the princess

so there it is dress

numero uno all right this is dress

number zero

okay Emily's coming over for the blog

but we accidentally tried on the same

dress again Emily better cover up those

Tatas are showing I don't like this

unfortunately I love this part and I

love the material but it's just not

tight enough here for me I feel like if

it came down a little bit lower I'd work

Emily so pretty here's the close-up look

in there I do like the slit set and then

the tool that covers them I think it's

super pretty at all but unfortunately

there's gonna be a mouth don't look at

that right moving on to the next dress

they don't do this blue one alright we

are back we got Ali in this dress like

this one it looks like your homecoming

dress no one looks as beautiful I'm

showing it I'm coming

I think Caleb or that I missed anyway it

didn't focus that's so pretty

we're back I got this blue one on it's

definitely the mermaid shape I like it

but that's just really long and I'm

gonna feed on her just like it but yeah

I agree

no I think it's really pretty though

also I'm sucking it right now I know

I'll be wearing like Spanx or something

if I go like that like Hello yes it's

just really expensive and I don't love

this little phantom or anything can go

somewhere and they can just remove that

because it just as big for me I feel you

guys we did I found the dress this is a

nice weight this doesn't do it I'm gonna

slit to this is oh my god - just pop -

Callie usually it's not home I'll show

it to that well they're doing that thing

and this one this one's like tight this

one's like loose and like tiny balloons

right okay that I get it I think I got

it did got me coming into the future Ali

took a whole video cuz my dress but it

actually wasn't recording so I'm gonna

insert claps what the what the dress

looks like at home right here

okay I found the dress I was not

expecting to find out the first place I

went to I put it on hold though just in

case I find we're going somewhere else

just in case I find something better

somewhere else or something and I like

the I pray like that and everyone here

grace Aly and Emily we're going those

are so cute anyway all members of the

party I would love a dress including

Grace's mom which is just great okay

we're back at Windsor to get the dress I

had to put it on hold before all right

we got a little treat we stopped for

some cold stone with marshmallows to

tape a shamrock shake I got a mini one

but they gave me a medium oh that's nice

I know let's see what you guys Fenella

and Oreos and M&Ms yummy yummy yummy hey

guys it's currently 4:10 we're back in

Windsor to look it's too friendly in the

rest of us I think they put some more

stuff here I think they definitely add

things that is so pretty i okay how

beautiful and it sparkles oh my gosh

it's so pretty we're gonna try this on

some other stuff here you go if you guys

are gonna shop anyway alright here we


Emily another dress a little

questionably skimpy but it's so pretty I

like the velvet actually I don't think I

would like it was really good

this is not family-friendly Ali I'm


Oh Helia let me see in the mirror that

is so pretty I hate it I'm I like I

didn't know I was doing it for the vlog

that is so pretty

really good on your figure look at that

I actually didn't think I'd like this

part but I actually really liked it I

like how it comes down right here tail

it's so pretty yeah me too this little

I'm a fan I actually tried on dresses


another we love to kill I know grace

writings more but she did not like that

no no you know you look beautiful

instrument boobs

we're just keeping it real today the way

that this sparkles is just to die no way

this sparkles but I think it's I like

them because I'm excited as he just went

on this one I know

oh this was my favorite thing but I

think I might need extra small okay try

it tell me when you're ready so you each

other vlog look at it Emily I like this

one here Emily Emily I like this one but

the only thing I don't know if I like is

the color of the sparkles you know what

I mean I'm gonna coming to any sense at


you're right sorry I just I just don't

want to be mean but the pattern is just

not my very favorite that is so pretty

please hold still you don't the slit

okay and if you don't love it then don't

get it I think it looks really pretty

though okay this one we really thought

was going to be the one but

unfortunately it's not the straps are

just poorly made like on the side so

it's not the ones I don't have to see

you know I love even lie I think the

blue one was probably my video hey guys

I am home now I'm the worst I've not

logged in a really long time it's like

6:45 but I am home now anyway and Emily

bought the one like teal blue dress that

she tried on she does know she's gonna

wear that one for sure not but I really

liked it on her my fave anyway my mom

and Allie went to the store to get stuff

for dinner and the rest of the week

today's Saturday by the way I don't know

if I said that or not but it's Saturday

it's like I've been a bad lawyer today

but not very clear but um what do I need

to do I need clean up my room it is such

a mess around here so I'm gonna do that

and then I'm gonna change out of these

jeans because they're very uncomfortable

day but also oh my gosh I need to edit

this video so you just clean up my room

out of this video and then do homework

that's probably not gonna happen so

anyway that is that I'm gonna clean up

my room and do everything else

guys it's not almost ten o'clock

I literally have made a bed and I'm just

sitting around doing nothing so I need

to start editing this video cuz I want

to get getting it up tomorrow morning

for you guys so I'm gonna try to be

somewhat productive indeed I cuz I

literally have been sitting around on my

phone doing nothing so I'm just gonna

burn this out as fast as I possibly can

these year I'm feeling downstairs but I

ate dinner and that's literally all that

that is oh it is time to edit


hi guys okay that's now 1252 a.m. which

means oh my gosh in 8 min it's gonna be

2 a.m. because of daylight savings which

is horrible I don't understand the point

of daylight savings I will be getting an

hour less sleep tonight just so bad for

my sleep schedule I need to go to bed

earlier it's becoming such an issue but

I finished editing this video I'd have

to add this clip as well as my time

lapse of editing this video into the end

explore upload and then I'll seem to

wash my face because my mascara is going

onto my eyes but this is gonna be the

end of today's video I can care so much

for watching please subscribe if you

haven't already it was a really good

successful day I'm super excited about

my prom dress and if you guys came to

this video looking for a prom tourist

inspiration any of that stuff I hope you

got some thank you guys so much again

for watching and I will see you in my

next video bye guys what