BUYING FOR BABY?! || Pre-Baby Must-Haves (0 months)

hey love it's been a really long time

they've uploaded a video on this channel

and I am so sorry about that I have so

many ideas for this channel things that

I want to do is just getting around to

doing them that is kind of the struggle

so I apologize for those of you that

have been asking me for more videos on

this channel it is definitely something

that is top of mind for me but I just

haven't been able to get around to doing

it and then I filmed a whole video and

edited it and everything and then I

forgot to put it up or was you know try

like I had like a couple more things to

edit it and then I deleted the footage

yeah yeah I was smart but now I head

back to refilm it and I wanted to do a

series of videos for you guys because I

couldn't find any of his information

anywhere in the Internet when I was

researching while I was still pregnant

just stuff to buy for baby because I

felt like a lot of times companies would

push things that I didn't feel were

necessary we're kind of gimmicky just

didn't it didn't sit well with me to

have to go out and buy these random

things so after since my daughter is now

six months old I wanted to kind of go

back to that place and kind of think of

the things that I felt were really

important for me and my child I

understand every baby is different and

every need is a little bit different so

here the list of items that I felt

really I was really glad that I had

before Julia arrived and items I hope

will help you guys when you're trying to

narrow down your list of items that you

need for your baby and stay tuned

because later on I will continue to

update this with you know zero to three

and three to six and six to nine and

kind of go through each of the stages of

development of things that you know

through trial and error discovered that

I really loved and things that I was

really glad that I bought if you guys

have any product recommendations leave

them in the comments below or send me a

message on Instagram or on Twitter or on

Facebook or anything like that send you

links I love hearing from you guys and

so many of you have such great ideas and

great product suggestions and just in

general just great mom advice and so

it's really great

and you guys about this stuff and yeah

let's just get into it

number one the play yard this um one

that I got is the Chico Lullaby LX this

one was great eh I love the colors I

love that it's super neutral so I like

that this will work for a boy or a girl

just good staple neutral item what I

liked about it is that you can set it up

and take it apart and travel with it and

it came with it's a little carrying case

and all that stuff so it just was really

important for us when we were traveling

to visit parents or friends source or

anything like that with Julia now the

one thing about this particular play art

is that none of their sheets fit it

properly for some reason the ones that I

did find that actually fit it really

well for by Carter's but they're not for

the Carter store which is weird I found

them at Sears and they're quilted I want

to say they're easy to take on and off

they're easy to wash it's just their

great great purchase

next is swaddle blankets the ones that I

got are by agent and anaise I want to

say are $800 or nays a nice nice honors

Julie still lives in these blankets they

are incredible we got them for gifts for

my baby shower so you can always you

know register for them they are on the

pricier end of things they are so soft

though they're very breathable fabric

which I know a lot of moms are always

worried about babies you know grabbing

the blankets putting them too close to

their face the fabrics very breathable

although i don't recommend just like

leaving it in the bassinet or crib with

your baby like wrap your baby up

properly I'm not suggesting otherwise

they washed really well I get stains out

of them really well they're nice and

soft and neutral not too loud and

obnoxious which I find a lot of baby

stuff is which I just finally irritating

the ones that I thought came in a pack

of three and that is all of that I've

ever named for Julia and those are the

only blankets that use with her the next

item are those tiny little washcloths

and I felt these were really important

at the beginning because they didn't

want to use the traditional wipes when

wiping her bum because I feel like her

skin was very soul sitive as a newborn

so I wanted to use just plain warm water

on her and I would have a little

changing station just by the sink so I

was right there with her and they were

just easy to wash and easy to use and

they're cheap and I don't know I just I

really like them and that was really

important for me was even now Washington

thoroughly I can use them with her now

so they're just items that are usable

throughout her at least the first six

months of her life next is a white noise

machine I had one of them actually from

University is used all the time and so I

just continue to use it and it's just a

nice little background thing they talk

about it a lot in various books and at

the doctor's offices and stuff that you

should have some sort of a noise just a

very gentle noise in the background so I

would have it far away from the crow

because I didn't want to damage her ears

in any way obviously was on the lowest

setting but regardless come too far away

from the crib and it was just a nice

noise that I think they find very

soothing and very similar to kind of the

noise that goes on in mummys tummy when

they're still in the room so I really

thought that was really helpful and

helped her fall asleep easier and I mean

there's obviously different ways you can

do this you can use humidifier you can

use a white noise machine you can use

those like a little like sleep sheeps

that they have as well with how various

noises but I really like just the plain

old standard white noise machine next is

the black and white board that I have

talked about in numerous of my mommy

loves videos I love this thing I got it

on Amazon it was one of the best

purchases at the time because Julia did

not like to be changed and she just got

irritated and cold and she just hated

the whole process so this is a great way

just to distract her long enough for me

to change her diaper and add on one side

it has all the black-and-white images

which is really great because babies are

drawn to that really strong contrast and

then then the other side was a mirror so

I could just flip it back and forth as

she got bored of one side it was great

for car rides and it was just one of

those awesome awesome pieces that I was

so glad that I got next on the list is a

first aid kit and I think most moms will

go and buy a first aid kit for their

baby but I would have those items I

specifically want to mention the nail

clippers I had no idea that baby nails

grew so fast

it like I don't know why this never

occurred to me it kind of makes sense

but they grow so quickly and so that is

one item that I'm

really glad that I had because you are

constantly clipping their nails all the

time like all the time and then

obviously you need some sort of a

monitor if you are to leave your baby to

sleep for a little while and the one

that I started out with was a actual it

was a security camera and it's buy

foscam and it was great because we could

set it up and we could watch her as well

as listen to her I can move the camera

around or zoom in if I wanted and I was

like a new mom that was really nice that

I could see her and make sure that you

know she was okay and everything was

good so that was always nice I liked

being able to see because when she wakes

up she usually kicks her legs up in the

air and rolls around so when I could see

that visual of her moving around I knew

that she was up and awake so I could go

up and see her before she started to cry

but the thing with it was that um it was

through my phone that I had to use it so

I couldn't use my phone while I was

watching her which is kind of annoying

so eventually we switched over to the

Summer Infant slim and clear and it's

just a normal baby monitor and it's just

really easy to use it had really good

audio and I could hear her really well

in various points of the house and then

the car mirror now we have an SUV and

the way that the back seats are it we

couldn't use the normal ones that most

people use that like hook around the

headrest so we had to get one that's by

um do know I want to say do you know

easy view and yes I got the standard one

that just like hooks onto the back and

you can kind of angle it and you can see

baby in there car seat in your car which

is so key I cannot stress how awesome it

is to be able to see your baby I wish I

got the one that had it has like a light

and it has a remote because it is so

annoying having to get into the car and

like adjust it because Chris and I both

drive the SUV right so I'll get in and

my settings are different Chris's so

I'll get in and I'll have to adjust it

and then I'll sit down and I'll have to

go back out and readjust it and doing

that the winter

time is really not that fun next step is

a swing or a bouncy seat something that

um you can kind of stick baby in and

keep them around with you that'll keep

them entertained while you do laundry or

you just do tasks or things that you

need to get done around the house for me

if I had to pick one of them it would

probably be the bouncy seat although

it's a it's a tough call I have both and

I find they're both useful for different

purposes the swing is really nice when

she's just in one of those like

overtired moods and you just can't calm

her down so getting her in the swing

listening to the music watching the

mobile move around it was just a great

way to calm her down so that we could

you know get her into a good state that

we could put her down for a nap um so

that was really nice for that purpose

but it's not really mobile which is kind

of annoying so I really like the bouncy

seat for that purpose because I could

take her to different points of the

house wherever I was and keep her there

with me and she could get entertained

with various toys and things like that

while she was with me and the ones that

I got are both by fisher-price and

they're both be snuggle bunny ones and

they're great I really really liked both

of them and then obviously a nursing

pillow I looked at a whole bunch of them

and I know there's a lot of really

highly rated ones the one that I ended

up getting was the floppy pillow I

really like that I was a u-shape I know

some of them are kind of like almost a

teardrop shape but I didn't want to have

to like move change the pillow over

every time I had to like nurse around

either side that just sounded like too

much work for me so I really liked it it

was a good height it was comfortable it

washes really really well and I would

say to get out a waterproof case as well

for it although it won't protect it from

like the major spit ups and things like

that it will protect it a little bit

from the minor stains onesies I cannot

stress enough enough how much I love

onesies and sleepers I think they're so

wonderful for newborn babies especially

the ones the button-up ones they're just

awesome I love the fleecy ones because

Julia was obviously really young during

the winter time so they're really nice

and snuggly and comfortable for her and

she still wears them obviously bigger

sizes but um I love one ziza I think

that it's just to me I just couldn't see

the value in putting my

baby in like four items clothing like

jeans and a bodysuit and a t-shirt and

then like a jacket and shoes like I just

it was too much work because she was

eventually going to spit up on it and

then I had to change her and do the

whole process again and if Julie didn't

want to be on the change table and go

through that whole rigmarole it just

wasn't worth it to me also I should note

the difference between the zipper ones

and the button-up ones the button um

one's really nice because I could just

take off the pants part of it to change

her diaper and I didn't have to like

unzip the whole thing which would get

you know kind of annoying so I really

recommend the bottom ones and then you

should invest in some sort of

comfortable chair I will say you don't

need to go out and spend twenty five

hundred dollars on a fancy rocking chair

I mean if you could afford it that's

awesome because I mean you will get it a

lot but it I was for the first three

weeks our chair didn't arrive um at all

for the first little while so I would

nurse around the counter in the bed or I

had like an office chair like whatever I

could get my hands on it I was fine no

being said I really really love my do

tally a chair once I did get it it is so

comfortable and just a really nice piece

for both Chris and I to sit in and and

cuddle Julia or all nurse Julia in there

and I mean you spend so much time in

this chair just make sure that it's

comfortable for you water bottles I've

talked about this before I really highly

highly recommend going out and getting a

couple of giant water bottles like the

refillable ones they you just you get so

if you're breastfeeding you get so

thirsty breastfeeding so it was really

important important for me to have water

bottles placed throughout that books

which we learn the hard way because poor

Chris had to get up at all hours of the

day or night to get me fresh water

because I would eventually run out of it

in like the tiny little glasses or

whatever so that was the thing I wish

we've gotten before and it really does

come in handy next up is the diaper pail

and I want to say one thing about this I

get I got the army hammer one and I love

it you don't smell anything with those

things the the liners are really easy

to change but I wish what I had done

which I'm doing now is I only put the

really gross diapers using those lines

because the liars can get expensive over

time and you really like you don't need

it for anything else so what I wish I

had done earlier is just for the normal

regular diapers that didn't have a lot

of poop in them or something like that

I would have just put into like a

garbage can beside the diaper pail and

then for the really disgusting diapers

put those into the diaper pail and I

think I would have saved a lot of money

that way and last but not least a really

really good nursing bra or maybe three

they're really really important I can't

stress that enough and nursing pads I

have the Lance know ones and they're

amazing they're just the disposable ones

the ones that I have I got from

Motherhood Maternity and they have a

great little cross section so you can

nurse your baby really easily just

nursing time but I do highly recommend

getting a couple of them because they do

stretch out quite easily so make sure

you're rotating them through quite often

which you probably are anyway because

you have all sorts of spit-up stains all

over them being a mom is so glamorous

all I talk about is like stains and poop

good time and that's everything for this


I hope you guys found it helpful I will

put a full list of all the products in

the info bar below for you as well in

case you're interested and stay tuned I

will doing another video for you guys

showing some additional items that I

really got that I had for when baby was

a little bit older that is everything I

hope you guys are having an amazing

amazing week so far and I will see you

guys all in my next video

love you girls what