Sisterlocks Installation Vlog + Sisterlocks Tag (Q&A) | Loc Journey From Locs to Sisterlocks

yes my mother barfi I had a crown this

is my destiny plaguing now I'm actually

moving and grooving 6:06 I need to be

heading out the door six oh six eight

him I need to be heading out the door I

got a full bag in there pack if I can I

still need a neck pillow for my head I

might get one that I sit on just on my

butt won't hurt that much

oh man I gotta give me some more snacks

so you know I won't be tempted to order

over eat the door - but I'm excited I

didn't get to film me prepare my hair

last night it's completely dry it looks

shook up but it's combed out nothing's

on it so I'm prepared but we need to be

walking out the door so I check in with


once I get in the car get there early

all right John I remember I'm work I

came in the full way but I'm gonna come

over and it's a little bit area first I

can try to find the next Kelowna host me

like a button I sit on those are cute

and then I'm making me like some Caesar

salad it's in lemonade some fruit

you know stuff to munch on I made me

like a dinner like a lunch from dinner

last night so it's a go plate so I

should be fine I should be I might end

up ordering some food once but who knows

let's see what we can see y'all

I'm sure with a father below right I'm

like just one of these fish travel

pillow $9.00

oh my game the first one go

some of the food's come on job they

don't solve beers but they're like

I mean they got some food upload out

all right

I found zones those are perfect

literally perfect perfect so now we're

going to go over to the food there we go

you find these snacks like I said I

think I was good I know don't you help

you stuff that stuff sits on my stomach

better so like Caesar salad give me some

watermelon trying to hurt you because I

also need to grab some money out the ATM

and I need to figure out what I'm gonna

eat for breakfast I don't want like

nothing like McDonald's or nothing blade

it was too early to try to make the


and I didn't want to wake the girls up

okay yeah it's 6:42 we did it we did we

only 12 minutes from the place where I'm

doing my sister like 7-eleven is on the

way so I'm gonna stop there at the ATM

cuz I knocking pool money for free there

and everything that I need and then we

yah she gonna look at me like girl that

I came super prepared she know I'm

pregnant I'm I try to sit the whole time

like I said I'm an egg to look I'm a

booty pillow I got snacks

there was a McDonald's in the Walmart

that I was in so instead of making two

stops I got me some hotcakes and sausage

and orange juice in there so imma just

eat it once I get there and then like I

said all we gonna do is stop and get

this some moola this is the last of my

loose natural yeah this is the last I

told you I was coming back for this like

journey I don't know if I believe me or

not but we in there

you're starting to you know have a

little sunlight up in here

I got a turn 20 right here BAM all right

John about the running here and get this

some money and I was young when I get to

the shot but I should just went to it

got dang bank or something I had to do

three different transactions never in my

life ever

why don't y'all tell me that you can

only pull two hundred out at a time that

is so stupid

I've never been to a 7-eleven like that

like every goddamn car driving on fast I

don't care

water birds okay yeah I see y'all

when I get to the shop for running

alright guys so she actually off she

just texts me she said that she is

running late which I'm not mad about cuz

I'm gonna eat my breakfast my corn piece

and I don't feel like I have to rush I

didn't wanna get when I usually get from

McDonald's when I used to eat McDonald's

which was the Egg McMuffin and I don't

really eat pork anymore and you know

everybody know that has ham on it and I

really don't eat him that's home

but my baby like pancakes

somebody's pancakes I forgot to charge

Phillips iPad last night but I my stuff

is charged like my phones my laptop she

has the TV in her and her suite so

that's my mister man texting me somebody

eat this food I know I'm not gonna be

able to record the whole process of

course you know you can't record the

process but she does know like I do

YouTube and stuff and that I'm

documenting this journey so I'm gonna

try to have her take pictures of like my

grand before she starts and you know in

between and all that so you guys can

sync them all right child it is the next

day I know like just a different angle I

didn't feel like setting up and I wanted

to come talk to y'all you know cuz this

is day 2 dude it's like y'all saw me

give y'all some like porn at the end but

I wanted to come on here and kind of do

like the sister like tag and like answer

some questions it's only day two but I

figured I'd do it fresh like look yeah I

really got some hang time but they so

curled up and short but it's ok

I ain't even trippin on the length kids

it's gonna come but let's get into these

questions first and foremost if you are

new to my channel welcome don't hit that

subscribe rate as long as that bill

notification because I'm pretty sure I

didn't say that in the beginning as

y'all see I see the little mini vlog or

whatever and now we're gonna get into

these questions so the first question is

why did I give sister likes so I started

with permanent like extensions in May of

2018 and then I cut them in September or


of 2019 and the reason that I cut them

is because I wanted to journey with my

own here because Center and I already

had quote unquote traditional likes in

the regular size I figured that since

I'm gonna start me a new journey I might

as well start with a different type of

life so I was between Mike relax and

sister likes like literally I wrestle

with that from probably about October

until February this month on if I was

gonna get sister likes or micro locks

and they are very similar in a sense but

not really micro locks can be literally

ten times bigger than this or way bigger

than this and they're still considered

very small locks and I just felt like

sister locks will be it like it's

they're so versatile you can do so much

with sister likes and I don't know

between micro locks and sister likes I

just was like you know what I'm gonna do

sister locks and I just started doing a

bunch of research on that so that's why

I chose sister likes you know I've

already had the journey with traditional

likes and I just wanted a different type

of lock the second question was why did

I switch to sister locks and I don't

know if I supported that in the first

one the first one is why sister like so

why did I switch to sister rocks and

again I wanted to journey with my own

hair and I wanted a different type of

lock so it's probably like consuming why

not anyway third question is how long

did it take you to find a consultant and

schedule with the consultants so it did

take me about a couple weeks or months

to find a consultant and the reason for

that is because I have a really really

bad anxiety like super bad anxiety and I

wanted someone who was certified or that

was you know that took the sister-like

class so let there be a trainee or a

consultant and I went on the website and

just to me I'm not saying that the

website is overwhelming but with me and

my anxiety the website was so like yo it

was just it was just a lot like they

have your broker by consulting in

training but they have it broke up by

states as well as once you get to that

state it has a

by cities so I don't know it was just

very overwhelming and if you don't know

I'm in the state of Texas and Texas is

big like huge it has a lot of cities a

lot of pocket cities and I just kept

getting so overwhelm like I would look

and they only have the ladies names and

their numbers or emails and me I am a

visual type of person so I wanted to see

pictures Instagram Facebook whatever

ahead and it's just like when you go on

there unless you try to go search for

their names on those social medias you

really don't know if it's them and then

I was in finding people's instagrams so

like I would get on there you're so

overwhelmed and then I would exit off

and then I actually reached out to a

consultant or a trainee on there and I

text her and y'all there was just baby

girl didn't want no money I'm just put

it like that she didn't want no money

she literally took like two weeks to

respond to my text and then we weren't

texting back and forth like it was

literally back and forth but the mom and

I asked for pictures or some of her work

like she never texted back like Tuesday

she has not text back so yeah that was

that and then um I have a friend who we

have a mutual friend and her mother and

her do hair down here and her mother is

actually or I seen on her mother's page

that she did sister likes and actually I

didn't just see I just I got on my

Facebook and I was like yo Murr and my

sister likes done and I want somebody

down here like do anybody know anybody

down here and of course people start

tagging people but my friend texted me

like you know such as such mom does

locks and I'm like okay what's her

Instagram when I was her Instagram y'all

I just stopped it like her Instagram

when I tell you I went back years cuz

she's been doing on for a couple years

even though she's still considered a

trainee she's been doing them I think

about two years but she has sister likes

herself and she also does brother locks

so I just kind of stalked her page and

even once I found her it was just like

okay I think I'm gonna go to her I'm

gonna schedule consultant went to our

book insight and again her booking site

is not complicated whatsoever it's just

my anxiety and it's just like okay this

is a lot of money okay let me go on the

book inside oh I gotta make a login I'm

getting off oh I gotta put a card in I'm

getting off so it was just me and my

anxiety bothering me but once I was just

like you know what I'm tired of doing my

hair like y'all I but anywho I booked my

concern consultation I went to my

consultation I loved her her personality

she let me ask all the questions I

needed to she gave me information like

the consultation just went really we'll

so I was just like let's book like I'm

ready when you ready so as far as how

long it probably took me about a month

but then once I found my you know

consultant or training whatever you want

to classify her as I did my consultation

and then the following week is when I

actually scheduled my install and I'm

glad like I know some people don't start

that quick I know some people that went

to their consultation and they had to

put booked their installation out like a

month or two and I'm just you know I'm

so thankful I didn't have to do that cuz

baby girl I was tired of doing my hair

period what fears uh so I think this is

the fourth question what fears did you

have about starting sister lights I

actually did not have any fears about

starting sister locks I was not i

watched plenty of videos and some people

say you know the install was heard they

took too long

bla bla bla I wasn't worried about any

of that one of my tender headed to their

sister locks like they're very small so

in my head I knew I was gonna be sitting

for a long period of time even while

being pregnant now I did say that I was

gonna wait until I was like six or seven

months pregnant but then I started

thinking like girl you're gonna be big

real uncomfortable and so it's like I

rather have done it now thirst is

waiting so again I'm really glad she was

able to squeeze me in like the following

week but I didn't really have any fears

going into sister likes and it's

probably I would say me having locks

previously probably contributed today is

it's gonna be a journey I know like your

first you know you can see your grid you

can see it looks really I'm not gonna

say straight

but you can see my scalp and all of that

and I knew all that was gonna come I'm

not self-conscious about my hair I don't

think I've had any style where it's like

oh my god is everyone looking at me like

what are they gonna think like I didn't

big hair big faux head in our yard and

shaved my head completely off so my hair

completely off so I didn't have any

fears going in systemotics whatsoever

how much did they cost me I think that's

question number five five or six I don't

know not stop counting but how much did

they cost me so I don't want to quote no

one's prices online how every sister

likes can range anywhere I've seen some

people start off in the 400s all the way

up to like the thousand range mine was

not that steep it did not start at 400

but it was in between 400 and 700 I

would just say that because again I

don't want to quote anyone's prices they

go off of your hair length I'm pretty

sure they probably you know contribute

density and all of that in there as well

but mine was between 400 and 600 dollars

so I thought it was perfect for my hair

length because I had that was another

question how much hair did you start off

with or what was your length so around

majority of my hair was four and a half

inches long and then the middle a little

bit was measuring at three and a half

inches which I asked her you know should

I cut it down but she's like no it's

like an inch a lot of people won't even

be able to tell so we started out

basically with about four or four and a

half inches of hair how often will I

reach high in the beginning she wants me

to come every four weeks so I already

scheduled my first retie with her and

that is scheduled a month from yesterday

so literally every four weeks for right

now and then she'll let me know when I

can go up to like every six or eight

weeks how often will you watch your

sister locks now my consultant told me

do not wash my hair until I am about to

get my first free time so she wants me

to go for weeks without washing my hair

and I'm a trial like I've never I don't

think I'm ever like ever went that long

without Washington in the big

my first black journey I had permanent

like extensions and God when I said I

was hard-hitting and didn't follow

directions like I got my like extensions

and I think I color my hair like two

days later so it's just gonna be

something different I do plan on being

very obedient with these sister likes

because I want them to flourish and grow

and I want them for years two years to


so she told me not to wash up to 4 weeks

after that I'm not sure how my wife

schedule would be because as of right

now I would say especially like for the

first six months I truly plan on doing

what my consultant says so whatever she

tells me to do if I go in for weeks and

she'd say hey if you want to you wash it

every two to three weeks and that's what

I do but if she's saying no wait another

four weeks I'm gonna do that unless I

just absolutely cannot because my scalp

or hair is telling me not to so what

would you change about your sister like

so the installation if you could I would

not change nothing like she did an

amazing job sitting with her was amazing

the atmosphere was amazing

her personality like everything was just

good like I don't I love my my my locs I

haven't had my finger in head syndrome

that much but when I found myself

talking about them or somebody

compliment thank you and I gotta touch

them but I want to change anything at

all do you think you will miss your

loose natural hair no what no I'm

telling especially while I'm pregnant

yeah my last two pregnancies I shaved my

hair off like my hair was literally like

this short I don't want to do my hair I

don't like doing my hair what I'm

pregnant whatsoever like when I'm not

pregnant I thought me some box braids in

we wig in sizing out that now while I

play around with weeks while my hair is

shorter during my sister like journey

period of course I will I know I will

especially you know if someone sends me

a wig if you know I do it I already have

collaborations plan with other wig

companies so I definitely plan on Dibble

and dabble in wigs but as far as missing

my loose natural no ma'am no ham no

Turkey no sir no the last question

because I want to wrap this up because I

know the vlog came before this what

my lot goes my lot goes as of right now

is just to let my babies flourish I'm so

excited about this journey like when I

tell y'all I just sometimes I just walk

in the bathroom just to look in the

mirror like yes like I really did it

so my lot goes is to see how long they

can get to see how healthy I can keep

them and things of that sort as you all

may know I am getting married I'm

engaged and I can't wait to see what my

length is and how my likes look on my

wedding day like I wouldn't care if they

was just right here or if they was right

here like I just can't wait to see the

length in the growth like I can't wait

for that year mark so I can make a video

and show you guys pictures and clips

like I'm excited to see that type of

stuff too so I know a lot of people are

joining now because I am going through

this sister like journey I have a lot of

new followers on Instagram because of my

sister like journey and people and my

family and friends on Facebook are all

just like okay I can't wait to see the

journey doc you telling me that I could

y'all like I did it so those are my

sister like girls I just want my hair

healthy and I can't wait to see this

transformation like I know it's gonna be


like just mad crazy a beautiful cells

that's all the questions that I'm gonna

answer today if you have any further

sister-like question and consultation

questions like any questions I may not

have hit on and you want me to

definitely comment them down below I can

answer them down there I can do a

separate video if you have any video

ideas for my sister locks but without

further ado we'll get into this sister

locked or y'all ready




I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't

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