6 Month Olds Babies in Sitting, Typical and Atypical Development Comparison

now at six months marty has stable head

and trunk control with strong extension

through the thoracic spine marty is able

to reach with one arm at a time

as his wide base of support gives him

greater stability in the lower

extremities and freedom of upper

extremity movement with emerging

postural control against gravity and

sitting Marty is also able to lean

forward reach and then rewrite his trunk

over his pelvis to attain the upright

sitting position he is also able to

sustain a gross grasp on objects while

utilizing a variety of upper extremity

movements though these movements are

still ungraded in the sitting position

as we saw at two and four months Owen is

struggling to maintain his head upright

and in midline when held in supported

sitting the examiner must still support

him high in the chest to allow him to

sustain his head upright his trunk

extension is poor and he does not have a

solid balance of trunk flexor and

extensor muscles to stabilize himself

his upper extremities come down to his


but Owens ability to activate his vision

and his reach to explore are not

observed as he needs to work so hard

just to remain upright