4 Month Old Babies in Sitting Position, demonstrating Typical and Atypical Development

in supported sitting we see that Marty

is moving into the anterior-posterior

plains as he reaches for toys and then

sits back up he is able to pick up this

small toy and bring it to his mouth we

see good head control and chin tuck with

head in midline

babies of this age often reached with

one hand using the other upper extremity

for stability until full postural

control is developed his body is

supported only at the hips and pelvis we

see extension down to the mid thoracic

spine full extension down to the lumbar

spine will not be present until six

months even with minimal support at one

shoulder marty is able to turn his head

quickly and easily to localize and

grossly follow the toy in all directions

without losing his balance

in supported sitting owen exhibits a

momentary burst of head lifting in

midline but he is unable to maintain

that head position for even the briefest

period of time he is unable to turn his

head or look side to side even when the

examiner provides support at the upper

arm and shoulder

the examiner holds him high under the

armpits for maximum assistance Owen has

difficulty activating his vision in this

position unlike Marty who was able to

visually fixate on and begin to track a

toy the extremity movement that Owen

demonstrates is used to compensate for

his decreased strength control and

stability in the head and trunk