Pampers Diapers Newborn vs Size 1| How To Choose The Right Diaper (Newborn)- Pampers Review

guys what's up is it girl done now in

today's video i'm back with a pampas


and um we're gonna be talking about two


i have look at this this is just so cute

i have a newborn

diaper in front of me and then i have a


size one and the question is like when

when is it time to move on to my next


you know should i i'm having a baby and

should i just go for a newborn

completely or should i just jump into a

size one

which one should i do and why all right

let's dive into this

enough when you're picking up diapers

for your little one

it's not based on their age whether

they're one two three four

five months is based on weight um that's

very important

now let's talk about the newborn first

and then we'll jump into the size one

this a newborn diaper uh look at this

this is really tiny

look at my hand look at that super small

this newborn diaper is perfect for a


that is 10 pounds and less and


um you probably will have this for about


month that's depending on how big your

baby is

my daughter was eight pounds seven

ounces and she wore this for about three

weeks and then we moved on to science

one so it's very important that if you

were to go ahead and pick up your

newborns if you're trying to shop ahead

of time of a baby

it's very important that you don't stock

up too much on your newborn because

depending on how large your baby is

you're not going to get much usage out

of jump into the size one and as i

mentioned earlier diapers are not

designed on your

baby's age so whether they're one two

three four five months is not designed

like that

is designed specifically on weight size

one will accommodate a baby between a

weight of

8 to 14 pounds and if you want to just

take a look at this once again you can

see a complete size difference the only

difference between this and the newborn

is going to be

definitely the size and it's going to be

the newborn has that little cut out for

the umbilical cord

softness you're going to still have the

same softness that i have grown to love

with pampers

and it's blanky soft as it says right


and as you all know pampers is the

number one choice of us

hospitals um guys i hope this helps you


my video today was just geared toward

helping a new mom out there

who's trying to figure out whether i

should go for

a newborn and stock up on that or

whether i want to go ahead and stock up

on a whole lot of size one

as i mentioned earlier my daughter when

she born she was

eight pounds seven ounces i stayed in my

newborn for about

three weeks and then we jumped right in

to size one we was in this for a long

time now

on the pampas website they do say that

this should last for about two and a

half months

for your little one so expect to be

using this depending on your little


size for about two and a half months i

hope this video was helpful and remember

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just like this one until next time ciao