YouTube what is up guys so this is a

video for everyone who's thinking of

starting skateboarding who is nervous

who don't understand it's just a little

prep prep video I'm kind of gonna give

you an overview of the skateboarding

world and what to expect when you

starting to step on a skateboard so I

actually have a video teaching the

basics so if you want to know how to

move and push and all that stuff on a

skateboard I'll link it at the end of

this video but this is almost like more

of a mental thing for you guys to give

you guys some confidence and know that

you can one start skating at any time I

get a lot of people saying I'm 19 I'm 24

I'm this age this is it too late no it

doesn't matter who you are

guy-girl what you look like unless you

have no eyes then it would be very hard

there's the landscape where eyes are you

see them on Facebook it's so it's that

guy crushes all right so no literally

anyone can freakin skateboard so even if

you're starting on that later age like

you can enjoy skateboarding

skateboarding is a magical thing where

you set goals for yourself and you can

be terrible at it and you learn a few

tricks and that's gonna be super fun you

be super talented at and there's an

unlimited amount of things you can do

with it so no matter how talented you

are physically inept yet you think you


you can skateboard right now I'm telling

you that all right so you get a

skateboard and you're trying to ride and

that might be the hardest thing in the

world okay it's just sometimes it's hard

sometimes your balance doesn't get it

and it takes a second and that's okay

you're normal don't let that hold you

back okay because everyone has different

levels and if you're having trouble

rolling just keep doing it a little bit

every single day and you're gonna get

better I see you're well but there is a

starting point for everybody okay if

you're great at riding awesome move on

to the next thing

whether that's flipping your board

upside down to land like this watch if

you can roll really well then you got to

start trying tricks try this one just

get out and try things is the best thing

because skating is all about setting

goals and progressing and it's such an

awesome fulfilling thing it's like it's

kind of like building something you know

when you like sit back and build

something I mean your kid you built

Legos or you are a kid or you're an

adult you sit back you're like wow that

was cool that I built that as you see

progression and skateboarding it just

gives you such a satisfaction that no

other activities that I have experienced

like when it comes to like sports and

whatnot it's just not a feeling like

skateboarding is awesome not talking

trash on any other sporting events or

activities or what you do whatever makes

you happy that's awesome

but skateboarding for me is just is what

does it another thing that you really

need to understand is that skateboarding

is tough if you're one of those magical

people that can just jump on learn

tricks like that consider yourself lucky

for most people it takes so long just to

learn how to ollie

if you don't know what ollie is is where

you jump with your skateboard you see it

people do it all the time

that right there sometimes takes people

2 months 3 months sometimes people learn

in a week but just know that you are not

the only one struggling and when you do

it you're gonna feel good so if

someone's getting you down look at your

skateboard and be like dude I'm gonna

come back again and again and I'm gonna

conquer you and then you will especially

if you use that voice ok sound like Liam

Neeson I mean scene was it taken I

wouldn't mess with him

so joking aside skateboarding stuff it's

ok it's tough for everybody in some

level so you know power through don't

get discouraged use your failure as a

tool to motivate you and continue to do

your new stuff progress every day I

should make a clothing line called that

progress every day like that and I said

it a second ago about setting goals and

progressing and that is very important

as you are starting to skate may make it

a goal to try to learn something new

every day whether that is rolling on the

ground boom one or learning the board

flip thing that I showed you early in

the video there are millions of

different combinations of skateboarding

tricks and I know that sounds like a big

number but I'm pretty sure there are

people are making up new stuff everyday

things get really weird there is always

something to learn set it progress and

when you get there set your next school

never accept your skill level because

that's what life and skateboarding is

all about you know that Gatsby he's like

my life is always supposed to go up boom

that's what skateboarding is all about

progressing and bettering yourself so

set goals and crush them a huge thing I

feel like people deal with when they're

starting skateboarding is worrying what

other people will think ok 1

skateboarders all started so if you're

beginning no one's gonna look at you and

be like yeah that guy can't

kickflip a 12 stair that guy sucks no no

and things that you're starting no one

can just kickflip a 12 stair but my

point is is don't worry about what

people think I mean online oh yeah

alright good deal you're champ online

there's people talking trash about

everything in life so just don't listen

to them in general not even about

skateboarding just about everything

because negative people it's not worth

your time but skateboarding as a whole

it's such a family-oriented thing like

you meet a skateboarder and since you

both skate it's like you

already are cool with each other you

already know each other and it's just a

really good vibe I have never been to a

skate park where I haven't like kind of

run into someone cool you know or I'm

there by myself but that doesn't count

because I like to talk to myself and I'm

okay to myself besides the point

skateboarding is an awesome accepting

thing most of the time so just go there

and have fun and do not care what people

think what you care what William Spencer

thinks that guy's so okay that guy is so

mean he's not he's an angel with feet

angels already have feet good not wheels

it's could be called beach ball park

they're terribly wrong it's beach bum

Park we should just get a new sign or

and place it they wouldn't notice like

we can go in a safety what no they

wouldn't we're doing that we're not into

vandalizing but sorry understand we're

doing the difference on earth yeah it's

broken I'd be fixing it and last but not

least on this list of guidelines that

start skateboarding is just have fun

don't take it too seriously like

sometimes when people are arguing about

people or skateboarding or thing and I'm

like dude who's sick we're just

skateboarders like we literally like

we're playing with the toy and it's a

toy that everyone can play with just

just like throwing a baseball with your

dad you know like it's just a great

activity any age can appreciate it have

fun don't take it too seriously but you

know use it to enjoy life and better

yourself that's it I'm gonna actually do

some skateboarding now for you guys but

I hope this helped like I said I do have

a how to like maneuver video which I'll

link at the end of this and I have a how

to ollie video which is a really good

starting point as well but here online

there's a plethora of things that can

help you learn tricks so look those up

Braille skateboarding has a library of

them they have a whole DVD specifically

for that so the world is yours you know

skateboarding can be whatever you want

to be just enjoy it I should be a high

school Gowens guidance counselor campus

I just realized I can't do a three flip

with a board backwards so I'll do the

fakie flip tail with the board backwards

that'll work

we did it

of course the easy trick is the worse

but that's that's life I like the first

trick was at Phil oh here's a foot away

from me I just landed it like really

good there you guys go

sorry I do not have more time to film

for you guys but I had fun I struggled a

little bit but I held on to some tricks

I was happy with so thank you guys for

watching if you want to see more from me

there's subscribe button right below the

video you just click it and you were

signed to see more but yeah that's a

gate boarding it's the best thing ever

you guys will have fun don't care what

other people think have fun make goals

all that cheesy stuff it is serious it's

serious stuff progress everyday progress

every day my clothing line is coming

soon yeah so try try try subscribe weird

I haven't said that one in a while

Oh music


all right here well us we do like it

doesn't matter what trick just do a

trick Oh see that's Willis you know

sometime dudes have another special

handshake with another dude and with

Willis we just don't do anything okay

like we don't have pie and that's our

special handshake imagine how cool we

are with each other at all times

literally at all times in life you can

come over here though he like didn't

care at all I'm going like this pull

this abuse bank