When To START Skating Stairs?


what is going on guys get the out

of my weight goddamnit welcome to

flat-ground Friday's the original plan

for today was to land nollie tre flip

180 so nollie bigger flip but as you

guys can see nollie tre flip wasn't

working out for me and I figured I

probably didn't have enough daylight

left to battle for a trick I've never

done so instead I decided hey let's get

better at nollie big flip it's a trick

you guys don't see me do that often and

it would be nice to improve my skills a

common question I've gotten over the

years is when you guys should start

doing a trick downstairs and I always

redo my tricks until I feel like they're

clean and it's not only because I want

to land a clean trick it's also because

I want to learn the trick better you

guys know there's a difference between

learning a trick and doing it one time

also this one I feel like was my best

nollie big flip let me know in a comment

below if you agree or disagree anyone

can land a trick once but you're going

to have to get it consistently to tell

people you've learned the trick and in

order to do a trick downstairs I just

made up this philosophy you guys should

probably be able to land your trick flat

ground about 14 out of 15 times I'm not

saying you couldn't magically land your

kickflip down a 5 stair even if you can

only land it I don't know 8 out of 15

tries sure maybe you'll get lucky but

for you to actually progress and really

get the confidence needed to step up

your game I feel like that's a pretty

good metric and I'd like to hear your

guys thoughts anyways if we use to this

video as an example I'll never skate

stairs again because that 14 out of 15

is not happening here I'll see you guys

tomorrow for a ninja review have a great