How To Start a Skincare Routine & 5 Skincare Tips • Going Back to the Basics!

So I'm finally invested in skincare

And I know you have beautiful gorgeous skin that I really really want. So tell me about your skincare routine and your beauty secrets

Okay, girl. This is so obvious. This is a no-brainer, okay. So they have this Korean skincare trend. That's going on

It's going viral

I mean super duper viral, everyone's doing that. THE KOREANS KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING, OKAY?

So they have this thing called the seven layers of toner

We slap that on and it just melts into your skin like butter

I mean, it's it's a life changer you put on a face mask afterwards

And it just seals everything in and you're blending this will last all week long. I'm telling you it's life-changing right Chloe. Don't you agree?

right Chloe

So yeah, I mean, that's like what a total of 1 2 3 like 20 steps or something like that

But it's so simple. I mean so easy 20 steps. How easy oh my god. Yes, that's a lot of money too, okay?

Yeah, I know. Also you have

Beautiful beautiful skin, so do you mind sharing your beauty secrets? What does your skincare routine looks like.

Bro, you wanna know the secret

The secret is to not wash your face every day

You know you're not supposed to shampoo your hair every day, dude

Apply that rule to your face.

It's bad for it. Let it be. Like what do you think the cavemen did back in the day?

No they didn't wash their face every day, and any time they did, they just use water. This is what I do okay

You know anytime you're shampooing your hair like just let some soap drip down a little bit. Let it join the party just

(rubbing face)

Massage it down sometimes even down to the to the hard bitch, ykwis. I'm saying minimum

That's it. That's all I do and I have a beautiful skin

There's simply so many guides and expert devices that are floating around the internet and that are also available over the beauty counter it often

Makes us feel like it's such a stressful and hard task to put together a solid skin care routine

I often get messages from you guys asking about your skincare routine if you're using

Anything right or wrong and listing out every single product that you guys used and sometimes, I'm like

Wow, those are skin needs this bunch of product, so I just wanted to bring you guys back to the basics

So let's get started.

What is the essential?

basics to create a solid skincare routine. So the morning routine is pretty simple you either skip cleansing or you do cleansing and

Follow up by a moisturizer that can unlock hydration and then last but not least you put on sunscreen

Finishing off with a sunscreen is a must for preventing any further damages.

Moving on to evening skincare routine if you do wear makeup double cleansing method is something that I would highly recommend

It's a very skin respecting method

it doesn't require over tugging and over rubbing or over washing your face with a one single cleanser

using a cleansing wipe is not something that I would recommend

so if you can opt for something like cleansing water, cleansing oil, balm, cleansing lotion, creams

Those are fine

And then I'll follow up with a water-based cleansers that

Lifts off all the makeup residue and the oiliness that may be left by using a cleansing oil after cleansing can jump right into

Using a moisturizer to lock in hydration that's going to prevent your skin from losing water overnight

So preventing that transit whatever water loss that happens overnight, which does happen a lot

this is probably the most minimal basic yet very very essential skin care routine that everyone needs in their life to maintain a

healthy skin or a healthily functioning skin barrier system

the products that you incorporate in this very basic routine doesn't need to be fancy. It doesn't need to come with

Superstar active ingredients it just needs to cleanse it just needs to moisturize and prevent your skin from UV damage and then from here

I'm going to start adding products according to what my skin needs

And I'm going to call this as a supplement because they're basically a targeted solution that will treat and target

Skin condition or skin problem that I'm experiencing before you add anything in this step

You have to realize and recognize that your skin is already so much capable

already of doing

everything that the active ingredients

Promised to do so it really only makes sense to add more products if your skin starts to slow down in the process of you


Rejuvenation or cellular turnover or your skin is depleting in whatever?

Nutrients or mineral that it used to have so you have to tune into your skin

Listening to your skin examine your skin every day and night and try to work with your skin

I'm going to share some examples of what my skincare routine will look like on each

Conditions or each days if my complexion is dull

And it feels like the dead skin cells had some kind of

Accumulated and buildup and kind of blocking all the skin care products from absorbing

That's when I would include AHA

such as

glycolic acid or lactic acid in my skincare routine if I feel like my blackheads are more prominent than ever and I feel like I

Need some pore clarity in my life. I would incorporate BHA

into my routine

And you know you have those days where you feel like your skin is just uncomfortably clogged and there's so much impurity

That's built up inside your pores

That's when I would include a clay mask and when my skin is in need of serious intense hydration

and I need to seal every single moisture every single hydration that I have that's when I would incorporate a

Sleeping mask and if my skin is really dry and part, and it just needs a little bit of more TLC

I would include some essential fatty acids that are mostly found from a lot of plant-based oils and seed oil

And if I have a big inflammatory acne I would include a spot treatment

If your skin is starting to mature and you're seeing fine lines, and you notice that your skin is losing collagen and hyaluronic acid

That's when you want to add some products like retinoid retin-a or retinol products, but also high strength vitamin C

especially ascorbic acid can help the collagen production

Adding copper peptides or higher Knick acid serum might help if sebum regulation is in my agenda

I would definitely include niacinamide and zinc serum if I'm looking for something that boosts my overall skin health and my skin's immunity I

Would add any antioxidants in my skincare routine if I'm looking to target and diminish the hyperpigmentation and discoloration

I'm relying on tamano oil some skincare basics and skincare tips that I can deliver and share with you guys

It's number one do no harm

maintain what your skin already has your skin is so smart already so you want to maintain your skin as

It is really prevention is always going to be better than treating or reversing what has already happened

For example applying sunscreen every single day is going to be way easier

And way better than going in for a laser treatment after you gain in that sunspot. You've gained that wrinkles

You've gained that age spots and this skincare tips is going to be applied to every aspect of your life balance well including your diet

sleep stress level everything skincare tip number two ask your skin

If you really really need that product before you buy anything those your skin really need that product

Or do you simply just want that product just because you came across that product recommended by another?

youtuber or your friend or whoever

Your skin is going to be the only expert that you want to rely on. You know what's happening with your skin

You know what's happening with your own body. You know your lifestyle

You know where you live in that environment?

Skincare tip number three one active at a time as I always say you don't want to over irritate your skin

Active ingredients we call it active because they somehow communicate with your skin cells

Making your skin cells to work in a certain way

So it's basically a skincare product is kind of ordering your skin to do or act in a certain way

So it definitely requires your skin to stress a little bit more going for a higher percentage of active ingredients

It doesn't necessarily mean

It's going to be

better for your skin in the long term and of course you will gain that short sprint of

Results, and if you start over layering more than one actives and both high

Concentrations. It's only going to over exfoliate and over irritate your skin and also there's only so much that your skin can absorb at a

time so if you really want to get the most out of one active ingredient, it makes more sense to

Concentrate and focus and make that active ingredient as the main highlight in your skincare routine if you

Start piling up other products on top of it. It's going to only remain on the surface

You know providing hydration, so you don't want to waste your expensive active serums skincare tip number four

Introduce one new product at a time that way you can give your skin some time to recognize

Identify and digest that new ingredient that may be very very foreign to your skin

And it's also way easier to pinpoint if one product is causing irritation over another product and also avoid adding new products

During that time of the month yes

Periods your body is already going through so many hormonal changes skin becomes very very vulnerable

And you're changing products your skin needs to undergo so much more stress that itself is going to be a very big burden to your

Skin so try to be more gentle to your skin skincare tip number five

No skin care products should over dry or give you that squeaky clean

feeling and if it does that's probably a sign that it's

damaging the skin barrier the skin barrier is the most important thing that you want to respect and

protect if there is really no rule and

Right or wrong skincare routine as long as that skin care routine is to working for you so far

Whether its extensive whether it's simple

That's the right skin care routine for you as long as you feel good with a product that you're using with

Regardless of the price tag that is the best skin care product that you cannot work, and there's only

Controversies about like specific ingredients this and that online

It's all good but sometimes

I just want to cut them and do my skincare you know so that was a summary of the video

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