hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today I'm collaborating with a company

called taking care of babies this video

is gonna be over how I get my baby to

sleep 12 hours through the night and our

nightly routine Scarlett has been

sleeping 12 hours through the night

since she was about 10 weeks old she has

always been a great sleeper but I like

to give most to my credit towards this

class that I chose class is designed for

new and expectant mothers and babies who

are 12 weeks and younger and Kara

teaches you about healthy sleep habits

and how to set up a daily routine so

your nights are successful we use pretty

much everything that Kara taught us it's

helped us tremendously Scarlett went

from sleeping 6 to 7 hours to a full 12

hours within just a couple of weeks

I'll show you guys step by step what we

do every single night to have our babies

sleep 12 hours through the night also

please keep in mind that this is our

routine and this is what works best for

us but it may not work for you anyways

let's get started so we start her

bedtime routine every night around 7


and tonight his bath night so I'm

grabbing two of her organic cotton

washcloths in her organic cotton towel

my mom actually bought these for

Scarlett they're from Amazon I'll link

them down below and our bathtub is the

Summer Infant so now I'm just going to

lay out Scarlett's towel so it's ready

for her when she gets out of the bath

and I have this little scrubby brush

from the hospital I use this to wash

your hair and we are using the Johnsons

head to toe baby wash




so we always listen to Frank Sinatra

during bath time it's turned into a

little bath time ritual for us we just

started using our Summer Infant bathtub

without the infant insert she just got

big enough I personally love bath nights

because they help relax Scarlett and

they make bedtime super easy so if your

baby's extra fussy I definitely

recommend giving the baby a bath because

it helps calm and suit them

so now I'm just dry and scarlet off and

she always laughs at this I don't know

why is she thinks it's really funny


so next I'm going to put a Pampers

Swaddlers overnight diaper on her she's

still wearing the size one we really

like these diapers for night time we

really like the absorb away liner that

pulls the wetness and mess away from the

baby's skin

so it keeps her dry all night long so

now I'm going to give Scarlett a massage

and I read somewhere that you're

supposed to ask for the baby's

permission so that's what I'm doing

right there I don't know how true that


but I always do it we're using the

Johnsons baby lotion this was

recommended to me by my mom and it works

really well for her



so now I'm going to use her Eucerin

cream to put on some of her dry skin

patches on her face this was actually

recommended to me as well


so I'm now going to clean out Scarlett's

nose with the bulb from her safety first

kit she does not like this part and I'm

going to brush her hair even though she

doesn't have much

I'm now going to dress scarlet and one

of her sleepers try to do the

lightweight ones because it's very hot

here in Arizona right now and I love the

ones that zip up they make things so

much easier


so now I'm going to turn on Scarlett's

dome this is a white noise sound machine

for any new or expecting moms I would

say a sound machine is a must-have


I'm now going to get a bottle ready for

Scarlett we use the empty ml infant

formula and we use the nursery purified

water without fluoride the bottles that

we use are the comb Otomo bottles and I

will link these down below as well

I bought them off of Amazon you can also

find them at byebye baby


now I'm going to swaddle Scarlett and we

are using the halo swaddle sleep sack I


would strongly recommend swaddling your

baby this definitely helps with the

startle reflex which wakes up a lot of

infants so this is a type of hold that

carrot teaches in her class that helps

soothe a crying baby

now that scarlett has calmed down I'm

going to feed her a bottle and rock her

I'll put her in her crib sleepy but not

asleep so she can learn to fall asleep

on her own I keep this nightlight

plugged in while I feed her that I do

unplug it once she is done feeding and

goes to sleep so the room is pitch black


and she is sound asleep

I really hope that was helpful to any

moms out there who are struggling with

getting their babies to sleep I am NOT

an expert at any of this but Kara is

down below is her link so please check

her out if you guys have any questions

she offers a class in Phoenix and online

also has some really exciting news once

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