Baby Whisperer Shares His Secret to Calming Crying Babies

now we have some great advice for ginger

and other new parents all us who've been

there know how helpless you can feel

when you can't calm your baby down and

now one pediatrician has mastered a

method his youtube post is bringing

relief to millions dr. Robert Hamilton

is changing the parenting world yeah

that was a big ouch one crying baby at a


it began with me picking up our babies

comforting a lot of babies and over time

which I found is I after I get one shot

or examine them clearly they started to

cry and I thought okay I broke it I have

to fix it his smooth moves soothed these

little darlings in seconds rocking him

up and down in the quiet there's his

instruction video shows how to comfort

the cries birthmark breath a viral

YouTube sensation racking up more than

14 million views oh boy I'm humbled by

that actually and I am hopefully will

help on people so does it come down to a

gentle voice a smooth sway for that

little booty shake let's find out the

secret to wiping away tears look at this

guy he likes the camera yeah and dr.

Robert Hamilton is here right now

Ginger's getting a little cranky

well I'm going back to the old days here

with Hudson and he's sound asleep so I

don't know if I need to do it but once

you demonstrate sure okay we'll get

right to it so here we have our little

guy Lucas and so what I do is I very

gently wrap the two arms right in front

of the chest I put them in a prone

position done with my dominant hand I

grab his little bottom and very gently

rock him up and down they they like to

sometimes they'll grab your finger and

suck on it you can also roll your finger

around the chin and that's it it works

very very well and she's hungry this is

Rio and I'm telling you she is she was

upset before you could have heard her in

the last segment and then you just kind

of shake and bounce riding why is this

work I think it works because you're

distracting them

your your your if you have an itch on

your arm and some someone comes up and

tickles ooh what happens you forget

about your inch something I wouldn't was

a little girl she cried all the time I'm

just putting her on her son I think that

would work but you're saying the folding

the arms really makes a big is a very

important thing you kind of recreate

remember where they came from they came

from a very very tight quarters if you

will and by folding the arms you're

essentially swaddling them they

recognize that position and so what if

it doesn't work I mean if that goes we

have a point well it's actually really a

guy thing really really good for guys

you give the baby back to the mother and

rule number one if the baby sleeping

like this don't do yeah