Nap Training Tips: How I Got My Baby to Sleep During The Day | Susan Yara

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interested in any of that today we're

gonna talk about my baby's nap schedule

and his sleep training to get him to do

these naps because i have had so many

messages about this i I think a lot of

people appreciate it the sleep training

video and you can watch that but I think

a lot of people were really curious

about naps so we're gonna talk about it

one of the first things to point out is

when I sleep train me gosh he was

between the ages of 5 to 6 months and

that's important because when it comes

to naps especially he was doing three

naps a day now he is 10 months old and

he is down to two naps a day so there's

a really big difference in that and your

schedule is a really really big deal

when it comes to naps because you want

everything to be completely consistent

from five to six months his schedule was

wake up between 6:30 to 7:00 a.m. we

would change his diaper feed him almost

immediately he would go down for his

first nap at 8 a.m.

sleep for up to two hours max then we

would get him up same thing again we

would change his diaper feed him and

then let him play around for a little

bit and then his next snack would be

around noon and then again max he would

sleep which is two hours it's the

longest set you were ever allowed to let

him sleep during one nap and then we'd

get him up again change him fume all

over again and then we would let him go

down for one more nap so that would

normally be around 3:30 but we would

never let him sleep past 4:30 so all of

his naps ended by 4:30 every single day

and that was a really really big deal

because you wanted him to be able to

like have enough time to sleep during

the day but also not go down so close to

his actual bed time because that can

mess that up so that schedule is really

really important and I'll put that in

the description so you guys can see that

schedule if you have a baby that's

around that age he probably switched up

to two naps a day when he turned about

eight and a half

sold something like that he he is

definitely now on a tuneup schedule he

is wide awake midday so that midday nap

is now completely gone so that is really

really important to know one of the

things I also want to point out is

whenever we gave him a bottle which at

the beginning when we were sleep

training him we were giving him a bottle

like every two and a half to three hours

you have to make sure you feed him in a

very well lit him or her in a very well

lit area and your baby does not fall

asleep so if you're feeding your child

and it's really close to nap time

sometimes they start to fall asleep

because the bottle is so soothing for

them so you want to make sure you keep

them awake so you feed your baby we

sometimes have to take breaks that way

he doesn't completely fall asleep during

his feeding and then you go upstairs or

in my case go upstairs whatever you go

to your baby's room and you just make

sure it's completely dark in the room

that is another really important tip

because it kind of just lets your baby

know that this is sleeping time you know

it's dark outside there's nothing to

distract him and we put on a white noise

machine sleep sack is also a really big

deal definitely those three things keep

it dark white noise machine and a sleep

sack or if you're still swaddling your

baby swaddle your baby because those

three things will let your baby know

it's time to go to bed those are the

things that we definitely do right

before the nap same thing is in my slip

training video you hold your baby

completely still and just stay like that

for five minutes and let your baby kind

of like calm down and everything get


so again ratio of 1 to 10 you want your

baby to be like at a 5 so tired but not

completely exhausted where he's gonna

fall asleep in your in your arms because

you want your baby to do that on his own

so once you get your baby to that point

and you've got the room as dark as


I usually then throw on the white noise

machine and then I lay him down into his

crib and I just had him on his stomach

and I say alright time to go to sleep

usually I walk out the door really

really fast that way it's it's you know

it's just not distracting he at this

point is really good about just you know

I watch them in a little

and he was kind of like cuddles up with

his little lovey and he is good to go he

goes to sleep a few people have asked me

what happens though if you have put your

baby down and he continues to cry and

cry and cry for an hour for instance are

you supposed to just let him be there no

so what my sleep trainer told me to do

was to go get your baby well let your

baby try to put himself to sleep for at

least an hour and if that doesn't happen

then what you do is you go back in you

get your baby open all the windows again

and everything and act like the nap is

over and then just get your baby back

together start the day again and then

let your baby stay awake for at least

thirty minutes you cannot go back into

another nap for at least 30 minutes that

is a very very critical thing like you

don't want your baby because usually

when you try to put them down for a nap

they were probably tired they're just

trying to fight it so when you go and

get your baby up after that hour of them

fighting a nap

they're probably exhausted and now that

you go get them they're gonna be like oh

yes I can finally go to sleep because

I'm at Mom's arms or in dad's arms so

you have to fight to keep your baby

awake for the next thirty minutes so

feeding playing changing diaper anything

that you can do for the next thirty

minutes that way your baby gets the

sense that like nap was over the day

started again and then now we're going

back down for another nap so after that

thirty minutes back down for another nap

if you notice in the in the schedule

that I have in the description

each nap was about two and a half hours

apart so you want to kind of still keep

it that way right so if your baby sleeps

for two hours then make the next nap

about two and a half hours later even if

that is throwing off your schedule a

little bit because you just don't want

to force your baby into trying to sleep

right if they're not tired then they're

not gonna go to sleep and that's just

torture right so you spread out the two

and a half hours and then if that kind

of continued into like the next nap the

third nap then I would just let him go

down around four o'clock

and just let them have like a really

quick catnap like from 4:00 to 4:30 but

whatever you do do not let them sleep

past 4:30 because that you don't want

that to mess up your nighttime schedule

you know I also got a message on my

sleep training video about how you know

if your baby is in distress like what if

he poops or what if he

need something or is sick or something

at that you're gonna just let him cry it

out no trust your intuition that was a

really really big thing that the sleep

trainer pointed out to me she was like

if you feel like something is wrong then

something's probably probably wrong

trust your gut instinct as a mom babies

are really smart so if you start the

sleep training process you have to

really pay attention to that if you let

them cry and cry and cry and cry and

then you finally just give up when

they're like at their most intense

screaming and crying then they're gonna

realize that if they just scream and cry

no matter how long it takes you will

eventually go and get them just remember

that babies are really really smart and

they'll pick up on your cues so if you

feel like you need to keep going in

there and stuff like that you're

probably not ready to do this and I

think that's like a really big note

because naps are really hard to get them

into the schedule and especially when

you're trying to follow someone else's

schedule that they gave you it took us

probably like two weeks for him to

really get this scheduled so we were

trying to put them into the schedule but

you know you take cues from your child

like if he's not tired you know it's

kind of hard to put them down so another

tip this goes for the sleep training in

general is no strollers no car so if

your child likes to fall asleep in the

car or the stroller you don't want you

want to try to push that off for at

least as long as you can she recommended

our sleep trainer recommended 40 48 to

72 hours but the longer you can go the

better so we actually went a whole week

without putting him in a car seat or a

stroller we just kind of like kept him

around our house that way he could you

know get used to sleeping on his own now

that Nakash is ten months old his new

schedule is he goes to sleep around 9:00

9:30 in the morning for his first nap

and then he stays awake throughout that

whole thing but now we feed him food and

everything - and he's so into playing

and he goes to a music class and he's

gonna start swim lessons all that kind

of stuff so he's got more of a day to do

things and then his next nap starts

around 2:30 at the earliest or at the

latest like he goes down around 3:00

3:30 but he's usually out by like 2:30 3

o'clock and

two hours max we never let him sleep

past 4:30 his schedule has gotten so

much shorter but he still goes down to

sleep now like at 7:30 every single

night because he's always exhausted at

that point I'm gonna answer some

questions that I got on my direct

messages and on my youtube channel so

let's start with direct messages a limb

Higgin she says that she watched my

sleep training video

they've been sleep training her child

and they said he cries for about 45 to

60 minutes at his nap but then she says

that she wants to know what do I do at

that point because when you get him up

then he wants to go down she says he

eventually does go down do I put him in

a stroller or anything like that so like

I said earlier the best bet is if your

baby just fights a nap the 45 to 60


go get him up after 60 minutes get him


feed him do all of that stuff and try

your best to keep your baby up for 30

minutes then go back into a nap time

routine so then you put your baby down

try the whole thing again because he's

eventually gonna go down right he's

going to be super tired so that's my

best advice and it really does work and

and actually we didn't have to do that

too much with Nakash because he

eventually just got it right like once

they realize like okay this is sleep

time they they start to go down so that

was what worked best for us was letting

him cry it out for a little bit he

actually never made it to a full 60

minutes before but if your baby is

making it to 60 minutes

go get him up start the day again 30

minutes keep them awake it's really

really hard another question I got on my

Danns was which sleeps active use we use

the halo sleep sack it is the best one

in my opinion it has not broken all the

other sleep sacks I've tried brand wise

the zipper eventually breaks on them

sleep sack has made it through these

nights with the baby and I'm convinced

actually that he has a little bit of a

harder time standing up in the crib and

doing all of that stuff because of the

sleep sack so I think it's gonna

actually keep him in his crib a little

longer than normal and also I'll say

when we put him down for naps and stuff

sometimes we and we forget to put him in

a sleep sack or maybe his sleep sack

surgery I haven't done laundry or

something like that um I do notice that

he doesn't sleep as long

have been really really important for

this what do you do when your baby

stands up in the crib so when we were

sleep training him that was not an issue

but it eventually became an issue where

he realized he could stand up in his

crib and then we would go in there and

try to put him down what ended up

working for us the best was to go in

there and then just put him right down

don't look him in the eyes at all and

say Shh it's nap time and then just like

Pat him on the chest really quickly and

then walk right back out there was one

day where I had to go in there like 10

times and just do this like put him down

walk out put him down walk out like and

his his room is on the top floor of our

house so I had to actually like just

hang out on our stairs and my husband

would look at the monitor and he'd say

now and so I'd have to go back in put

him down close the door put him down

close the door put him down like it

seemed like it was just this repetition

and we did this for almost a week but

then he started to realize that you know

we're not going to play this game with

him we he has to go down for his nap and

he has to stay down a question that I

got on the YouTube video that I did on

sleep training is do you eliminate

pacifiers when your sleep training the

answer is yes you eliminate pacifiers

only because you are trying to get rid

of anything that will help your child

fall asleep so sleep sack is a little

bit of like a gray area but I use it

because you know you can't give your

baby a blanket so I keep with the sleep

sack but we were no longer able to

swaddle that was one of the things that

the sleep trainer told us I know some

people are just like nope I'm gonna

swaddle no matter what so you know

obviously again use your mother's

intuition but we eliminated all of those

things and that included a pacifier I

will say two months later after we had

done the sleep training Nakash start

teething really really bad and one of

the only things that really helped calm

him was his pacifier so he's back to

sleeping with his pacifier but I

actually think it's okay now because

again he's sleep trained right so he

knows how to go down for a nap and he

understands his schedule and everything

so he doesn't really fight it anymore

and he also one of the other big notes

about this

he knows how to grab his pacifier now

and put it back in his mouth it's not as

big of a deal in the middle of the night

because he doesn't wake up crying

looking for his pacifier unless it's

just completely lost like maybe it fell

out of the crib

but that doesn't happen too much we had

those little weapon no pacifiers and

they're finally coming in handy because

you can actually throw him in the crib

and he plays with them a little bit and

then if he really needs a pacifier and

there isn't one around there's not least

a pacifier on that so he'll just suck on

that for a little bit

the last question we got is what sound

machine are we using and it's the

electro fan jr. I love this one I

actually like it better than the sleep

machine that me and my husband used to

use I think this one is much better it's

got all these little adjustments on it

you can you can turn it on so that it

just stays on for an hour or you can

change all the noises on it you can

change the volume we keep it on the

entire time he sleeps that way it's just

consistent and if there's anything as

far as like noises or anything like that

he just stays with sleep through all of

it because it just drowns out all of the

noise and it's not like a piercing sound

because I've noticed that like with some

of the apps on my phone when we've like

been traveling or at someone's house and

he needs to sleep and I don't have a

noise machine with me I've noticed that

the apps are the sound is just not a

very nice sound whereas this has a few

different sounds on it that I just think

are really nice and calm sounding and

not piercing because some of those noise

is really bothering me there are some

people are very anti sleep training and

they think that it's cruel and rude and

can traumatize your child I will throw

out there I did a lot of research before

I started this and the overwhelming

amount of research that I have found is

that this is actually good for your


it absolutely will not traumatize them

they in fact won't even remember and I

was actually afraid that my baby might

be so mad at me you know like that I'd

walk into his room in the morning and

he'd be like mad at me or something but

I'll tell you he gets really good rest

he sleeps through the night and when I

go in there to wake him up it is the

best thing because he wakes up with a

big smile on his face and he loves it

and I also do know the difference

between his cries now in the beginning

I'd say I probably wasn't completely

sure but now I'm absolutely sure when

he's really in distress and I wouldn't

just let him be in there you know I just

wouldn't let him be in real distress

there's a difference between him being

like needy and wanting mom or dad but

you know you could just kind of tell the

difference and as far as pooping through

the night he doesn't even tell us like

he sleeps right through his poops so

even if he does have a poop which is few

and far between sometimes I wake up and

change him and he does have a poop in

there and he never woke up and let us

know so you know some babies just won't

let you know and that's okay I mean

you've got to do the best that you can

and just pat yourself on the back for

being a good parent so there you go

you're doing great I hope you enjoyed

this video and it helps you out I know

that sleep training can be hard so good

luck pat yourself on the back you're a

good parent and I will see you soon