NHS 24 | Taking Care of Your Sleeping Pattern

I suppose the first thing that comes to

mind is I don't they are fines and I'm

the one who's washed you know checking

the falling before they go to sleep and

it's almost the first thing I do when I

got up in the morning I suppose if we're

making ourselves fell into a routine

I've been going to bed at a particular

time and if we know that we're going to

bed at 11 o'clock for instance then it's

maybe a very scene right I'm going to

put the phone aside from half past eight

or ten o'clock I'm not going to engage

with my phone before I go to bed and

maybe I'll be a part of a sleep hygiene

if we want to refer to as that then

we'll look to you know the kind of

weighing down as it we're so what we eat

and what we drink and a bit of personal

hygiene what is it we do is it having a

nice bath or shower is it you know what

we eat from our point of view and not

eating a a space emule you know five

minutes before we go to bed at about not

having a couple of paints or a couple of

hours away just before we go to bed you

know these are simple things but they're

not absolutes they're not rules but that

can attempts whereby we can some gauge

if we're giving ourselves the best

chance is to get a full night's rest

what I find really helpful is maybe to

write things down almost like a emptying

my mind

before I go to bed you know and just

keep my pain and about paper and joint

and things down and about here before I

go to bed

the things I have to do tomorrow because

what I find sometimes as I'm I'm lying a

bad thing when I remember to do that

tomorrow to do that before installing

sort of day to the books like all those

things throwed my mind and they get in

the way of me having a good night's


so writing them down and then I just I

know what I've written down there I'll

pick them up too

it may well be that a meditation or

mindfulness is really really helpful and

this will not be for everyone but can

you find a way of really relaxing your

brain something that works for you that

feels appropriate and gives you that

sense of peace that sense of calm