When can I start sleep training my baby?

hey there in this episode I am answering

the question from what age can I sleep

train my baby well the simple answer to

that is sleep training is most effective

when babies are receptive to it from

approximately 18 weeks which is about

four and a half months so I would say

that usually from about 18 weeks to six

months so four and a half to six months

it's gonna be roughly when your baby is

ready I'm going to be receptive to sleep

training strategies and approaches now

if you're not at that stage yet and

you're thinking oh I want to do

something now in my baby was only three

months or two months or five weeks then

don't worry you can still do what I call

sleep prep sleep prayer is all about


it's just practicing little things

setting up cues and rhythms to help your

baby recognize when it's sleep time and

help your baby adjust to sleep

environments and it's all about as I say

practice we're not expecting them to

perfect anything just yet so that's when

you do forceps the sleep prep window of

time once you're ready and your baby is

ready for sleep training the thing to do

is to work out what's going to be the

most suitable sleep training approach

for your child because they're all

different circumstances are different

and actually what would work best for

them now may not be the same as what

would work best for them in another 3 6

12 months times say they change their

loads of factors and when we help

families we assess this very thoroughly

with a full history assessment form plus

a consultation and it takes lots and

lots of time in delving too

really fine-tune and bespoke the perfect

approach for each tiles it's an

individual thing well there are things

you can do to try to work out the best

way and one of the key things is the

temperament how alert is your child what

stimulates them how acceptive are they

how accepting are they of certain

routines and changes are they okay with

change do they resist change how much do

they need from you there's so many

different things to factor in but

finding the right approach is key and

then forming an ideal plan the plan that

you can then stick to so you're not left

you know day by day evening by evening

night by night going what would I do oh

I'm not sure what to do or maybe I'll do

this or maybe I'll try that and then

you're an inconsistent mess giving your

child a bunch of mixed messages but if

you have a plan it takes away all that

second-guessing and thinking and you

just get an ID and this is what I'm

doing this is just what we're gonna do

and a good plan will give you if this

happens then do this so if they do that

then do this and so you will always know

you are equipped and ready to respond in

the right way every single time so if

your honest way is ready for speed

training if you've passed that 18 week

mark and you feel like yep now is the

time then go for it and we can help you

here it's neat money we have loads of

tools and resources for you there's a

link where you can subscribe to become a

sleep many insider it's completely free

and we send you free tips guides and

teaching it's all the time so many

resources and you can submit to one of


speak to one of our team if you wish if

you're not there yet and you feel like

actually I just got to get this seat

prep mailed maybe with some really good

sleep prep you won't even ever need to

do any sleep training so learn about the

sleep prep we can again we've got lots

we can share with you on that and help

you get that right right from the

beginning but definitely there's

something you can do at every stage in

every edge it's never too early to prep

it's never too late to get started with

feet training you can get the best sleep

that your little one is capable of out

of them so sweet dreams everyone and

I'll talk to you again soon subscribe if

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