How can I get used to sleeping on my side while pregnant?

once your bellies started to get a

little bit bigger probably around 20

weeks of pregnancy your doctor probably

told you to stop sleeping on your back

at night and this is because your main

arteries and veins run through the trunk

of your body and when you lay flat on

your back the weight of the growing baby

and uterus compress on those vessels

kind of like kinking a hose and that can

cause your blood pressure to drop and

also reduce circulation to the baby so

this is why it's always best to lay on

your side and you know a lot of people

will say it's best to lay on your left

side there are some studies to show that

the placenta gets the best perfusion or

blood flow and you're on your left side

but really at night just make sure

you're on one side or the other and to

help you feel more comfortable and stay

on your side you can roll up a blanket

or get a firm pillow and put one

underneath one hip that tilts you to the

side and on the side that's tilted you

can also roll up another blanket and put

it underneath your belly as it starts to

get bigger so it doesn't feel like it's

stretching and pulling and a lot of

women find additional comfort when they

put a pillow between their knees so you

have a pillow on either side one on your

left one on your right and one in

between your knees and it will take a

lot of effort getting in and out of bed

but it will be worth it now some women

who are stomach sleepers before they get

pregnant wonder if it's okay to sleep on

your stomach and in the beginning when

your belly isn't large it's okay but as

your belly starts to get larger you

should avoid it and just sleep tilt it

all the weight on your side and see if

that helps you get comfortable so you

can sleep if you have any other

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