How To Avoid Sleeping On Your Stomach | Habit Building | By Physical Therapist Dr. Lin

hi everyone i'm dr. justin lin of rehab

and revive physical therapy i know it's

been a while i've been busy over here

but i just wanted to get you in on an

interesting segment today i've been any

questions about how do you change

positions from sleeping on your stomach

now the important thing to think about

is people sleeping on their stomach are

always going to be pranked one way or

the other

and they're always going to have to

reach up and put their arms over here to

get some position of comfort now that's

not good because what you're thinking

about is you got your nerves and the

nurse coming from your spine are going

to be wrapped around here they're

constantly on stretch and then on top of

that you put your load or your weight

depending on how heavy you are you know

the lighter people I mean take a little

longer heavier people it's going to

stress those nerves a little bit more so

we want to avoid that now how do you get

those things to transition out and

that's the tough part so stay tuned and

I'm going to show you a couple

techniques to start avoiding or getting

out of these positions that way we can

effectively get yourself better on your

back you know it's better to sleep on

your back that's going to be the less

least amount of stress on your lumbar

spine sleep on your side is the next and

then CPR on your stomach is just a no-no

so let's try to get yourself out of it

I'll teach you different techniques and

different ways to get yourself back onto

your back all right thanks

oh hey everyone yeah I was just uh

sleeping on my stomach but was it

comfortable on my neck anyhow let's talk

about how do you transition from getting

away from your stomach so you decompress

those nerves in your arms and your neck

and even your lower back so the best way

is to take a marble and then tape it to

the front of your chest and that way

every time you roll on to that side if

you start it on your back or start on

your side you're going to feel it it's

going to wake you up and it's going to

get annoying and then you're going to

roll back if you're one of those heavy

sleepers so you're going to tend to

avoid if you liked it if you want to get

and then after getting on your side that

way you can then get on your transition

on your back by taping right

here on the side of your shoulder that

way you roll on it and it's not going to

feel great and then you roll back so you

know tape it on both sides that's one

method being on your back is the best

because it's going to be the least

amount of compression on your lumbar

spine and your spine in general so what

I want you to think about is is just

either taping it here getting away from

it another great idea is actually to

take some ankle weights or some pressure

and put it inside and stuff it inside a

pillow and it feels really good if you

can just put it in the side here because

some of us may be from our days as a

fetus really like that support with that

comfort so what we're going to do is now

you can put it here you can lie on your

back or feel the weight of the pillow on

your belly and in the end it's not going

to quite it's not gonna be the same

amount of pressure but I think some of

that pressure will skew the way your

head is I mean the skew the way your

body thinks in the way your mind is

feeling that way you can sleep

comfortably and on your back so let's

try to transition from from on your

stomach to your side then it's your side

to your stuffing onto your back that's

the best way to get yourself out of

these positions thanks very much I will

see you later