How to use a Pregnancy Pillow

for this video I dressed like a ninja so

that there was good contrast between my

body and the background today I want to

talk to you about the number one thing

that I was recommended when I became

pregnant a pregnancy pillow never by the

partner the partner was never like oh my

wife really loved the pregnant partners

are not huge fans of the pregnancy

pillow but pregnant women everyone told

me I needed to go when I didn't

understand why it was so great but it is

so I got one and I got what I mean that

my younger sister gave it to me as a

hand-me-down and will probably want it

back when I'm done being pregnant I'm

gonna go over how to use a pregnancy

pillow because they can be a little it's

a whole nother person in your bed it can

be a little complicated it can be a

little let's just start there's about

seven things that you need to think

about two pillow placements basically

there's actually no good wall references

that I want to use so let's just call it

this pillow positioning is is it's when

it's between you and your partner you've

got your space you've got the wall or

the pillow and then you've got your

partner space to clearly define areas

this was not a fan fave the other option

is called a hurdle or a high jump and

this is when the pillow is on the

outside of the bed so that unit partner

can still snuggle and this is where you

basically need to be at high school or

college athlete to fling your body up

and over this pillow 30 times a night

when you have to pee and you still want

to cuddle with your partner talk about

how you can't believe that you guys are

pregnant you're gonna have a baby and

this is okay in the first trimester you

don't feel ginormous it's a game over in

the third trimester I'm not gonna fling

my belly over this pillow three times a

night so that we can cuddle so once

you've got your pillow placement decided

then you get to decide do you want to

face the pillow or face away from the

pillow let's start with facing the

pillow this is called the tree hugger

your arm is underneath and on top you're

hugging this thing your knees and your

ankles elevated and your other leg

underneath I like to call this position

the mistress because this is going up

and over giving you basically a big hug

your arms are wrapped around it just

like hugging this thing and you just

feel like you're cheating on your

partner who's right there they can see

everything that's going on here

can get a little weird let's build on

that a little bit once you've mastered

the Treehugger which doesn't take much

time because this is like the best

position that you can lay in you can add

the double under and the double unders

where you invite your partner to come on

under here so that you can snuggle set

yeah let's see we can get Seth to

demonstrate this we come here

can you come demonstrate the double in

there with me double under meaning we

both get under this rainbow here double

under both of us are under fairness Seth

loves this one this is ideal positioning

for your knee and ankle for your

relationship the only downside is that

you're now monkey in the middle between

your mistress and your partner and you

have to channel your inner high school

college athlete to hurdle up and out to

go to the bathroom pick your battle here

the other option is facing away from the

long pillow and this is called sack of

potatoes because you have to fling it up

and over your shoulder like a sack of

potatoes you get here when you just you

just need to flip over so five minutes

later 500 grunts later you've made it to

sack of potatoes and you're just resting

the segment there's a little mascara

pregnancy hormones are let's build on

this the next one is called the tail top

you need to somehow grab the bottom pull

it up and do the tail tuck tail tuck is

ideal for the light positioning to be

good for the hips get your knee and your

ankle elevate it when you get to the

second potatoes or the tail tuck you're

now giving your partner some good hot

breath because your neck is up like this

is not all tuck it's it is up because

you've got this support all the way

around and you're just breathing on your

partner before this was just kind of

gross now it's like don't breathe your

potential Corona breath into my face


you're like roll over because it takes

you five seconds not five minutes to

roll over and I'm not really feeling the

Treehugger right now lastly there's the

it's basically where you abandon your

mistress you abandon your comfort you

abandon your alignment you abandon your

logic just so you can snuggle with your

partner back here and this pillow can be

ticket still be here or it could be on

the floor you just get rid of it you're

just not having it pillows dead to you

the third trimester that's where I am

mistress is on the floor I can't anymore

who's this hair it got all crazy with my

pregnancy pillow tell me which of these

you used for your pregnancy pillow share

this video with somebody that

recommended you get a pregnancy pillow

for pregnancy or your partner I am four

weeks away from my due date wish me luck