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hey guys today we're gonna show you how

to properly smoke a cigar what's up guys

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today we are back with Pierre from

Pierre trader we are here at the Kings

cigar lounge and today we're going to

show you how to properly smoke a cigar

so there are so many minor mistakes that

make a huge difference in the smoking

experience that I don't think a lot of

even veterans cigar smokers realize so

we have the cigar expert Pierre here

right now he's gonna tell us how to

properly smoke a cigar from start to

finish and get the best experience

possible and I'll let fear take it from

here yeah so the biggest one is

controlling the temperature of the

cherry so the cherry is the lit part of

course right so here's where a little

bit of experience comes in but we can

speed you along this journey we don't

want to let the cherry go out which

means we've got a smoke fast enough

where the cherry stays fully lit from

sort of top to bottom left to right on

the other hand if we smoke too fast and

get that cherry superheated and kind of

get it stoked up well that might create

a lot of smoke moisture early people

think it's cool and they want to see

that right that's when I started I was

like okay this one's drawn nice I got

you know big smoke clouds it's it's a

good cigar smoking well yeah and I just

wrecked my mouth yes so what happens

when you do that and the experience that

you had in so many of us that I had when

I first got into this is exactly that

you superheat that thing it creates this

avatar acrid bitter harshness and I just

thought I wasn't smoking good enough

cigars writes oftentimes it's your

smoking technique not the cigar so there

is a pace and a rhythm to smoking cigar

sort of not too fast not too slow and

one of the main reasons why you want to

keep the ash on there is to control the

temperature so in a perfect world we

want the cherry as cool as possible

while still being fully lit right that's

the balance

so when we draw we want a slow smooth

draw in so we don't want to sort of

stovepipe it or kerf on it right um you

don't want to sort of stoke the flame

that's not gonna work out and I say what

is it like like sucking through a straw

gently is that the best way to describe

it yep and then I've heard you know just

for like pace purposes maybe like a puff

every 45 seconds to a minute is like a

good just starting pace to kind of think

about right and it after a while just

kind of becomes natural that's exactly


one of the reasons why cigars are so

relaxing and so cathartic is because

they force you into a rhythm you have to

slow down and enjoy the cigar and sort

of very rhythmic pace and so smoking

them too fast or too slowly can have

sort of disastrous effects on your cigar

so getting that pace right is critical

so we're gonna draw into our mouth not

into our lungs remember we don't inhale

cigars that's terrible you don't make

that mistake too many times

no you get very sick so we're gonna draw

that in for flavor with a four or five

count somewhere in that range and then

we'll just gently allow the smoke to

fall out of our mouth we don't need to

sit here and push it out

so I got to ask what it comes I know you

said you want to leave the ash pond but

I know I see some guys that you know you

try to get the whole cigar to be an ash

and I get that's like a sign of a

quality cigar and all that and it looks

cool but at the end you're kind of just

like doing a bellow to get the photo

when you do ask your cigar I know

there's like you don't want to tap it

you just kind of want to you want to

roll it off actually so if you have a

really fine cigar like we're smoking

today and you've built up a quarter inch

half inch of ash the best way to remove

your ash is bring your cigar to the edge

of the ashtray and just give it a small

roll and that's it that's all you need

to do the reason you don't want to tap

your cigar is number one it makes ash go

everywhere you don't want that that's

terrible attic it and number two cigars

are delicate right you tap it a little

bit too hard you're going to crack the

wrapper and then it's like smoking a

cigar it's like drinking a soda with a

crack in the straw when we smoke this

cigar we want to have a nice smooth even

rhythm to draw in for four to five

counts gently let the smoke fall out of

our mouth and experience over time will

teach us exactly what that pace is but

in the beginning that usually will give

you such a better experience don't get

too cherry too hot don't let it go out

and keep a nice even rhythm to your

smoke right this is a tactic of luxury

and leisure and so should be treated as

such right yeah there's no point to rush

the cigar guys you can kind of tell by

the length in the ring gauge which is

the thickness of the cigar how long it's

going to take you and you know if you

don't have an hour to smoke a cigar

don't smoke a cigar that's going to take

you an hour that's right

so generally speaking there are three

main segments of a cigar so a first

third middle third final third now when

you first light a cigar there's often a

sort of an explosion of flavor write it

right off the bat it fills your palate

fills your mouth with a bunch of flavor

and then the first sort of quarter-inch

or so we call that the cigar sort of

opening up and mellows back down and

just sort of a rhythm then we get into

the middle

that's usually what's considered so the

best part of the cigar is that middle

third that's where you have all the

richness of all the flavor but it hasn't

become overpowering not too strong and

then as you get to the final third the

cigar will change in flavor yet again

for the third time it'll be richer be

fuller be stronger until what point the

cigar turns right and there's a there's

a point as you're smoking it down where

a cigar will be a little less pleasant

right right in a perfect world we want

to draw one puff just before that

happens right how do we know that it's a

little bit of an experience what I like

to do is come down smoke the first two

thirds and then as you get into the

final third think about where you are

from a timing perspective and what

you're enjoying it's oftentimes not

worth risking it right so enjoy the

first little bit of that last third put

the cigar down and then move on to

another cigar or the rest of your


one little etiquette point I'd like to

make here when you are finished with

your cigar yes never ever snuff out your

cigar I smash it down and never do that

right it's poor form and it creates a

very sharp sour smell that is unpleasant

for you and for everybody else

remember that cigars don't have any

chemicals in them right there's no

additives this is just a tobacco

fermented and dried that's it there's

nothing a cigarettes meant to burn as

soon as you let it it will not stop

being lit for the most part a cigar will

go out yes which is the quickest way to

prove right that cigarettes are filled

with chemicals and garbage and cigars

are not so when you're done with your

cigar just leave your cigar in the

ashtray it will naturally go out in a

few moments and won't give off that sour

acrid terrible smell and you can move on

to your to your next so actually this is

probably a perfect example right now my

cigar because we've been chatting has

gone out and you were talking about

relighting yes

so walk me through this absolutely so

roll the ash off mm-hmm perfect yeah yep

great now we're gonna use the foot of a

match okay okay yeah and now what you're

gonna do is over the ashtray I'll move

my cigar the way uh-huh

you're gonna remove gently as you can

all of the ash that you can so just sort

of scrape that out a key like a house

key works really really great yeah it's

got the teeth on it yes so if you can

just scrape as much of that out as

possible and even get some of the black

carbon off of there as well so you want

to find the tobacco a little bit yes you

want to get down to the tobacco without

cracking the wrapper of the cigar a

better a little more yeah a little bit

more in with it you can be a little bit

aggressive here okay so when you go to

relight the cigar this is gonna sound

obvious although very few people do it

you don't want to relight the burnt ash

of the cigar why would you want to smoke

ash that doesn't make any sense but many

of us do it you go to any cigar lounge

you'll see that that looks perfect right

there you've removed all of the burnt

ash which is sort of the gray and the

white and you've gotten down to the

tobacco now you're gonna do everything

you did before

you're gonna toast it up again making

sure everything's nice and warmed up and

nice and even there we go

perfect and now when you go to draw in

and actually let your cigar see George

is just using the heat he's not using

the flame the flame is not touching with

cigar perfect

now he's relit the cigar and that

experience is much better than having if

he other than that I said yeah you can

touch it up a little bit and that's

that's pretty natural perfect and that

way you've optimized if you will or

really gotten the best experience that

you can because sometimes guys if your

cigar goes out or if you're just the

slow smoker sometimes if you light all

that ash you get that kind of like acid

taste in your asset like it just tastes

really really bad and you know it can it

can wreck a cigar if you've light you

know a quarter-inch of ash to try to get

the cherry real it sucking all that ash

through the scar again so it's really

important to you know roll the cigar off

clean it off and then relight it that

way frankly you don't need to spend

hundreds of dollars on a particular

cigar to have a great experience often

times just the proper cut draw light etc

can make of that experience

significantly about it right and I mean

cigars are more about conversations and

relaxing and the people you're with

versus you know the cigar you're smoking

like I've never had a guy smoking a $200

cigar next to me like look down on me

because I'm smoking you know something

that's ten fifteen dollars that's right

and it's just you know good conversation

good people and that's what cigars are

really about it's more a conversation

starter and you know you can just sit

and talk for you have an hour to kill so

you can you got to have some

conversations that's right

so I think that pretty much wraps up the

how to smoke a cigar video so once again

thank you guys so much for watching

we're at King cigar lounge in downtown

Los Angeles if you have not checked out

pure trader I'll link to them down below

if you guys want to have a cigar in LA

leaving me a comment down below we'll

meet up we'll have a cigar we can

have a conversation see how the next one

guys Cheers