How To Make A Soccer Training Schedule

we're going over how to make a soccer

training schedule in this video the

famous saying is what gets scheduled

gets done so I'm gonna be showing you

how to schedule your soccer training to

make sure you're getting it done that's

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what gets scheduled gets done so if

you're not getting as many training

sessions in as you want or you're not

doing that many at all this is gonna be

a great video for you on showing you how

to actually schedule your training

schedule now this doesn't even need to

be hard this can be super super easy I'm

gonna give you a tool you probably

already know about and every single one

of you watching this should have access

to so let's get into it so the first

thing I want you to understand when

creating your schedule is don't worry if

you overload it and don't worry if you

put too little in there at first you're

kind of be constantly changing this

schedule it's not always gonna be the

same life tends to happen where you need

to reschedule or you need to change

something so if that's stopping you from

starting this don't allow that to be the

case because it will chain it change it

needs to flow it needs to be malleable

just nature of routines nothing always

goes exactly as planned so make sure you

expect that and create your schedule

anyway if you miss one thing or have to

reschedule something it's totally fine

don't stop there don't let that stop you


creating your schedule so the free tool

I recommend that you use is Google

Calendar which all of you probably know

about it if you don't if you have a

Google account which you all do because

you have a YouTube account

assuming you're signed into YouTube

right now you also have what's called a

Google account and you can find that by

clicking on the right upper right hand

corner when you're in Google and

clicking on calendar and here you can

customize a schedule including your

routine soccer routine and you can even

have it give you notifications on the

computer or on your phone when certain

things are about to happen so you can

use this for all of your scheduling

where you can schedule work out so you

can schedule when you're gonna eat you

can schedule your recovery I mean those

are all football related but you can

schedule your schoolwork you can

schedule when you're gonna do other

things now I don't like to be super

super strict with my schedule I like to

allow a lot of flexibility but with

certain things I want to make sure I'm

scheduling the men or making sure I'm

doing them each day then I will use this

tool but I also recommend you doing is

have one day a week where you schedule

out the week so for me I like that day

to be Sunday where I will schedule every

day from Monday to the following Sunday

now that something you can do you can

use that day I find that day works well

with most people because they have

school during the week or work and on

Sunday they can see everything that's

going to be happening over the week so

that's a good idea if you want to

schedule all your sessions on that one

day but if not you can choose a totally

different day Saturday Friday Monday if

you want it doesn't really matter just

make sure you have one day a week where

you were building out your schedule now

I can make a separate video on this but

make sure you are scheduling different

routines throughout the week for example

you're not going to have like a workout

where you just do ball control and then

have that be your routine every single

day for when you practice so make sure

you know what your routines are like

what drills are you gonna be doing you

know what what are you gonna be doing

when you get to the field just like when

you go to the gym you have some kind of

routine you usually don't go there and

just wing it

because that's gonna limit your results

so as you're scheduling make sure you

have developed routines have found

routines that are specific to you that

are going to allow you to improve your

game because if you schedule in just

time ahead to the field and then don't

really have a plan

you're not gonna get as many results as

you want again I can go over how you can

start developing routines in a different

video so I know a question that's gonna

come up is how often to train now this

is going to really depend on a lot of

factors first factor is are you in

season or are you not what phase are you

in now if you're in season especially if

you have team training and a game every

single week you're not gonna have as

many individual training sessions it's

just the nature of it because you need

rest and recovery and you're just not

gonna have that much time during the

week so keep that in mind I would say if

you have two to three training sessions

with your team plus a game you might be

able to get one or two really good

individual sessions in while also

getting some light sessions in but this

is gonna be your discretion always

listen to your body first and never

overload yourself now again you can

always tweak your schedule so put in

what you think you need you know again

I've made a video on your morning

routine so that's another way to make

sure you're getting some individual

training in without kind of burning out

and making it too intense but that's

gonna be one factor are you in season

another factor is gonna be your current

fitness level for example if you're out

of shape you can't really give yourself

a session on intense session every

single day in fact for most people

you're not going to be giving yourself

that anyway you need adequate recovery

time between each intense session now

technical sessions can be a little

different if you don't incorporate a lot

of fitness or things that are going to

make you tired so this again is going to

be up to you and your discretion I don't

know your body I don't sounds weird I

don't know your fitness levels I don't

know you know where you're at in that

regard you know I could only schedule

out for myself or someone I know super

super well right so you need to take a

look at your own game you need to take a

look at your own fitness levels where

you're at and then schedule accordingly

so I do recommend having something you

do every single day some touches on the

ball in some way now when I say that I

mean it could literally be ten minutes

of juggling that you do on a rest day

it's not tiring your body out it's not

going to really do any damage but it's

still allowing you to continue the

momentum of getting touches on the ball

every single day again you can adjust

this base on your knees this is just a

template for example you go Monday

Wednesday we go Friday Saturday order

technical sessions

you could even go three technical

sessions a week and give yourself two

rest days it's completely up to you

again listen to your body now you go and

do for a week and you think your body is

getting too tired you need more of a

break take the break I also realize that

you're going to be doing other sessions

while you're doing this your workout

your strength training things of that

nature so you'll need to schedule

accordingly as well most days are a lot

of days you're gonna need to double up

on both meaning you're gonna need to do

strength training and some technical

work now you can make one or the other

less or more intense based on what you

want to work on the most but just

remember you want to incorporate that in

there the biggest thing for you guys is

to get started you know really create

the routine and the schedule you think

is going to work for you and then do it

take a week and do it and then tweak and

iterate from there so if you think four

sessions is gonna be the one for you for

individual technical sessions with one

intense cardio session or something of

that nature

then there you go and again I'm not

including strength training or other

training of that nature which you will

obviously also have in there but go out

and do that first week see how it feels

see if that's something you can do see

if you need to tweak it in any way and

then go from there you're going to

constantly be iterating on your schedule

as you get better as perhaps injuries

come in or fatigue comes in so don't

think you're gonna make a routine make a

schedule and it's gonna be exactly the

same from one week to next now ideally

you want consistency you want to keep it

similar unless something happens where

you need to really change it drastically

but for the most part that's what you

want to do alright guys so I hope that's

given you a better idea on how to

schedule out your soccer training again

this is pretty general and this doesn't

really need to be hard it's actually not

hard at all I think that most players

don't start because they don't know

where to start I've given you some ideas

and again my biggest takeaway is to just

start and then to iterate and adjust

from there remember guys what gets

scheduled gets done that's important to

remember especially if you're new to all

this so if you block off time for your

training sessions you're way more likely

to get it done again the free tool you

can use is Google Calendar I should have

shown you on the screen what that looks

like and kind of

little bit of how to use it but if you

want some more info just google funnily

enough how to use Google Calendar or

look it up on YouTube and I'm sure there

are tons of tutorials question of the

day guys is what are your routines what

is your schedule look like do you even

have one and if not how are you going to

set it up what's going to be on there

I'm very curious to know so let me know

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