hey happy homemakers welcome back to my

channel so today video is gonna be all

about what foods to feed baby first as

well as sites on knowing when baby is

ready this Wiggly one is Chloe and she's

my second child and she is currently six

months and just starting to eat solids

or purees and she is a budding foodie

just like her mommy anyways I'm gonna

put her down because she is very Wiggly

this video has been so highly requested

and I'm finally filming it so thank you

for your patience

Chloe is now six months old and finally

showing an interest and desire and

eating purees so my mind is just kind of

going back over all of that information

that I gathered when Marcus was a baby

and I wanted to say that I am by no

means a medical expert this is not

medical advice everyone has different

needs you guys should contact your

pediatricians this is just the best way

that I found to feed my babies

personally and it's a combination of a

lot of different advice that I found out

there so make sure that you talk to your

own pediatricians when deciding what's

best for your baby and one more thing I

am planning to make a series on this so

where this video is going to be how to

know when baby is ready plus what foods

to feed baby first in those first couple

months my next two will be on baby

feeding essentials so equipment thought

you'll want if you're making your own

baby food and then one more video will

be on recipes and how I make my own baby

food at home so stay tuned for those and

make sure you're subscribed on my

channel so you won't miss them I am a

major foodie and when it comes to

feeding my babies I am just as excited I

love introducing them to new flavors I

love watching their faces when they try

new flavors so I have done a ton of

research when I first started feeding

Marcus and personally I just love the

French approach to introducing foods to

babies though their philosophy is

essentially the first three years of

their life their their palates are

developing and so this is a time when

you just like strategically want to

introduce of many different flavors to

the baby as you can so that they'll grow

accustomed to those good foods and enjoy

real whole natural food

and everything and one of my favorite

resources on learning how to do that is

French kids eat everything and I feel

like if kids in France are eating

everything that has served on their

plates whatever adults eat they must be

getting something right so this is a

read that I highly recommend they have a

few good recipes but really it just kind

of gives you a strategy as a parent on

how to introduce foods to your kids and

not be picky eaters that's like the

hardest thing in America I think so many

kids are picky and it almost feels like

it's inevitable but Marcus eats pretty

much everything we put on his plate and

I think is all because of reading this

book so I highly recommend it it's

called French kids eat everything and

it's by Karen Le'Veon which is really

fun read - it's really interesting about

a woman who moved her American family to

France for a few years and her kids had

to adapt to eating everything especially

older child was already quite picky and

she learned to eat like a French kid so

it's a really interesting read and then

the second book I would recommend is the

Biba baby cookbook this is also based on

the French philosophy and I really do

love it it has a lot of great recipe

ideas as well as pictures so from my

understanding kind of what I used to

guide me when I was first introducing

foods to Marcus and now to Chloe my

second child

you can introduce foods to babies

anywhere from about four months to six

months depending on your baby you're

their mother and you observe them most

so you are the best person to judge when

baby is ready but two tips that will

help you is number one how much interest

does baby have at four months Marcus was

totally interested in everything I was

putting in my mouth he would hover over

my plate just kind of wiggling like

babies do with his mouth wide open just

wanting to eat everything on my plate

which I didn't give many don't worry he

was just like so ready to just start

eating foods at four months where Chloe

was a completely different she was she

is still just completely happy without

Mama's milk and she's a super mama's

girl she just loves that closeness that

we have she was kind of like take it or

leave it up until about five and a half

months and now she's like six six months


and she's just now starting to eat foods

so yeah it just really depends on your

baby and like I said you're their mama

you observe your baby most of the hours

of the day you are the best person that

can make that call when your baby is

ready to start solids well I say solids

by purees is what I mean and then my

second piece of advice is to wait until

they can sit up on their own um and for

Marcus that was like right around four

months and for Chloe that was about five

five and a half months I think the idea

behind that role is well first of all

it's a lot easier to feed a baby when

you think the baby can sit up in a chair

but I think it just has to do with them

able to swallow something that's a

little thicker than Mother's Milk I hope

that kind of gives you an idea of what

things to look for to know when your

baby is ready to start trying solids the

first foods that I always introduce baby

were whole-grain rice cereal and I have

a box here I love this brand Earth's

best because it has just really it's

organic and it has just really simple

great ingredients so this is what I use

for both Chloe and Marcus this is like

your best friend when your baby is

starting solids because it's just so

easy to mix mix with some breast milk or

water and you can carry it anywhere with

you it's a powder form and you don't

have to measure it out or anything you

just kind of eyeball it but I would say

make sure that you're doing it thin

enough when you're just starting to

introduce it to baby so that it's easy

for them to swallow and then you can get

a little bit thicker as the baby gets

older so babe I commend that you start

them with the rice cereal and then the

next step would be to introduce week to

them with the wheat cereal but you want

to make sure that you get the ones with

the number one on it every brand has

like one two or three I think but one is

for ages four to six months and it only

has one like plain vegetable or fruit so

this one and their specific fruits and

vegetables that they make it with so

this one is a one it's plum only plums

in it and in those books it will talk

more about only starting baby on one

specific vegetable at a time so that

baby can learn to like that flavor and

you don't want to do anything too

sweet because you want their palate to

get used to the more like vegetable

flavor so that they like vegetables too

so I always did vegetables first with

Marcus I have done this plumb one with

Chloe though so in addition to the fact

that it is only one single fruit or

vegetable in it it also is a little bit

runny er than the other purees I like to

get organic and you can get them in

squeezy tubes or this little Tupperware

type thing which are bulk handy and I

usually make my own but I really do

appreciate having some of these on hand

just for if I don't have time or we're

out we have to go and we're gonna eat

somewhere I just like to have these on

hand that I can throw my diaper bag

there shelf-stable so even if you are

planning to make all of baby's food grab

some of these they'll be a lifesaver

so this one is Beechnut organic stage

one this one's just pumpkin this one is

happy baby organics it's just sweet

potatoes both stage one and the ones I

just showed you are both plum organics

um so I mean there's a wide variety of

them but I do like to get organic

especially when baby is so young so the

last thing we're gonna talking about is

food ideas what kind of fruit and

vegetables that you want to feed baby

from four to six months to start off and

I used to have a booklet that had like

just an amazing little guide but I can't

find it anywhere it was written by a

French expert so I'm just going to type

up my own little guide and put it here

on the screen for you guys you can

screenshot it that way if you want to

have it for future reference so there

are a lot of fruits on this list but

personally I did focus on vegetables

with a few fruits on the side um so for

fruits you can feed apricots banana

orange peach pear apple and grapes and

obviously plums because we have a plum

puree here you can give baby artichoke

carrot zucchini broccoli watercress

spinach green bean lettuce leek winter

squashes red lettuce and tomato and then

obviously the rice cereal for baby

French people also feed their babies

butter at this young age sometimes they

mix the butter in with like a little bit

of pea puree because that's how we like

our peas so baby would like it that way

too it's kind of the philosophy there

and then the foods that you should not

be baby until they are one year old

would be honey dairy milk and beets

beeps because there's supposedly

something in the Soylent that they're

grown in and it can give baby rash it

can be hard on baby's digestive system

yeah that's a mouthful

so yeah there's the guy that I kind of

went by when I was feeding Marcus and

Chloe their first foods so my favorite

things to feed Chloe right now our

butternut squash sweet potato pumpkin

puree and obviously she likes that plum

puree right now we have some nice

apricots in the fridge so I will

probably make her puree out of those and

like I said I'm going to be doing a

couple more videos like this so stay

tuned for those make sure you subscribe

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anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this

video let me know if you have any

questions down in the comments and I

will do my best to respond hope you guys

are all having a fantastic day and I

will see you in my next video bye guys