American Academy of Pediatrics on Breastfeeding

- The American Academy of Pediatrics

recommends exclusively breastfeeding

for the first six months of life

and then adding in some solids or complementary food

and continuing to breastfeed until at least 12 months of age

and as long, really, as mom and baby desire.

You can breastfeed as long as you're enjoying it

and your baby's enjoying it.

Breast milk is really the best source of nutrition

for your infant.

There's so many wonderful benefits.

So, breastfeed as long as you can

but especially for the first six to 12 months of life.

A lot of moms ask me, "What about going back to work?

"How can I continue breastfeeding?"

And you can continue breastfeeding when you go back to work.

Initially in the hospital,

you're gonna wanna nurse your baby right away

and when you first get home, every two to three hours.

But over time, the feedings will space out.

And if you wanna go back to work

or you even just want to have a night out with your partner,

I recommend that moms start pumping

around three weeks of age.

A good time to introduce the bottle

is by three or four weeks of age

because if you wait too long, your baby may not take it.

And it's a good idea to get your baby drinking breast milk,

both from you and also from the bottle.

It allows flexibility,

so you can keep breastfeeding your baby for longer

and also your partner, other caregivers,

can get involved in feeding the baby.

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