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hi everyone welcome back to another

video and Christy if you haven't watched

any of my videos before I'm a mother to

three including a little six-month-old

babe and I'm also in no-time success

consultants I specialized an early

childhood nutrition and I just loved

supporting families through mealtimes I

have recently released a zero to

12-month program really teaching you how

to introduce solids in a way that

supports a healthy relationship with

food and today's video is sharing at my

son's first week on solids so I started

him one week prior to him turning six

months I identified all the signs that

indicated he was ready to trial foods

and I was really guided and led by him

so I wanted to show you this first week

if you are a mom or dad or a parent or

kick of a pistol Lipper unsure or I just

want some ideas as to what you can make

you a little babe for that first week

the first week and my eyes are the first

couple of weeks that's really about

introducing new foods new flavors new

tastes and so kind of consider it like

the first taste week so I try and keep

things really simple really focused on

fruit and vegetables and yeah this is my

little video of Leo's first week on

solids so a couple of notes if you are

introducing a little baby to solids you

want to make sure that one if they can

set up mostly on a dirt and it's really

important that they are sitting up they

may be like leaning in the highchair but

you want to make sure that they can

mostly sit up and hold the head up to

make sure they're at least four months

old the current recommendations are

around six months give or take just make

sure you're guided by your health care

practitioner if you are looking to

introduce them earlier so for example

four or five months make sure you're

guided very heavily by your child's

health care practitioner and the final

thing is you want to make sure that your

child no longer has the tongue for us

now this is a like developmental thing

where your child will just naturally

push food straight back out of their

mouth so you know really quickly if they

still have this or if they don't I also

noticed with my son when he was first

starting in the first couple of

mouthfuls he would like push it out of

his mouth because he didn't know what to


and it's a new skill to be able to move

food from the front of their mouth to

the back of the mouth and swallow it

we may so use just sucking for milk so

it is a really new skill it's all new

for them so let's get into today's video

so today Leo is almost 6 months old

here's a one week of being six months

old and I'm gonna turn with some food

I've always gonna wait another couple of

days but he has become really eager like

you just tried to grab Amelia's food out

of her hand so I just thought I'm going

to give it a go so I'm gonna show you

how I'm prepping what I'm doing I've got

the jug boiling at the moment to eat

I've pre-made like a little bit of

pumpkin puree so it's just like steamed

pumpkin there has been it matched and

then I've also got a little bit of

avocado so we're doing it um finger food

alongside purees that's just what I feel

my special with its epic Otto

and the maybe it's going to sit at the

table with him and have her little snack

as well so you see how it goes I've got

really like no expectations and if he

doesn't want to try it today that it's

too heavy fine but it's an opportunity

for him to explore it it's the middle of

the day so he's just had a rift food so

he's nice and full and he's had a little

bit of a play and they're gonna give it

a go never say you down you know

stealing food off the plate that you you

medium fat it





so a day - it's really successful as

life will be taken a teaspoon in total

you can see I showed at the end when he

was done you can see really clearly when

he starts to closes mouth he's not so

interested and trying it which is a

really good indication especially if you

are using purees instead of solid it's a

really good indication what see you guys


yeah me yeah




used to be


he went to town on this so Jimmy

Oh God would you cut today and pick a

pumpkin roasted pumpkin yummy yummy

all right he really lies the pumpkin but

it's all breaking and I don't feel

comfortable giving it to him like that

so I think you might mash it I think we

might mesh it for you it's just the

breeze is it yummy pumpkin now and the

benefit of them facing or bursting

pumpkin is looks super sweet to eat and

city sweet to taste isn't it I think you

like it

is it yummy is it yummy


good evening


good boy good boy is it yummy




good boy good boy

today we have pumpkin and banana so two

things he's had before and I have mixed

it with a little bit of expressed breast

milk but I'm also trialing an organic

baby porridge I put like a quarter of a

teaspoon and so a really small amount

does have added iron which is a really

good benefit this one is made from oats

yeah this is one that we're going to try

out today it's really important when you

are trying new foods just make sure

you've got your phone handy make sure it

is charged as well just in case you even

needed to call for any particular reason

for support it is ideal to do this when

someone else's home but also it's ideal

to do it in their earlier hours of the

day so um yeah that's what we're doing

today I know my no buds at home as well

which is a benefit because they're just

next door


I'm gonna tell you right now







we can we can hit this you this



but a guy is six months old today ie six

month so today I hope you guys enjoyed

this video I hope you enjoyed seeing

Leo's first week his introduction

introduction to solid food

he is just eating like a champ now so

after that first week he's not pretty

consistently having two meals a day we

started with meals just once or twice a

day usually earlier in the day his

favorite meal of the day it's due only

dinner time and I think it's something

because we have a family meal we're all

sitting at the table we're all eating

together I think he just really loves

being a part of wake of that family meal

sitting up in his high chair so I have

noticed that he eats the most at that

time it is later in the day however he

still has a period of time where he does

have a bath so even if we introduced a

food that he hasn't had before ideally

not an allergen food it's not the top a

allergens but like say for example a new

fruit or vegetable we still have like

around an hour and a half to watch for

any reactions and in most cases when a

reaction does occur it is reasonably

quick but it's still something just to

be aware of so we won't be introducing

any of the allergen foods and there's

time but I really hope you enjoyed this

video I hope you found it helpful

interesting I'd love to hear from you if

you're introducing solids to your babies

and if you want to check out my program

below it takes you right from

breastfeeding and all that really start

including a month nutrition right

through to introducing solids and in the

fun topics like how to transition from a


etc so if you want that I'll link that

guide below as well and we have a

support group where we have a

nutritionist who's on Monday to Friday

as well as me and who can really help

you guide like support answer questions

if you've got any

and just provide that little bit of

extra support as you introduce salads so

much love and I will see you all in my

next video