Starting Baby on Solids at 6 months - When and How to Introduce


it's important that they start solids

around six months because their iron

stores are depleted and so they need to

get iron from food that's fortified so

usually it's red meats or it's rice

cereal it's fortified with iron for

their growth and development for brain

development as well the other thing that

it's important to start solids is

because that's the beginning of being

able to talk and speak and so what

you're finding is they're developing

those muscles that are then going to go

on to them with communication and

communicating to you


not only is that around six months that

you're looking for but you're going to

get some cues they're gonna show a lot

more interested in solids they're

actually going to be looking at what

you're doing and how you're picking up

the food and they're gonna be grabbing

for that they're also going to be able

to sit up they're going to have a little

bit more ability to hold themselves in

position so if you were to give them

something they'd probably put it

straight in their mouth

so when you're first introducing solids

to you maybe you'd be offering the

breast or the formula milk before the

solids and so about half an hour later

you'd introduce some some solids so

whether or not it'd be the ricer you

start or a veggie that you start or

fruit you'd probably be giving them

about a tablespoon just letting them

trial that so letting them put it to

their mouth they may do some tongues for

us you might find they're not quite

ready but they may take it when you see

that they're taking their solids well

then you look to introduce other meals

now timing for the day it's what works

both well for you so that you're not

hurried so if there happens to be the

morning lunch or in the evening that's



so what you're looking forward to see

that your baby's finished with the

solids is they're actually closing their

mouth they're showing disinterest so

they might be looking away they might

not be looking at you anymore

they might be doing everything and

fussing as well and pushing the food

away remember if your baby is pushing

the food away

don't force it on them because it

doesn't make it a pleasant experience

for anyone for yourself or for your baby

so you want food to be enjoyable right

from the beginning the things to avoid

whole nuts because they may get lodged

in the airways and the other thing is

honey and raw eggs it's okay to offer

them custards and yogurts so that's a

really good thing to start with but

you're not looking at giving them a

drink of cow's milk instead of their

formula or breast milk until after

twelve months of age

I think the most important thing is that

it should be fun and it is about

learning so don't think they're going to

get it straight away and don't be

worried about that it is about enjoying

food and loving it and the other thing

has just been mindful of the fact that

you shouldn't leave your child alone

while they're eating sometimes we get

overconfident with our child and we

think we can walk away but don't do that

stay with them