Premature baby - Nutrition and feeding


my baby girl was born prematurely

at 28 weeks

seeing her so small and frail made my

husband and i worry

what could we do to make her grow up


and strong

for premature babies like my girl their


swallowing and breathing coordination is

still developing

this can hinder them from getting the

nutrition they need just from

oral feeding alone as preemies have

higher nutritional needs than full term


when my baby was stable and at 32 weeks

gestational age

the speech therapist assessed her

feeding skills

advised us on her suitability to start

oral feeding

and gave us tips to prepare her for it

gradually we learned to look out for our

baby's hunger cues

to provide for her needs


the dietitian assessed her weight and

advised us on the required nutrition

to help her grow

human breast milk is the best choice of

feed for preemies like my girl

it provides the required nutrition for

her to grow

and develop optimally

initially i thought breastfeeding came


but i had issues with it it was painful

and that's when i thought i might be

doing something incorrectly

with support from the nurses i've

learned how appropriate positioning can

help me to breastfeed my baby with ease

and with minimal discomfort

when our baby was almost ready to go


i could breastfeed her on demand every

two to

three hourly during

and after her feed we also helped her to


so as to reduce spitting up crankiness

and gassiness

when she was awake or needed some

soothing we let her suck on a pacifier

or her finger


this helped to calm her down and

developed her oral feeding skills

however it was important to look out for

signs of distress

such as coughing gagging and persistent



today she is about five months corrected


seeing our baby grow stronger by the day

makes us proud and relieved

recently we noticed that she gets hungry

way before her usual feeding time

and has started drooling and putting her

fingers into her mouth whenever she sees

our food these are signs of readiness


weaning hopefully once she is able to


upright with support and with adequate

head and neck control

we can start introducing her to solid


we are so excited to find out what her

favorite food will be