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we were looking forward to starting my

own solid foods he seemed really engaged

when we were eating sitting up in his

highchair we noticed he was starting to

show a little bit of interest in what we

were eating reach for our food that sort

of thing this is Jonas and the moment

he's exploring new textures new foods we

ever seems to enjoy

weaning is when you introduce your baby

to their first solid foods alongside

breast milk or infant formula it's a big

step for parents and for baby and

there's so much information out there it

can be difficult to know what to do at

first how much food your baby takes is

less important and getting them used to

the idea of eating they will still be

getting most of their energy and

nutrition from breast milk or infant

formula you can try starting with single

vegetables and fruits and gradually

progress to a variety of foods such as

potato rice or pasta meats fish and

beans yogurt and cheese avoid ready-made

foods with added sugar or salt and don't

add salt to your baby's food it isn't

good for their kidneys

I'm Ruth this is Moe he's 10 months old

we started winning him onto solid food

at 6 months we followed the medical

advice and we knew that he was ready

because he was sitting up securely in

his highchair and and his aim was good

putting things into his mouth with his


NHS advice is to introduce solid foods

to your baby from around six months old

there are three clear signs which show

that your baby is ready when they appear

all together they will be able to sit up

and hold their head steady coordinate

their eyes hands and mouth so that they

can look at food pick it up and put it

in their mouths all by themselves and

swallow food so more goes in their mouth

than around their face there can be

pressure to wean your baby from four

months or earlier but waiting until

around six months gives your baby time

to develop so that they can cope fully

with solid foods it means that they can

progress to a range of tastes and

textures more quickly and be better a

chewing and swallowing food they may not

need smooth blended foods at all as they

will be ready from mashed lumpy and

finger foods

just remember to start with small

amounts be patient and go at your baby's

pace have fun exploring new tastes and

textures together they will eventually

get the hang of it and so will you for

expert advice and support on making

healthy weaning easy search start for