How To Teach Spelling || Homeschool Mom Tips


in this video I'm gonna quickly show you

how we do spelling in our home we use

this book succeeding at reading which I

have already shared in a previous video

this is designed for children with kind

of learning difficulties in spelling and

specifically dyslexia which our son who

is 10 years old he has dyslexia so I'm

gonna show you how I use this book with

him so we use succeeding at reading and

then all we add is just this composition

notebook and we do different you know

spelling lists and dictation sentences

and things like that basically every

single day at the beginning of this

school year we started right at lesson

one with the short a sound and he does

struggle with the a a and EF sound he

struggles with those too because of his

dyslexia he also struggles with his


so sometimes who will write letters

facing the wrong direction and things

like that so we're working hard on

spelling getting those sounds you know

perfectly and also handwriting so just

to show you here so this is the very

first day this is back in August so I

had him write a Bible verse in here and

then we did the different words and then

I had him use stickers and also stamps

so there's you can use different ways

for people who are like those bodily

kinesthetic learners who really like to

do things to learn it really helps to

allow them to use handwriting to use

stickers and stamps and things like that

so that's what we've done but then we

found as we kind of went through he

works better if he just did his own

handwriting so we kept going through the

book and as you can see every week or

I'm sorry every day I would include

words from the previous day so that he

would kind of reinforce the things that

he learned or was working on or things

like that and I also always worked with

him on his handwriting as well so here

this actually a good example so he

brought these words with beginning with

capital letters and so that I made sure

to point out that they needed to be

lowercase letters so that is one of the

things that he struggles with

and then sometimes I will do an oral

spelling test with him

where I will write out the words as I

tell them to him and then I will write

down the way that he spelled the word

and then I will talk him through it I

won't actually have him write anything

this is just strictly oral spelling but

then on the next day I will make sure I

use these words and his next spelling

test so it isn't like we have ten or

twelve words every single week and we

make sure he masters them by the end of

the week

I just keep reincorporating the words

that he struggled with every week as I

add new words with new different sounds

and things like that as you can see it

starts out here with the short a and E

and then it moves on to lots of

different things here's the other vowels

there's always a sentence reviews which

I use these as dictation for him and I

will give him one of the sentences and

he will just write it down and then

obviously things start getting a bit

harder as we move through the book and

we're right about here around less than

21 right now I've added some of these

less than 22 words yesterday but they

were a little bit hard for him so I went

back here to this lesson today so just

kind of go back and forth as he needs it

so let me show you how we actually do

this with him

so Gregory just opens up his composition

notebook he writes down the date and

we're ready to go and then I just give

him a word and I say the word in a

sentence and he writes it down ash fetch

that into a piece of wood ash now as you

can see sometimes it takes him a little

bit longer to figure it out sometimes he

just struggles with even writing the

letters and that's because he has

dyslexia so as you have a child without

dyslexia it will probably go very

quickly for you to follow this format

you just go through all the words have

them write them down and then after that

you check over the words and let them

know which ones were correct which were

not and then I always have him write

them at least two to three times each

word if we have issues with handwriting

or capitalization and things like that I

will also have him write down those

things we also do our dictation sentence


I usually have him go back and fix


whether that be a spelling word that's

wrong capitalization that's incorrect

if the punctuation is wrong he will have

to go back and write the whole sentence

over again just to make sure he really

solidifies those ideas in his head so as

soon as he writes that sentence down I

will remind him I will say check your

capitalization and check your

punctuation and that's basically it that

is how I teach spelling to my children I

make sure I am reinforcing the things

that they struggle with and pushing them

ahead whenever they are able we don't

follow any formal curriculum or any type

of workbook we literally just use this

book succeeding at reading which like I

said I will have the video linked to up

above and in the description box below

so that you guys can get a copy for

yourselves because it is incredibly

affordable and then we just use a really

affordable composition notebook or you

can use a spiral notebook or whatever

you want honestly you can even do this

on a dry erase board so it just can be

as simple as you need it to be

it doesn't require any extra effort or

preparation you just need to kind of

know the words that they need to go over

more than once and go from there it's

very very simple and this has worked

really well for us this year I've seen a

huge improvement in his spelling rather

than using a spelling workbook where

they require you to do lots of other

activities and writing and things like

that this is just a simple

straightforward way to teach spelling in

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