Top 5 Baits For Early Spring Bass Fishing! ( How To Fish Them )

hey guys Matt Allen here welcome back to

tactical Bassin today we are talking

about spring bass fishing we're jumping

ahead we're talking about the pre spawn

as the water warms how to go out and

catch these fish I'm going to give you

the top five baits that we use that we

have confidence in to consistently catch

fish and cover water quickly in the

spring so following up on the last video

we just talked about where these fish

are going this is still early we're at

the end of winter very very beginning of

the pre spawn depending on where you are

in the country you guys way up north I'm

sorry you are nowhere near the end of

winter yet but you still need this

information for the future as you're

planning and enduring the the unsafe ice

and the freezing cold temperatures

you've got up there so what we're gonna

do today is following up on that video

I'm going to give you the five styles of

bait that we have the most confidence in

for this time of year because spring is

all about moving quickly and building

patterns hopefully that was your

takeaway from the last video

move quickly find the schools develop a

pattern and then repeat that's how

you're going to catch the most fish and

that's how you're going to run into the

really big fish it's not by sitting

still moving really slowly finessing

your way through the way you always have

that's not the way to put the odds in

your favor to really get out and target

those big ones cover water build

patterns so with that in mind five

styles of bait that do that really

really well the first one is a glide

bait the specific bait that we throw a

ton is this little guy right here the S

waiver 168 it's a lot bigger than a

traditional bait but it's a lot smaller

than some of the big glide baits that

are on the market as a result you can

throw it on a jig rod throw it on a

heavy worm rod you can get away with

throwing it on lighter tackle but it

still has a ton of drawing power the

advantage of the glide bait is again

it's a

fishing bait what we do is that you just

steady retrieve that bait will glide

through the water on its own and then

periodically we give it two twitches and

that makes it snap and react we've done

tons of videos on this we've written

articles about it in major publications

there are so many so many reasons why

you should be fishing a glide bait in

the spring it is one of the best ways to

catch a giant if you're going to do it

I recommend throwing a bold color this

is light trout it's a very bold color

very bright we throw it in lakes that

have trout we throw it in lakes that

have no idea what a trout even is it

does not matter it's just a bold color

with a lot going on and it will pull

fish from a great distance especially

with that s that glide manoeuvre that it

does fish see that and are just

entranced and they come long distances

to the bait so a glide bait is a

dynamite option next up is a jerk bait

the jerk bait phenomenal fall winter and

spring what's nice about a jerk bait

again is you can cover a ton of water

makes a ton of ruckus it's got good

drawing power but what I really like

about it is that triggering reaction

that ability to get fish to lash out

because in spring sometimes you have

days like this or it's beautiful but

then you've got those nasty storms that

roll through and it'll get freezing cold

or windy or to snow and then it goes

back to being nice so the fish in spring

go through a lot of these highs and lows

as a result they're not always in a

feeding mood even when they're moved up

even when they're shallow and up against

cover and up there to feed those weather

patterns will come through and really

mess that up slow those fish back down

and the jerk bait is one of those baits

that will trigger that key feeding

response to baits that I have a ton of

confidence in specifically The Jackal

rearrange and the Lucky Craft flash

pointer this is the one 15 they also

make it in a 100 size both of these

baits do something very similar it's why

I like them both so much they're very

thin in the belly wide in the

profile wise they're nearly identical

when you really look at them the way

they're built is different but the

action at the end of the day what they

actually do extremely similar

so these baits because of how they're

shaped when you snap them hard you want

to fish these baits aggressively they

get a ton of roll and a ton of flash

when that sun is shining these baits

just light up in the water and throw

flash all over the place and get that

really good strong reaction bite but

also got three trebles which is a nice

bonus in the spring where fish just lash

out really quickly as baits go by you

can skin hook them with three hooks a

lot better than you can with two so both

really good options also down in the

video description will link you all the

baits and gear everything we're talking


and I'll also include color

recommendations because you'll notice

they vary quite a bit but we're

following a pretty simple mindset

essentially if you have something bold

something clear and something flashy

you're set for every condition that you

can encounter with the exception of

crank baits crank baits have room for

one more all right now let's slow down

to this little guy right here this is a

little tiny underspend this is a chi

tech 2.8 swim bait the smallest fat

swing impact that they make paired with

a cool baits 3/16 ounce underspin little

tiny guy now why are we talking about

these and these in the same video simple

those highs and lows when the fish are

up and they're feeding and they're

aggressive that's great but the reality

of Spring is that you have good days and

you have bad weather days when you get

those bad weather days when the wind

comes in when you get high pressure when

the conditions just aren't quite right

and those fish shut down they don't pull

back out you would have to have such

extreme weather for a bass to shift back

to deep water in the spring they

typically don't do that once they've

made the move to the shallows they are

there but they'll stop

eating when the conditions aren't right

a little under spin like this so small

so unassuming it just gets down and you

fish it slow just creep the bottom just

bump bottom with it when it's up above

bottom that blade will be spinning when

it comes down and hits that blade will

be clicking and making sound it won't

even be spinning but it'll be clicking

making sound and adding to the overall

profile of the bait but when the going

gets tough keep us spinning or out in

the boat or a really light bait caster

drop down to six or eight pound line

with that little guy right there and it

will save the day I've caught a lot of

really big fish in the spring on that

little tiny bait going back the other


let's talk crank bait and then we'll end

with a rigs crank bait a little bit

bigger category because there are three

distinct ways to do it first one is the

lipless and i'm not going to go in-depth

on that because there will be a

follow-up video to this soon and another

week week and a half or so talking in

depth about lipless in the spring but

that lv 500 just absolutely smashes fish

in the spring you can't go out in the

springtime in the pre spawn without a

lipless that would be a mistake it's

just too effective your other two styles

are going to be the deep crank and the

square bell the big deep cranks are a

no-go going into the pre spawn the bait

that we designed the tactical DD and a

couple of others like a mega bass deep x

300 or a deep 6 a rock crawler those are

examples of baits that are smaller

profiled to react really well that can

be fished a very aggressively very

erratically these baits do great all the

way into the spring throughout the pre

spawn fish this bait fast fish it

aggressively stop and go and those fish

just let loose on it again like that

jerk bait it draws that true reaction

strike that core response and that's an

important part of spring if you're

relying on sight and you're relying on

those fish choosing to feed

that only works on the days where

they're in a positive mood when they

want to feed but a bait like a jerkbait

or our crank bait will continue to work

even on those tough days if you fish it

properly really fast pause really fast

pause you can get those fish to react

even when they don't want to then last

would be a square bell this is the


this is my favorite square bell in the

spring and this is my favorite color to

throw it in in the spring that guy right

there in the in red this color is called

cold blooded but that like see-through

iridescent read in any crank bait is one

of my favorite colors for spring in this

particular rate it's my absolute

favorite color when the fish fully move

up when they're all the way up and that

one to six feet of water and they're up

there and it's that day where they just

seem to be feeding their aggressive

you're not having a problem getting bit

you switch to that iridescent red and

you catch the big ones it works really

well for me everywhere that I go I'll be

catching fish catching fish switch over

and I catch a fish that's a pound maker

or two pounds bigger or three pounds of

bigger it's a very consistent bait to

get those key spring bites same deal as

our crank bait fish it aggressively you

almost can't go fast enough don't be

afraid to pause it every time it bangs

into cover that's the nice thing about

that square bill you can throw a really

shallow bang it through cover bang it

into the rocks pause it when it hits

something hard it floats up and they

just unload on it so a really good way

to go and then last and a rig again you

can't talk about spring without talking

a rigs the a rig is the other bait that

will get that true reaction that true

tour response out of those fish we've

talked about it over and over again so I

don't need to go in depth but understand

that when you're fishing around the

country the rules change

so wherever you are however many hooks

you're allowed to have you want your

hooked baits to be lower you want them

on the bottom and farther back if you

set it up properly these top baits up

here with no hook

sinem the fish will never eat those they

will always eat the ones low and in the

back you have a great hook up ratio

despite the overall size of the rig but

the rig if you're allowed to throw it is

a must-have throughout the spring the

fish flat-out eat that thing so five

different styles of bait that are

incredibly effective in the spring and

again down the video description I'll

give you our favorite colors for each

one and in fact I might even give you a

bonus bait and a couple of them we just

talked about the one glide I'll give you

a couple my other favorites as well but

guys get out there this is early in the

season we did this on purpose we want

you prepared because for some of you

it's already here for some of you it's

coming but we didn't want anyone to miss

the opportunity to catch those big pre

spawn female bass when they're at their

absolute maximum weight for the year

this is when you can get out there and

catch a new personal best if you enjoyed

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