How to Spring Clean in 5 Steps!




hey guys welcome back to my channel I

hope you're having a great Easter long

weekend so far all of you guys have been

requesting for me to do more spring

cleaning videos so that's what I'm doing

today if you guys haven't seen like my

previous ones I did a couple last year

so I'll have them linked down below and

I also recently did a like how to clean

your room fast video which is kind of

also along the lines of you know

organization and cleaning so if you want

to go check out more cleaning inspo then

go check out those videos but in today's

video I kind of wanted to keep it short

quick and precise and just run you guys

through my five steps on spring cleaning

I did a lot of spring cleaning this year

I kind of went crazy I painted my

bathroom I got brand new furniture for

my bedroom

I organized a ton of stuff so I figured

I would share my tips for you and kind

of just like how to get started I feel

like that's always the hardest part so

let's go ahead and jump into the video

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step number one is probably the most

important when it comes to spring

cleaning and that is decluttering you

want to get rid of things that you

haven't used in a year clothes you don't

wear anymore or makeup you don't use


things that are cluttering up your life

get rid of them

step number two is probably my favorite

and that is to organize so take your

like bathroom counter for example I bet

you have a ton of stuff on there that

you don't use on a regular basis put

that somewhere else or get rid of it

basically just organize any surfaces

closets cupboards anything like that

pick one do it move on to the next one

if you get bored do something else but

organization is key and it's gonna be a

process but it feels so good once you're

done step number three is to actually

clean and I feel like you can only

really do that after the decluttering

and organization stage and I'm talking

like dusting vacuuming wiping every

surface in your place down that kind of

cleaning I feel like I gave some like

cleaning hacks in my last year spring

cleaning video so if you're looking for

some like easier ways to clean if it's

not your fave go check out that video

but personally I love cleaning because

you can just put on a playlist jam out

and clean your place


now you know you're an officially an

adult when you get so excited over

getting a brand new vacuum I'm not

sponsored by shark but they recently

sent me a new vacuum and it is literally

changed my life I love it so much it

works so much better than any of the

other vacuums I've ever owned and it has

like a bunch of different attachments

and never lose a section it's so easy to

empty and clean but one of my favorite

parts of it is it comes with one of the

attachments was actually meant for pets

and so it has this like a little brush

head that you like clip on and then you

can like vacuum your couch

it's amazing and it worked so well on

cat hair I'm just I loved vacuuming now

because of this thing so in here in the

market for a new vacuum I'll have the

link down below I love it and it's

actually not that expensive like it's

pretty reasonable for what it is so yeah

I really love it maybe not to step

number four that is to incorporate some

new and decor pieces or just pieces in

general into your space you can either

go and purchase them or of course you

can always DIY them I have a ton of DIY

videos on my channel if you want to go

check them out and basically just add

some new pieces in there to freshen it

up and make it feel new I did recently

purchase a bunch of things from my

bedroom like I said at the beginning I

kind of did a lot of spring cleaning and

I wanted to pick up some new items so I

figured I would incorporate those into

this video so the first thing I got was

an actual bed frame never ever in my

entire life have I ever had a bed frame

this one is from Ikea it has storage

underneath it's amazing I'm obsessed

really glad I purchased it and I also

got this new rug from home scent I think

it's like really urban out for newsy but

it was like really affordable and then I

also got this matching wardrobe that

matches the bed frame it has like two

sides so I don't like my dresses and

stuff and one side and then my regular

shirts and shoes at the bottom on the

other has a mirror it has so much

storage it is seriously so much better

than just my regular clothing rack and

it's a lot tidier and neater and I'm

obsessed I love it so much and then a

couple pieces we got to hang on the wall

this first one is also from HomeSense

and the other one is too it's basically

just one of those like faux rug things I

don't know I really like the colors and

I thought they went well with like the

bed frame and then this other little

kind of decor piece that just says love

first I think I don't know what it says

you guys know you're seeing a picture of

it anyway got those pieces I love them

really helped me change the vibe in the

mood of the room I'm obsessed with it

and I'm really glad I did that and the

final step for you guys is to freshen up

your space and there's a couple ways I

like to do this and it's something you

can kind of do on a regular basis or


they may come in tumble off what your

favorite part of today's video was and

hopefully you guys got some inspiration

for your spring cleaning or even just

going to clean your room if you need to

do that you should probably go do that

and yeah if you guys want to check out

my previous videos they'll be over here

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there I would really appreciate it and I

will see you guys in my next video have

a great day