Pregnancy Exercise: Squats- How to Squat During Pregnancy, Squat for Birth

I am Lorraine from pregnancy exercise

Cosette and turning baby calm and in

this video I'm going to show you

how to do a squat correctly and why it's

so beneficial for you to do during your

pregnancy okay let's have a look at the

squat so I'm going to step back and show

you a basic squat position

okay so relaxed reading shoulders feet

wider than hips apart okay

toes angle just slightly outwards you

can have your hands either up at your

shoulder height or you can have them

swinging that swinging around that's up

to you when you feel comfortable I'm

going to hold them here and you want to

move down through the squat so keeping

your knees pushing out over your toes so

you don't want to see your knees coming

in and also they shouldn't be going out

- why so nice keeping your knees out in

line with youto also you don't want to

be pushing my body weight on one side

which is what this can look like okay so

if you're doing a squat in front of a

mirror make sure you can see a nice

straight line going through the squat

moving up and down now why am i showing

you a squat squats are a great exercise

to do because they increase the strength

in your glute muscles if you increase

the strength in your glute muscles it

can help to prevent muscle aches and

pains in the lower back and hips during

your pregnancy I'm going to show you

what how to squat looks from the side

now what you want to do when you squat

you want to make sure you move three

hips but this is after the mistake

see is moving through the knees first

okay so think about sitting back think

about sitting up onto a bench to move

directly through the squat now when you

come up from a squat I'm going to

concentrate here I'm pushing through my

heel so I can engage my glutes I just

want you to put your hands on your

glutes that you've got to make sure you

could feel the muscles that were

targeting or activate it so see how I've

got my hands out in Fresno

so move through it's also a mistake

that's made is this dropping forward and

that's down to a lack of core strength

so make sure you're supporting yourself

through your abdominals through your

upper body to hold your upper body in

the correct position also working

through a squat strengthening the glutes

it helps without getting into too much

Anatomy you can have a look at my blog

post for further information on this the

glutes by strengthening a blitz help to

pull the pelvic floor muscles into a

strengthened position preparing you also

for labor and birth which is one of the

other reasons why a squat is so

beneficial for you to do that preparing

you so that you can hold more act active

positions during your labor and those

active positions tend to be the ones

that make that use gravity to take baby

down okay so you can hold those better

suited both in positions now some women

can find these squats too uncomfortable

or perhaps

you paint or on the links so what I

would suggest you do is a wide and squat

okay so this is a wide squat so knees

out this will work your adductor muscles

between your inner thighs a little bit

more so than the other squat but

sometimes women will find this easier on

the knees so I just want you to move

down and up through those again have

your hands where you feel comfortable

now during any of these squats you can

add dumbbells weights in front of plates

if you want to make the exercises more

challenging so this is a wide squat now

another variation of a squat is a

supported squat and I said tend to

suggest that women do these in the third

and final five to six weeks of their

pregnancy and you need a towel for them

I'm just going to grab this towel and

again this is the squat exercise to

prepare you for labor and birth we're

going to try and show you the positions

that you can be in during labor

so taking hold pull back so I'm going to

go anywhere make sure it's safe so you

can use a post like this a bar on your

deck and start to squat down and push up

so again upper body supported good

posture knees are going straight out

over the toes push it down through your

heels take these nice and slow so if

you're doing this in the last five weeks

of your pregnancy your buns it's going

to be quite big and it's going to help a

lot harder than one it looks for me show

you that's for sure

they do anything between 8 to 12 reps

nice and slow what I sometimes do is

suggest women just hold it here take a

nice deep breath in

exhales and three out on your way up so

there's three squats going to do and

hopefully that's giving you a little bit

more information of why squats are so

beneficial for you to do during your

pregnancy and hopefully you can now do

them correctly any questions on this

video please comment we'll also come and

check out my website for specific pre

and post natal exercise programs that

you can do at home or at the jet good

luck with the rest of your pregnancy and

I hope you enjoyed the video