The ONLY Baby Formula I Would Give My Child...And Which Ones To Avoid!

place city family what is up it is art

rose and daddy in the kitchen for a big

time requested video all about infant

formula I've actually been getting this

request for a long time but I put it off

because I'm like you know what I don't

want to dabble in that space it's not my

expertise but the calls were out there

so I knew it was gonna be not the best

topic because the news is bad my friends

the formula on the market is not really

good now I'm gonna go from worst to mess

but just so you know we'll get this out

of the way in the beginning there's no

real ideal baby formula out there

actually have an idea from my own

product we'll talk about that later on

and luckily Rose has not had any formula

except for one time when she was in the

hospital for jaundice a couple days

after he brought her home but does he

worked very very hard and still does to

breastfeed her but not everyone can do

that so this video is for you I want you

to put the best quality baby formula in

your little little loved one's body

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with the family it's super fun okay I

went to a few different stores here and

also got some stuff that's supplementary

to baby formula let's start with what I

got at Costco obviously the big Costco

size sticks out right here and this is

Enfamil toddler next step from one to

three years now let's just look at this

laundry list of ingredients so red flag

to me number one is the fact that it's a

very long ingredient list so we have

nonfat milk

what's the sweetener they're using corn

syrup solids

what's the fat they're using well it's a

combination of palm oil coconut oil soy

oil and high oleic sunflower oil and

then we start going into the synthetic

vitamins but it also has a few

preservatives and additives that aren't

good and then look at the second to last

ingredient now

flavors look right before that vitamin A

palmitate not a very good preservative

so this is something and this is very

very common for a lot of baby formulas

rose I know you don't know this this is

par for the course and I'm begging you

please don't give this to your baby

right I understand other ones might be

more expensive I just think it's worth

it because in their formula love years

right now they are susceptible to

everything especially right now their

microbiome their gut microbiome are the

best the highest they've ever had before

and you want to foster that so let's

just go back a step everything is made

from milk and actually the really really

good ones are made from from whole milk

powder not non-fat milk powder but where

does milk come from cows so unless it's

organic or non-gmo like this other one

here from Costco

it comes from GMO cows why is it

important well we have a whole video

about GMOs but just and so you know GMOs

mean that cows are rows I'm gonna give

you two mom come on a second here we go

okay you have your teether from the

refrigerator the milk right what it

means for GMO milk well what a cows eat

they eat greens specifically Suey and

corn if it's not organic or non-gmo that

corn and soy is from GMO corn and soy

what does that mean why is it important

because it means it's grown with a corn

seed or a soy seed that is roundup

resistant meaning you can spray the heck

out of these plans specifically roundup

and it won't kill the corn and won't

kill the plant it kills the weed around

it well I would never put anything that

has GMOs in my body but once again a

little baby you don't want that so

that's offender number one offender

number two is the sweetener is corn

syrup here and other ones have high

fructose corn syrup why are they adding

that because infant formula is meant to

mimic Mother's Milk breast milk and

there's natural sweetness there but the

sweetness from Mom's milk comes from

lactose well Lex is actually expensive

right you might see lactose in products

like here look at this stevia or stevia

should say I have from Trader Joe's they

actually add a little bit of lactose in

there and that's actually for probably

anti-caking purposes but that's what you

want to see the problem is

it's expensive on what is Kevin O'Leary

say on Shark Tank Rose money it's all

about money it's much cheaper to use

cane sugar brown rice syrup and other

ones but the worst of the worst is corn

syrup because it comes from GMO corn and

yen so that's really bad and then we

need the fat right there's a lot of

yummy good fat in mother's milk but when

you're putting a substitute in there in

the form of palm oil one of the most

highly processed horrible oils for the

environment and for you

coconuts actually get soy more GMO so

we're already at three GMOs in the top

two line and then we have some sunflower

oil that's not expeller pressed it's not

organic so ideally you'd put just

coconut oil or avocado oil in there none

of these guys do it right they always

gonna have some in there the worst have

palm but even you'll see the best of the

best the expensive ones from Europe

we'll get to in a minute

still have some kind of rapeseed in

there or sunflower oil so your best

choice if you're a Costco shopper or

else just like daddy is is this one it's

the similac regular one why well number

one see that stamp right there it's

non-gmo very very important and much to

my surprise we look at the ingredients

what's the sweetener here rose it's a

lactose all right so that's a big win


what's the oils we have high oleic

sunflower now when you see high oleic

that refers to the fatty acid profile

but I'd still want to see expel their

press after that and then unfortunately

goodbye rose mommy mommy Israel's

unfortunately after that we have soybean

oil and coconut oil but then you see it

does have a bunch of the synthetic

vitamins here but it does have a lot of

preservatives to don't go for the

similac gentle on the stomach

let me sound took a picture right next

to it yeah it's the similac pro

sensitive because if you look at the

ingredients for that guy right there

that has corn syrup instead of lactose

and it has sugar also so you don't want

that so if your Costco shopper Similac

is the best you can get

now I also went to Walmart I got the

Enfamil here right but it has a lot of

the stuff we talked about

that we don't want to see all right I

actually does have lactose as the

sweetener is that right art lactose

there so it doesn't have sugar which is

really nice but also I would be

concerned about the synthetic vitamins

because they're trying to fortify it to

make it like Mother's Milk these are

these guys are not using the best

quality synthetic vitamins also when you

see things in there like the vitamin A

palmitate and other kind of additives

those aren't the best for the baby's

body and what's really not good for the

baby's body is when you start to see the

palm oil so palm oil I said is horrible

but it's actually really bad for infants


and I took a note here so I can actually

say it a hundred percent accurate so the

palm oil doesn't get digested by the

baby's stomach very well so it becomes

unabsorbed and because of that it will

affect the baby's intestinal tracts and

it will also affect bone mass and you

okay they're really just easing soup

everywhere and it will have a bad

reaction in the intestine so palm oil is

really really bad so you don't want that

so what's the best right well Oh before

I go there I went to Whole Foods and

this is organic babies only here and

this is actually not the best at Whole

Foods is the first ingredient stead of

lactose you're using organic brown rice

syrup brown rice unless it's

specifically USA grown and harvested

browner's can be high in arsenic and a

lot of baby formulas with brown rice

have been high in arsenic when they

tested for heavy metals but look after

that they have organic non-fat milk I'm

gonna talk about nonfat versus whole

milk in a minute they have oleic high

oleic sunflower oil still I want to see

expeller pressed then they have soybean

oil why are they using these cheap oils

because they're cheap they're

inexpensive right and some of the other

ingredients are more pricey so they

don't want to jack it up but I'd be

willing to pay the price because I

really think it's important the other

one at Whole Foods is way better than

this I don't want to buy the one because

it turned out to be a very expensive

haul but the one right next to it is I

don't want to try these I bought all

these I want to try and see if it has

that sweet kind of like addictive flavor

oh the happy baby organic

that's in my opinion better than the

babies only because you're using lactose

right still have the palm oil but I'd

rather have lactose than brown rice

syrup so what's the best let's just go

straight to the best right now we

actually had it one time as a backup and

then we gave it away it is called Lou

Luca the Luca is fantastic I put the

screenshot up right now so this is so

interesting I go straight to the

ingredients everything's organic they're

using whole milk to me that's a

game-changer because we talked about

this in dairy reviews at the grocery

store whole milk is the good kind of fat

when you're having organic milk you want

full fat because that's where a lot of

the omega-3 fatty acids live be careful

when you buy formula with the DHA added

omega-3s it's a synthetic cruddy quality

omega-3 I would never put in my baby's

body and a lot of them the cheap ones

use hexane a chemical to extract the the

omega-3 the DHA from the source

you're better off drinking whole milk or

whole milk powder in this case the only

knock on this really is that the

vegetable oil is in here once again are

a combination of sunflower oil coconut

oil and rapeseed rapeseed is what they

call canola oil pretty much in Europe

but look at the the list of ingredients

it's way way less they don't have any of

those nasty preservatives in there so

for my dollar Lou Luca is the best you

can only order it online I'll put some

links down below to for the cheapest

price out there sometimes shipping takes

a while but other people like hip from

Germany but they're using palm oil

people also like Holly but they use palm

oil and some of the holly has multi

dextran in there so what I really want

to do is come up with a flavor city uh

infant formula I have some amazing ideas

it'd probably be a really expensive

product but it's a very regulated thing

so I would need like a of an expert with

me if you're if you have that capability

email because I have a game-changing

idea but Lou Luca is the way to go after

that to be honest

maybe the German wanna Liban spot lemon

spots but once again that has lactose

but that has palm oil so the only one I

can find that really doesn't have palm

oil Isla Luca I would get that one

for sure um or if you want to be a boss

you can make your own so does he has

this amazing book called super nutrition

for babies and we use this a lot for

rows in the first six to eight months

now she's eating pretty much everything

we're eating but they have recipes for a

homemade baby formula and it ain't easy

right I'll put the link down below or

I'll put the recipe down below with

credit to them you have to get whole raw

milk from a local farm because raw milk

is where it's at all these other ones

over here are made with pasteurized milk

so highly pasteurized you kill all the

natural and living nutrients in there

they also have one if you want to make

it from a liver based formula well it

sounds scrumptious and a goat's milk

formula goat's milk formula is

interesting because goat milk is made up

of smaller fat globules thus making

easier on your tummy to digest and it

has less a 1kc and protein the problem

is there's this brand called Cabarita

and I actually bought it one time is a

backup we never used it and it says to

use aged one and after but a lot of

doctors say hey that's just what they

say you can use it earlier but I took a

picture of it at Whole Foods and I don't

know if the ingredients change but this

time Jesse had had it had a palm oil in

there and I had soybean oil in there so

I if you can find a cleaner version of

Cabarita that doesn't have that I would

go with that but no one's gonna give you

the stamp of approval to use it for like

a newborn but I think it's okay to

specific tells you to start using a one

after so if you want to wait till one

and switch to that that's probably one

of the better ones if you can find the

cleaner version otherwise that lelou qey

is still the better one I still want to

try this later on but as long as I was

at the store I just saw a couple things

that they've been advertising on TV so I

saw a commercial for this this is PD

asure grow and game clinically proven to

help kids grow okay let's see how

they're doing it right let's look at

this ingredient list Wow that's long

right so they're gonna grow with corn

molto dextran a high glycemic food

preservative made from GMO corn they're

gonna grow with cane sugar to the tune


eleven grams of added cane sugar that is

almost three teaspoons in this one

bottle ouch they're gonna grow with a

blend of canola GMO corn GMO oil nope

they're not gonna grow with that and

then we have soy protein isolate they're

gonna grow with artificial flavors

carrageenan he owes me oh do not feed

this to your kids all those ingredients

are scary carrageenan especially for

kids is devastating for their gut and

once again if you disrupt the cut and

the intestines and the microbiome

it really sets you up for a tough road

ahead in terms of life and your gut

health so I just can't believe I saw a

commercial for that a lot of people like

to give Pedialyte when kids are sick and

I guess they're dehydrated or they puke

I would not give this to your kid either

this is Pedialyte strawberry naturally

flavored with other natural flavors I

always get cracked up when I see that

but to be honest that's not even the

main offender so we have water dextrose

is sugar we have natural flavors they do

it stevia there and we have a couple

preservatives but there's 9 grams of

added sugar in 12 fluid ounces 9 grams

of sugar is just over 2 teaspoons so

what do you do actually to be fair the

plane on the flavored Pedialyte is a

little better I would go one step above

that I would go on Amazon and get these

electrolyte drops called highlight

they're made purely of electrolytes what

our lecture lights electrolytes are

natural minerals your body needs like

potassium calcium stuff like that it's

pure electrolytes it has no flavor and

then I would get a juice a Bobby

approved juice for kids well we have a

whole video about that you might want to

watch along with snacks for toddlers

it's not the Bach stuff on the middle

aisles it's the cold-pressed juices from

the refrigerator aisle called Suja I

would get that like a green one dusty

wants to the introduction something yeah

yeah good point

yeah so what I'm giving a solution for

is for kids

well what age

our drinking like the sujod cold pred

cold-pressed juice 3 yeah so 3 and after

so get a cold-pressed sujud juice add a

few drops of highly highlight if they're

younger than that they can have pure

coconut water and they could have what

else bone broth homemade bone broth now

right coconut water is loaded with

electrolytes get the best in class Bobby

approved one on the market

it's either the Trader Joe's one in the

refrigerator case that's pink or

harmless harvest these are not high

pasteurized with heat they're high

pressure pasteurized or the most the

other ones are oh yeah or the bone broth

you can make your own you actually have

to make your own because babies can't

have onions and other vegetables they

use for most of those bone broth so

that's a great solution as opposed to

Pedialyte just the easiest solution

would be get the coconut water a second

to that would be if they're a little

older get a sujud juice and then add the

highlight to that and then we have some

other snacks here we have a whole video

about foods to eat from 6 to 12 months

and there's a lot of ones at the store

that are bad but even the good ones you

have to know when your baby's body can

handle certain things like legumes kale

grains which you know we don't really

believe in that much but this is one of

the better store-bought foods it's

serenity now serenity kids serenity now

and sanity later it's a hundred percent

pasture is grass-fed beef with kale and

sweet potatoes

it's an austin-based startup that being

said Jessie how old does it made me have

to me to start eating kale and sweet

potatoes about 10 months right Rose just

started eating it literally this month

so still great but not for a six month

old maybe but watch that video when

we're done we have the full information

on when babies want to start eating

things and what to eat it's a ton of

information in there oh and the boy in

the book has all that stuff right book

will tell you that along with recipes

it's really really good up at that

amazon link down below um so that's it I

just want to try a bottle of this Bobby

needs his bottle and then we'll sign off

okay three level scoops and six ounces

of water I thought it was only

appropriate to do it from the bottle for


authentic experience that being said I

did try some on desk using breast milk a

couple times back in the day it's

delicious I don't know why people say oh

it's bitter or sour it was sweet that

yummy yummy lactose ooh all right Cheers

mmm-hmm got your life wait I never drank

cake for my I'm a YouTube video about

that okay I understand my kids suck this

down like coca-cola it's creamy and very

very sweet I will say does not taste the

same your milk is better a bit

you got you got this one beat but I

understand it right alright guys that's


all the information is down below all

the links check out our other videos

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babies and please

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