How To Start Investing With $100 | Stock Market For Beginners

hey what's going on guys it's Ricky with

tech what solutions I hope that you guys

are all having a great Monday okay so

pretty much what I wanted to talk about

in this video is this concept that I've

been trying to introduce especially to

our members that are part of a long time

prophet and you guys know that I've had

a huge emphasis when it comes down to

paper trading and simulation trading

which means trading with fake money how

many of you guys and yes don't have to

like you know there's a couple people

that are tuning in live right now but

there's so many people that are so

unwilling to trade with fake money

because a lot of people say that there's

no emotions when it comes down like it's

completely not real it's too simulated

it's very hard for you to treat it as a

real form of trading i 100% understand

so there's this new kind of approach

that for those that are comfortable and

testing out again you 100% don't have to

it's just something that I wanted to

position and see if it would be

something that you would find to be

attractive I'm gonna talk about like you

know how to start trading with $100

first of all you know the $100 usually

can get eaten up by Commission depending

on what brokerage it is that you use so

obviously Robinhood or a non

commissionable brokerage would be the

ideal option on top of that if you do

have over like let's say three thousand

dollars you could use TD Ameritrade use

promo code 2:20 which allows you to have

five hundred free trades which means

that you don't have to worry about you

know paying Commission so that's one of

the number one things that I want to

make sure that you guys are aware if

you're outside of the US then try to see

I believe we bool if I'm not mistaken

offers an alternative for non

commissionable trading I'm not too sure

so be sure to look a little bit more

into that but one of the biggest things

is you know how important it is to have

some skin in the game so how many of you

guys have not started simulating

simulation trading or paper trading

because it's so unrealistic right and

with that being said I wanted to

position three reasons on why I think

starting with $100 or doing the 1 share

test buy can be something that could be

extremely effective there's people that

are trading with maybe a thousand

dollars maybe five thousand dollars and

are trading with a certain dollar amount

to actually try to make money and I'm

not saying that there's anything wrong

with that but when you try to take a

position especially

just getting started for the sole

purpose of making money

emotions can come into play there's

certain steps that you might skip in

like what a stock has to meet based on

criteria because you are so passionate

about why that stock you know have to

continue to go out and I've been to 100

percent so an approach that I wanted to

offer is if it makes sense to and you

would want to test it out is to simply

buy one share obviously with 100 dollars

or whatever it is that you have in your

account the 100 dollars is just an

example but if you have a hundred

dollars your name and obviously it would

be stocks worth less than a hundred

dollars so you could simply buy one

share but the whole purpose of buying

one share is to test them implement

everything that you learned so when you

buy one share of a stock so if I buy

let's say a stock that's worth $80 right

so let's say I'm trading if I'm not

mistaken Shopify's around so take your

simple shop is around that specific

price range so let's say that I buy shop

I buy one share am I really investing in

shop to make money no the whole point of

the $1 test share buy whatever it is

that you want to call it this whole

concept is to test everything that you

learn to practice what you're learning

on a day to day basis and because you

remove the monetary aspect so that

remove removes emotion you're not

invested in shop to really make money

you're invested in it took Roe you know

to sell it for more than what you bought

it for do you do yet how that's a little

bit different so usually when I take my

day trade positions an approach

especially for newer traders they're so

aggressive and just trying to make the

most amount of money which can sometimes

lead to greed can sometimes lead to over

trading which are a very common mistake

for newer traders so this will remove

the emotional aspect the monetary aspect

and solely allow you to focus on the

important parts of actually buying

something because it's a good deal to

sell it for a profit so if you could

master this concept of you know trading

when there's no emotions attached so

again that one share test by making sure

that because you're at least have some

real money invested in it or even went

that with that one share that you at

least have some skin in the game which

makes you become more involved with that

trade so again formulating your entire

plan where you're buying where you're


why are you planning to cut your losses

and again because it's only one share

you're not going to be as like emotional

when it comes down to pending law

because you're not going to care if you

lose you know maybe a dollar or a couple

cents on that share that you just bought

does that make sense right and then the

last thing is practice what you learn on

the day to day basis again if my trading

strategy isn't something that you find

effective and you you know you find

something to be a little bit more

effective than based off what like what

you're seeing online then again being

able to test everything that you learn

on a day to day basis but with the sole

intention of not trying to like make it

or break it do you guys get what I mean

so because you're doing that one share

test buy so simply buying one share the

whole focus on that is to actually sell

it for more than what you bought it for

and not in the monetary aspect but in

the percentage growth aspect so if your

goal is to grow your account or grow

that those 100 dollars you know 3

percent then you're going to be that

much more selective and focusing on your

criteria that that stock has to me

because again you're not investing to

actually make money you're investing to

prove to yourself that you can grow to

your account and I and I know that this

might this video might be like

completely irrelevant to some people as

like I've seen some of the comments

right now a lot of people are are saying

that it's a great concept but I know

that there's going to be some of you

that are going to be like well what the

heck what does a hundred dollars have to

do with it or why even even just buy one

share I'm not going to make any money

with that again one of the biggest

mistakes right we we run the largest

YouTube channel for those who invest in

the stock market we run the largest

private free trading community called

technical solutions on the Facebook

platform and one of the biggest mistakes

that I see newer traders make is trying

to make it or break it trying to invest

for now not for the future and again the

biggest mistake is they always chase the

hype they always chase where everyone is

saying that all the monies being made

but after a longer period of time they

end up giving back all the profits that

they made and they end up being

discouraged to ever invest in the stock

market again and the whole purpose of

buying one share is to prove to yourself

that removing all emotions aside we're

moving the monetary aspect which is the

most emotional part I think for newer

traders you focus more on the technicals

you focus more on the criteria you focus

more on the actual growth in the pattern

it makes you focus more on what matters

and not what actually does it when

you're just getting started the best

example that I can give you is as an

individual are you the same person that

you were when you were five or ten years

old I'd give this example multiple times

and it's again as time goes on and you

become more opinionated based on your

own values and your own ethics you

refine yourself to a unique individual

who you are today right just like when

it comes up to trading a lot of mistakes

are going to be made when you're first

getting started just like when you're

growing up but one of the biggest things

is you don't want to discourage yourself

to ever not invest in the stock market

again and that's one of the things that

I see too many people do so I think this

one one like the test one share buy

right that you simply buy one share to

test what it is that you are learning

can be something very effective again

this means that it could be a ten dollar

stock this means that it can be a fifty

dollar stock it's so accessible even

with simulation and paper trading you

know that that's still my number one

approach but so many people are so

turned off by not treating with real

money that they just don't want to

consider that an option and I get that

so this is another option for those that

see value in it and that's simply just


I think practicing everything that you

learn prove it to yourself that you can

grow your account prove it to yourself

that with structure with discipline and

with patience that you can actually grow

your account that's what's most


right it doesn't matter how much money

you're making right now it matters if

you can continue to make this years down

the road and that's if you focus on

quality and structure and discipline so

that's really just it

I mean that's as simple as this video is

going to to get so I really hope that

this concept is something that you guys

can start to implement for for any of

you that are interested in implementing

this and think that this could be a

successful approach that can you know

guide you in the right direction

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again thank you guys again for

everything that you guys do hope you

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