All about Border Terriers - the Good and the Bad

so the first thing about Myrna tears is

that there's a reason that so many of

them end up in shelters so what I'm

basically saying is that they are not

for everyone

fired all right from the terrier life

and I thought I would do this all about

Border Terriers video for you guys so

make sure you seriously do your research

when you're considering a Bardot terrier

because you want to be prepared yeah

when my family got Bella

we were really not prepared and um yeah

when she when we first got her she

started like doing things like anybody

would do so

cleaning having trouble cleaning I wish

chewing and having trouble with house

training and yeah normal stuff like that

and then just a few short weeks later

and the barking set in now I know what

you're thinking Oh barking I can handle

barking um yeah once you've met Bella

you will never want to hear a bark in

your life again she wouldn't hurt a fly

but she sounds like she's about to rip

your head off and she sounds like that

every time you step out the door and see

another dog which it's really annoying

no I'm not saying that all Border

Terriers would do this but just be

prepared so I found an easy that an easy

way to learn about Border Terriers is to

get a book and read it now I I'm sorry

to say I didn't get a book before we got

Bella and it's kind of sad but it's

helped me with training a bit but it

helps if you know before beforehand what

you're getting yourself into

yeah so another thing to remember if

you're considering a border terrier is

that they are still Terriers so you

should expect barking digging chewing

barking chasing oh did I mention barking

so if you don't think you can handle any

of these things then a border terrier or

really any terrier for that matter is

not for you so away from the negative

well for now uh-huh Lester well with the

positive side of the border terrier so I

found that they excel in most sports

Bella is doing really well in the GLD

and goes on regular runs with my dad

I've seen lots of Bordeaux tears on

YouTube that do he'll work to music fact

I even saw Hornet airing big ships and

once if I can find the link of foot put

it in the description but just remember

that training was done by professionals

and you should not do it yourself and

then let's see yes the punishment of

border terriers being good at sport is

that they need lots of exercise anyways

you know how I mentioned that Bella does

agility and goes and runs goes for

awesome runs she also goes for about a

mile walk each day plus about an hour

off lead play and only then is she tired

after she is rested she wants to play

with her toy did you get the idea yet

yeah I would right I would suggest a

large fenced-in yard if you have a

border terrier but it's it's not

essential but it would definitely help

get some energy out though now to a more

notorious for its wire its wiry so it

needs to be stripped at least probably

about twice a year if you don't want to

do that it's based or if you don't know

what that is sorry it's basically you

you pull the hair out of it

roots and I'm not explaining it very

well so I would suggest that you

actually go and search up videos and the

meaning of stripping ham stripping of

bored Terriers there

but thanks for watching like and

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below anything I missed out and what

your favorite kind of Terrier is so

signing off now is Victoria and come on

Bella wake up wake up wake up capela

from this hair your life bye