How Early Can I Start Studying For The CA Bar Exam?

California bar style offers two ways

that an applicant can get started on

their bar exam preparation for those

looking to start early we offer an

option where applicants can start up to

a year before the exam they're going to

take we customize a schedule which is

known as our early bar preparation time

phase 1 otherwise whereby applicants can

focus on weaknesses early start

substantive law review and even begin

practice during the early phase this

allows applicants to get warmed up

before the actual general course begins

start their substantive law review and

practice but most importantly allows me

as the tutor to start tracking the

applicants progress early the earlier

that I can start working with you the

earlier I can start helping you improve

on the week possible areas the second

and most popular option for applicants

is starting two and a half months before

either the July or February California

bar exam applicants can choose from

either the gold silver or bronze package

depending on their specific needs for

the general course program