Top 5 tips for IB Exams!

hey guys my name is Cole and I graduated

from the IP last year and basically this

time last year I just remember you know

wanting to curl I was just I felt like

crying every day because was one month

from the exams and no matter how much

you studied you just don't feel prepared

I always thought I was prepared but just

as an exam gets closer all of your

confidence yourself slowly shatters down

and you just start you know going crazy

and I don't know what happened to me so

I remember just you know going on

YouTube searching International

Baccalaureate IB you're going on IV

survival all the ibc on forums on Reddit

just finding any sort of advice that I

could get and basically I figured out

well now that I've actually graduated

the IB and I graduated with the 40 so

obviously I will have a little bit of

credibility in the subject a little

older a little wiser my mom doesn't

think so but I I think I am maybe I can

give them the wisdom that I wish I had


and the IB and basically what what I

should have known one month prior to the

exams to kind of just maximize my mark

so if you guys wanna listen to me I'm

sure would like to tell you my top five

tips to do well the IB one month to four

so my first tip is very simple and it

goes against the beliefs of a lot of

people don't make notes so I find that a

lot of people for some reason they

believe that they have this magical

ability that if you if you write notes

on the textbook by yourself and you you

write a summary of everything that you

need to know and if you read this one

week prior to the exam it suddenly just

you know by diffusion or something

magically enters on your head because

you've written it for yourself and I and

I'm bought into this I'm like oh my

better right now so I took out my

syllabus statements I took out my

textbook and I remember just writing the

syllabus statement and what I need to

write and what I need for the syllabus

statement and I made notes for chapters

like this and then I realized what am i

doing and the thing that acted as the

catalyst for that realization is I

talked to a person and that person later

on graduated the

my class I think she got a 4340 for

something like that she told me you know

what everybody is doing is stupid and

you're just writing notes and you would

if that takes so much time and not

necessarily while your writing is

entering your head and it's much better

to just read the material ones slowly

properly and let it and once you really

really understand that material you get

the fundamentals down and that's all you

need you don't need to go and write

notes and notes and notes and just one

week to fix it before the exam you

realize oh no I can't do this and you

just break down more so don't you make

notes especially one month before the

exam I remember sitting in my science

lab and the girl next to me decide do we

need to know this I'm like yeah yeah

that's what we need to the syllabus what

do you think I'm just making notes I'm

like it's two and a half weeks before

the exam I'm making notes now yeah I

study better this way I mean there's

nothing wrong with that's your studying

stuff but if you're one month before the

exam don't waste time making notes and

reading it one day before and on the way

to the exam you know in your car reading

the notes is not going to help so don't

make notes in fact the best type of

notes is my second point the best type

of notes are the revision guides so

these are basically a godsend right

because they're the best kind of notes

because they're basically made most of

the time by the same people who work

your textbook and they're just

everything you need to know from the

textbook in 200 pages or less so there

are the good revision guys and the bad

revision guide system the bad revision

guides are basically the ones that take

all the necessary and unnecessary

information of your textbook and they

just ride them in shorter statement

these are the bad ones these are the

ones you want to stay away from the good

ones are the ones that only include the

core information the core information

and they're just elaborate on this and

nothing more

so everything that the syllabus requires

so if you can get this type of revision

guide you don't need your notes you

already need are these your vision guide

that especially if you've learned


class beforehand John read your textbook

I remember biology essentially I just

studied everything from the revision

guide it's just it's really helpful

I think the revision guide for biology

was by Andrew something and drew

something yeah Andrew a lot of fun or

mistaken he had an amazing a vision

guide but a bad revision guy would be

the one by constant times I Oh gasps I'm

not hitting him he did a really good

revision for the paper to you for

economics a child but I remember his

revision guide was basically this it was

just a bunch of information in a small

pond and in small boxes it would show it

was just terrible so find the good

revision guides and make these your best

friends that I'm sure you will not waste

time obviously if you haven't been doing

past papers are really stupid especially

one month before the exams at the time

of this video but basically these are

this is your king past papers all you

need is basically to do the past papers

and whatever you get wrong look into the

marketing scheme and try to understand

as much as you can from marketing don't

let your textbook look into your

marketing scheme and this is the trick

all right so what you do is as opposing

business economics all right and it's a

it's a question let's say on theory of

the firm theory of the firm or you know

on physics it could be entropy or and

can it could be animals or something but

basically when you get something wrong

find all the questions and all the past

papers that have to do with that so if

it's something about you know clear the

firm and something to do with

monopolistic competition something like

that find every single past paper that

has a novelistic competition and just

try to not memorize the points but try

to see the pattern in the point don't

just keep on relearning relearning

relearning and regurgitating information

River textbook try to find the patterns

in the marketing scheme and that's how

you'll basically learn and that's you

know if you can do every single pass


May and November and just learn as you


I'm showing sure you at least graduate

with the six no matter whether an HR and

SL so pass paper arcane like that

so doodle I made this is the post we

crown obviously not a very good crown I

have a crown in my feet soon I'm going

to have that keep birds a lot three

times so number four exploit online IP

teachers so basically YouTube where

you're watching this video right now has

amazing IV teachers okay

they are amazing a lot of them were

better than my IB teachers at school so

like fire biology there's this guy

called Alex Lee and he just did a

phenomenal job for economics there was

this guy called Jason Welker and I just

basically learned a ton of my syllabus

from this guy he was amazing for Ken I

remember when I was learning him as a

person called mrs. Jade Ken and she did

a really really good job there was this

one more person for physics I'm not so

sure who it was but you get the idea you

look on YouTube type Ib

whatever your subject is and whatever

question you want and you know a bunch

of videos will pop up I remember from

math SL there was this guy from Pei

Canada that did a whole review on the

subject which was really really helpful

to exploit your online IB teachers they

try to do things in a fun way

it kind of sticks into your head I know

and I find a lot of them also have a

past paper drills so if you can do that

yeah be really helpful and one of the

more important things I feel is that you

shouldn't compare the amount you study

with your friends and it's very simple

you just a lot what I would do is I

would message my friends on whatsapp and

I would say oh how much we study and

they'd say you know I've saved this

amount and I've only saved this amount

and all of this wouldn't need me to

stress and you know the opposite would

be a nicety this amount of my friends

tell me they've only stayed this amount

and then this would just be relaxation

I'm like okay this gives me a false

sense of calmness and both these

scenarios are

because oftentimes if they tell if

they've told you that they've studied

less than you they're either lying

because some of them are ultra

competitive or they're just dumb because

if you're one month into the exam and a

person like you is watching this video

stressed you know you shouldn't be you

know comparing yourself to people are

sitting less than you it's just stupid

and if they say that they're studying

they've studied more than you

just remember it's about quality not

quantity I remember a person she studied

the whole textbook in life she took

everything like 3-4 weeks and I was just

I chipped my jaw dropped but then I

realized I mean she should terrible on

exams but it basically goes to show that

it doesn't matter if you can study

everything quick you have to retain all

this information in your head you have

to understand it so like my first point

don't make notes read and studied

carefully and let it sink in only when

it sinks in that's when you move on to

the next topic yeah so don't ask your

friends in fact to shut off your phone

shut up what's up shut off Facebook

they're all just going to be

distractions and they're just going to

make you more stress especially don't go

on Twitter and switch hashtag ID you

don't go an IB survival and asking all

these questions you know unless it's you

you really need to just don't compare

with anyone and don't go on something

like IV survival and say if I've only

studied this much do I still have a

chance in getting seven that's just

stupid the chances of you getting a

seven is based on how much you study and

how smart you are

that's it and the last one that I wanted

to point out which is really just to

potato a bunch of IB students because

everyone's going to panic but don't

panic this is my secret number tip

number six or if it's a secret

when everybody does it I never did when

I was in IB but basically I realize

afterwards that if I don't panic okay

I'm not going to be you know going crazy

and information is going to be able to

stay in my brain much more longer

because when you panic what happens you

what what you tend to do is memorize

write or you memorize or you try to

speed read because if you don't

understand something and you feel like

you're taking too long okay I'll just

memorize it and I'll figure it out in

the test hope it doesn't come on or

you'll speed read everything and nothing


staying or bringing both of these things

are stupid you need to read so and you

need to get these things in your brain

and the more you panic the more messes

up your brain and the more you're going

to get yeah it's not going to work out

don't panic I know you're you are going

to panic but try to panic or less these

are my five tips plus my one bonus tip

that's very and applicable for a lot of

people so hopefully your exams go well

yeah remember IB is in the end worst

thing that can happen is you need to

take a gap here and reset your exams or

renegotiate your offer for your

university so again these are just mine

yeah these are just my thoughts if you

need any help

unit you can just message me on youtube

for comment below so yeah hopefully this

video has some gems yeah don't message

your friends don't panic don't go and IB

survival all right have fun