When should I start studying for my bar exam

all right everyone Dustin here founder

of I passed my bar exam calm and author

of the number one Amazon bestseller the

seven steps to bar exam success and I

have a question for you which you're

probably wondering when should you start

studying for your Barnes now you know

the bar exam is an important time period

it's the pinnacle of your law school

career and you'll spend several months

studying you know several even more

months waiting for results you know it's

a big deal obviously as you know and

you're probably wondering when should

you start that journey of bar exam prep

you know there's a time period that's

too early to start in my opinion and

there's a time period that's too late to

start and generally speaking I think if

you spent about 6 to 7 weeks studying

for your bar exam that's plenty of time

you know even a jurisdiction like

California where the pass rate tends to

be lower than other jurisdictions six to

seven weeks really is plenty of time and

if you followed a lot of the tips I give

in my book the seven steps to bar exam

success you probably could spend even

less time because that's going to save

you kind of the struggle of figuring out

how to go about and approaching the

materials and approaching the bar exam

so my general consent my general advice

is not to study too early not to study

more than six or seven weeks out from

your bar exam and I'm going to give you

six reasons why you shouldn't start

setting too early and then I'm also

gonna tell you what would be a good way

to spend that early time studying

okay so here's six reasons why I

generally don't recommend you spend more

than six or seven weeks for your bar

exam okay number one is it's not

necessary you know in in California

against six to seven weeks plenty of

time there's plenty of time for me is

plenty of time for a lot of people it's

just generally speaking it's not

necessary now that might be there might

be an exception for for a couple reasons

one is if you'll be working full time

during the bar exam you may want to

start studying a little bit earlier so

you can get more material and you're not

gonna have as much time during bar prep

secondly is if you have some kind of

disability like maybe ADHD or something

like that but a lot of people have that

going into the bar exam and recants just

can't focus as as much during that six

or seven weeks time period

you may want to start earlier as well

and the third reason is if you're a

foreign exam taker if you're going from

foreign jurisdiction outside of the

United States you may want to start

earlier and really funn getting the

fundamentals down you're not taught a

lot of the basic fundamentals of law

school you know in your country so you

want to get the fundamentals down and if

you're taking a bar prep program they're

gonna start assuming you already know

what the fundamentals are there they're

gonna assume you took three years of law

school here so they're gonna launch you

from that point so you want to get the

fundamentals down beforehand so you're

gonna start studying earlier maybe spend

your time doing that okay but generally

speaking for most students it's just not

necessary six to seven weeks typically

is plenty of time even in the tougher

jurisdictions okay the second thing is

you may risk developing poor habits you

know if you're taking a bar exam prep

program they're gonna tell you how to

study they can tell you how to approach

the MBE is how to approach the essays

that approach the pts if you start going

down that on your own you may develop

poor methods poor habits in the way you

approach that and since the bar exam is

is new for you probably or maybe even if

you're a repeater you don't want to have

to learn try something on your own then

unlearn what you did and then relearn

the way they want to teach it you know

the bar exam prep program should be your

coach should be your advisor and just

let them tell you how to go about it

don't try to do things you know outside

the scope of it they've probably been

doing it for a while they probably have

a good system in place generally

speaking try to follow what system that

they're giving you if you start too


you're gonna develop poor habits and the

way you approach everything the way you

study and then you have to unlearn that

and that's just going to take more time

and cause more stress okay the third

thing is

but bar prep programs don't start early

most bar prep programs will start about

six or seven weeks out some of the bar

prep programs you can choose to start

earlier if that's what you wish a lot of

them don't but in one of the videos that

I do which bar exam prep programs should

I take video I go into kind of the

details of bar prep programs and which

let you start earlier in which don't but

generally speaking they'll start about

six or seven weeks out so if they're not

Steven telling you to start earlier you

know then why are you starting early

you're just gonna spend more time cause

more stress and cause more headache I'm

speaking generally here but you know

generally follow what the bar prep

program is telling you to do the fourth

thing is you might freak out you know I

remember when I got my material I took

Barberie when I took the bar I got my

materials from Barberie and I remember

opening up some of the essays to kind of

just see how it goes and see what it

looks like

and I flipped out because the essays

were so different than what I learned in

law school and it really psychologically

kind of hit me a little bit to think

like oh man this thing is gonna be

tougher than even what I thought it was

gonna be this it's not necessarily the

case you just got to know kind of how to

look at the materials but that's a very

real possibility that if you start

earlier you might start to freak out in

your mind and then you lose the mental

game the bar exam for people who have

been through it will tell you very much

it's very much a mental game as much as

anything else so you don't want to lose

a mental game so again you it's better

to have a mentor or a coach with you

throughout the process there as well ok

number 5 is you might forget the early

stuff you might forget the early stuff

you know if you're starting to spend 3-4

months ahead of time studying you're

gonna have to go back and relearn that

stuff because you know you're not gonna

remember on Bar Exam day what you

studied three or four months ago so

you're gonna have to go back over it

again and probably again even more so

than you would even if you're just

studying for six or seven weeks out so

that's another big risk again as well so

again if you're spending an extra month

or two and you're gonna have to relearn

whatever it is you're studying there as

well you're you know what's the point

you're kind of wasting time you're

taking up too much time

studying that stuff okay number six you

might run out of gas you know the most

the marathon I get at the marathon the

bar exam is a marathon it's not a sprint

a lot of people even that six and seven

week period they tend to run out of

steam they tend to lose energy if you're

starting even earlier than that you know

you gotta you gotta extend mentally for

that extra few months and that could be

a big drain that could be a big concern

it's it's bargeman requires a lot of

intense mental focus during that time

period it's got to be very focused on

what it is that you're doing and it can

be it can be mentally draining so if

you're starting even earlier than that

then you're just draining yourself even

more so these are generally the reasons

why I don't recommend you start the

actual studying process more than six or

seven weeks out now since I don't

recommend that but let's say you do want

to get started let's say you got some

extra time and you want to get started

and you're not sure what to do what I

really recommend is two things one is go

learn about the bar exam process go do

some research recently online I highly

recommend you get my book the seven

steps of our exam success it's helped a

lot of people and it just gives you a

general overview of the bar exam so you

can kind of see what is it like what

what's it like going into the bar what

should I be aware of which what don't

what are the some of the myths and

things like that that I don't need - one

of the things I don't even focus on that

I thought I did just get a general over

broad view of the bar exam and that's

going to help a lot with your psychology

and your strategy as you go in the

second thing is to get your mindset

right a lot of people deal with the

stress and the anxiety during the bar

there's a lot of pressure there's a lot

of self-doubt that could arise as well

so really try to get your mindset right

I recommend doing different meditation

work visualization affirmations getting

your mindset Square to focus before you

hit the actual strategy I think will

help out as well for your bar exam you

know I have a beautiful program it's

called the bar exam mental edge you know

there's a link to it below it does a

great job in helping you get the

psychology of the bar exam so you don't

get drained you don't get overwhelmed

you know get overly stress throughout


exam a lot of people throughout their

bar prep it's not so much the material

that that is their downfall

it's the anxiety it's the mindsets the

mental game that causes their downfall

either during bar prep where they get

overwhelmed and just break down or

during bar exam week where they're where

they just you know blank out or they

freak out or they're not able to contain

and control their emotions so those are

the two things I really recommend if

you're going to spend some time early

get your mindset right and get a general

over broad view of how the bar Exams is

gonna go okay so again I don't really

recommend you start studying earlier

unless you fit one of those three

exceptions either a disability foreign

taker or you're working and just focus

on the mindset and also the tactics for

the bar and get the over broad view of

them alright so thanks so much for

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