When should you start studying for the MCAT?


hi there this is Ken towel the director

of M cap programming from the

perspective doctor team in this video

we're going to answer the question when

should you start studying for the MCAT

as you know there are a number of

courses that you have to take in order

to apply for medical school these

courses are actually also the products

of courses for the MCAT exam so in terms

of one should you start studying for

MCAT you actually start studying the

instant you start taking these college

courses so make sure you focus on these

classes because doing well in them will

make it easier for your studies later on

now there are a few key things you want

to keep in mind about these college

courses the first is that when you're

taking these courses you're generally

focused on getting good grades and not

focused on preparing from couch number

two the curriculum of these courses are

going to be different from the MCAT so

what that means is that there's gonna be

content on the MCAT I won't be covered

in your college courses and conversely

there's going to be a lot of extraneous

information in your college courses but

you won't need to know for like cinema

and number three college exams are a lot

different from the MCAT exam at most

academic institutions final exams are

about three hours long the MCAT is seven

and a half hours long so keep you in

mind these differences the way you

should think about it is that your

college courses are going to provide the

foundations for your MCAT studies but

you will still need a separate period of

time dedicated towards focusing on the

MCAT now to determine one you need to

start these focused studies you want to

keep two things in mind the first is

what will you have completed all or the

majority of the M Kappa requisite

courses even though by the time you get

to this phase of your studying you'll

have forgotten a lot of material I can

guarantee you that even harder than

reviewing the material is learning the

material for the first time so you

definitely want to try to take all the

prerequisite courses before you begin

your focus studies on the MCAT the

second thing to keep in mind is as

you'll recall in a previous video we

discussed that the average student

studies for about 300 hours so you need


figure out when you will have time in

your schedule to fit in these 300 hours

so for some students I could be a couple

months over the summer doing 40 hours

each week or for other students during

the academic year this could be 15 to 20

hours each week over the span of 3 to 4

months so hopefully you found this video

helpful in determining when to start

studying for an MCAT if you have any

questions for me

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