When to Stop Swaddling Baby

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Kristy's last question is about

swaddling she says my little one is

still swaddled we use the love to dream

swaddle which is the one I talked about

earlier I've so many parents have

written in this week's telling me how

much they live they love to dream

swaddle so grab one we still use the lux

trim swaddle where she can still

somewhat move her arms at naptime she

can only know if she's fully swaddled

with her arms in should babies for

months and older exclusively use sleep

sacks instead of swaddles and if so

what's the best way to transition okay

this is a fantastic question it we don't

really go by ages when we're talking

about swaddling and transitioning out

instead the sign that your baby does not

need to be swaddled anymore is when she

starts to show signs that she wants to

roll so not when she fully is has

mastered rolling but as soon as she's

showing you signs during the day when

she's like on the floor on a mat and

she's just showing you that she's

starting to like move side to side and

she started to put one arm down to help

her roll over then that's when you need

to go okay there's no more swaddling

it's kind of like an abrupt thing it's

like oh gosh against fall or starting

today you know what the heck I'm only

gonna do is she loves to be swaddled but

it really is something that you do have

to pay attention to and you do need to

stop swallowing pretty straightaway as

soon as you see signs of rolling because

you don't want her to master rolling in

the night when she's swaddled babies

that are swaddled should always sleep on

their backs a baby that's placed on its

tummy while swaddled it's a really

really dangerous sleeping position

because your baby has no range of

movement has no way to get themselves

out of like an unsafe sleep position if

they happen to get their little nose

pressed against the mattress to the side

of the bed so you want to give your baby

and advantage by putting them on their

back but the minute that they show that

they're kind of moving around and they

might be able to roll themselves onto

their tummy then you want to stop

swaddling straightaway so if your four

month old is not showing signs that

she's trying to roll at all Christy then

you don't have to stop swaddling her I

would only do it once she shows signs

and what's great is you're already using

the love to dream swaddle

so if it's the one where you can take

the arms off then your your set up for

success because what this means is when

she starts to show signs she's ready to


what the makers of this swaddle

recommend is that you take off one arm

and you let her sleep with one arm out

for two or three nights and then after

that you take off the second arm and

then you can leave her in the sleep sack

that she's become familiar with that

she's used to but now her arms are free

which makes it a lot safer for her so

for you Christy I think my tips are

pretty easy keep doing what you're doing

and then once she shows you during the

day during like floor playtime when she

shows you that she's starting to try to

roll then I would go ahead and remove

one of the arms for a few nights and

then remove the second one by the third

night just to make sure that she is

totally safe for other parents that

don't have the love to dream and that

are wondering how they can transition

their little and out of the swaddle

invest in the love to dream or in the

Zippity zip and I would have that ready

and washed and in my babies you know

closet so that once she showed me that

she was ready to roll I'll be like sweet

or no longer swaddling you and tonight

you're gonna be using your swaddle

transition like it that's what I would

do I hope that that helps Christy answer

all your questions about your four month

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