Beginner Swim Tips For Adults


so first of all you can see the end of

my lane public swim right now

I want to make sure that you're choosing

a lane that is not too crowded and maybe

it's your skill level so some fools have

a beginner lane all the way up so fast

early talk to your lifeguards and it

will make sure that you're the next I'm

going to make sure I understand where

the pace clock is these are backstroke

flag every pool there are backstroke

flags typically they're about five

meters away from the wall it's also in

line solid colors you can see where the

backstroke flags are one thing for these

flags it's going to tell you where you

are in relation to the wall

perfect for backstroke for kicking

drills so when you're on your back you

want to make sure you are aware of where

the flags are so you don't hit your head

and run into the wall we call this a

stroke count so when you reach the

blacks you're going to train yourself to

learn how many strokes it takes for you

to get into the wall and touch it safely

without getting your head now you'll

also notice that once you hit this mark

there's a black line in the middle of

the pool and there's also this t-shirt

t-shape it's going to tell you once

you're around two meters from

edge of the wall make sure that every

pool that you go to you look around for

all these elements and make sure that

they're normal to you and you're aware

of how far away they are so you don't

get hurt once you reach that T mark

that's basically your cue that you're

coming to the wall you don't want to get

hurt also on the edge of the wall

there's another team that's gonna tell

you where the middle of the lane is

where the wallet so just make sure

you're aware where all these elements

are so that you don't get hurt and you

can practice used to what it feels like

to have my goggles on and see what it's

like underwater and make sure that

you're aware of your surroundings so if

someone is sharing a lane view you're

going to want to do something called

circle swim that means that you're

always going to swim on the right side

of the lane so that everyone's rotating

in the counterclockwise direction if

there's someone in your lane coming your

way and you're about to get in the water

just happen and screw over to the side

you're on this corner but just give them

some room so once you're in the water

before you recommend is just be used to

the water get one if you want you can

hold on to the side and dip your face


and you can practice reading forward or

breathing on your son

so now once your face is a little more

comfortable you can get a feel for

floating so hold it on to the ball

I'm gonna practice just gliding on my

side keep your other arms straight and

extended and practice just kind of

holding yourself against the wall once

you're warmed up and you're ready to go

we're gonna teach you to push off

usually you want to face to the side so

keep one arm here put your feet up on

the wall and then you're gonna push off

if you're a beginner you can also do

that three put both hands here if that

makes you feel more comfortable and then

you're going to dip off from your water

put your arms above your head in a

streamline position like this push off

now you want to make sure you're not

pushing off the top of the water nor are

you pushing off towards here we go go on

my side

left arm is out I'm scrolling underwater



now we're gonna show you a really great

breathing drill for beginners it's gonna

help you get used to what it feels like

to float flutter kick and breathe on

your side grasp on with your right hand

and put your body on top of the water

you're gonna flutter kick with your legs

small kicks and keep your head almost

straight down to the bottom of the pool

then after you do ten kicks we're going

to rotate your body like you're on a

skewer and you're just gonna rotate

perfectly straight and breathe on your

side make sure to keep one eye in the

water and freedom in your mouth you

might have to like this kind of motion

so tell your mouth open and then you can

dip your head back in do another kick

here we go


and you want to make sure that you're

comfortable you can also use your arms

back and forth to help keep you on top

of the water now once you're comfortable

doing this you can use the same body



once you're ready to spend we're gonna

practice this Superman it's underwater

put your hands in front of you and try

to keep your body as straight as you can

and you're gonna push off the walls and

practice keeping your head underwater

once you're comfortable with the

Superman move you want to gradually get

your body more into a streamlined

position means overlap in your hands

pushing your elbows against your head

and you're going to reach as straight as

you can you can see I'm not hunched over

I'm not going backwards I'm straight up

now once you push off the wall you want

to incorporate your legs with a subtle

flutter kick but this is gonna do is let

you streamline under the water move

really fast

and once you're floating towards the top

then you'll start your stroke here's how

it's done this is a really great tool

for keeping your legs floating on top of

the water we're going to place it and

your upper thighs and between you legs


these are paddle they're a really great

tool for building strength and helping

with your feel of the water if you're

just getting started put them on you're

gonna slide your middle finger through

the little loop this is an L for my left

hand so for my right hand make sure it's

snug you can pull these cords to tighten

it and loosen it the important thing

with paddles is you wanna do your

regular freestyle stroke but focus on

your early vertical forearm so what that

means is you're going to stroke with

this side down and focus on keeping your

fingertips first reaching and then

waiting down to the bottom of the pool

for that early vertical floor this is

gonna give you a lot of strength it's a

great tool for feeling really strong in

the water