How long should I wait to go swimming after I've had a baby?

you wanted to know how long you need to

wait after having a baby before getting

into a swimming pool and a good rule of

thumb is to wait until you've been

checked out by your doctor at your

postpartum visit and made sure that

everything looks good and they've

cleared you to do so there's a couple of

reasons for this

number one is that after either a

vaginal delivery or c-section you're

going to have bleeding for three to six

weeks after delivery and you can't use

tampons while you're having that

bleeding and so you shouldn't get into a

swimming pool until all of that bleeding

has stopped another consideration is

infection because it takes time for the

cervix to close back up and whether you

had a vaginal delivery or a c-section

your cervix probably dilated a little

bit and if you had a c-section you have

a healing incision and so again for all

of these reasons it's just best to wait

until you've seen your doctor at your

postpartum visit and they've cleared you

to go swimming if you have more

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