hello everybody welcome back to my

channel if you're new here welcome to my

channel my name is Morgan nice to meet


today's video is going to be my final

update on the Alani nutrition balanced

supplement and my experience with it

I've got a couple of requests for this

so that is why I'm doing it but this is

going to be the last time you'll hear me

talk about this in a dedicated video

unless something dramatic happens so

this is coming on a Monday because this

product has had more of an effect on my

skin than on anything else so it is

appropriate for skincare Monday in my

humble opinion I believe that this is my

sixth bottle I believe I can't like

totally remember the timeline but I

think that I have finished five full

bottles and that this is my sixth so

we're just gonna go with that this is my

five full month update so if you have

not seen my previous video on this it's

got a little bit more detailed

information about what this actually is

and all of that stuff I will link the

original video down below you can go

check that out if you feel so inclined

and yeah if you have seen that video

everything that I cited is being an

effect from this is still pretty true I

don't remember the exact verbage that I

used or how exactly I expressed each

thing so I'm just gonna do a little

recap I really feel like this is like

balanced a lot of areas in my life it's

balanced out my mood it's made me a

generally like happier kind of person

there's a fuzz flying in front of my

face it's balanced out my appetite I

used to be a very very Munchie person

like I would just nibble on things all

day long no matter what and now I feel

like I stick to my meal schedule a lot

better um I don't feel the need to eat

in between meals which is really kind of

strange coming from that place and then

ending up here it's very weird and

before I talk about the most notable

difference that I've seen from using

this product I do want to talk about a

couple of things that I don't feel like

this has made that big of a difference

in previously like probably before I

made the last video I did kind of think

that this was having an effect on my

periods and making them a little bit


bearable a little bit more like balanced

I guess like I've always had regular

periods that was never an issue for me

but I have very very painful periods I

have really bad cramps and it's

basically debilitating and I don't know

if I was just way more consistent with

Tylenol or what but I feel like in the

past couple of months my periods have

been just as bad as they were before so

if I said that that was something I was

experiencing in that previous video I

would retract that statement because I

don't feel like this has made any

difference at all in that front at this

point now the last thing that I'm going

to talk about in the most notable thing

the most notable difference I've seen

from using this is definitely in my skin

so for a little bit of background I've

had acne my whole life I've had cystic

acne since my teens and I am 26 now and

nothing short of actual prescribed

medication has ever really helped me

manage my skin I've had pretty

unmanageable acne for years I found you

know certain products that helped a

little bit but I would still get really

big cysts and pimples and all of that

stuff and I really just kind of had no

hope before using this that anything

would ever actually help me that wasn't

like an antibiotic so when I started

using this I had no expectations I

bought I sign up for a subscription I

was like I'm gonna use two bottles and

if it works awesome if it doesn't no

harm no foul there's no point in not

trying it what the hell why not I

mentioned this like in my first video

this didn't start working for me right

away like it did for a lot of people

like there are a lot of people that say

that this totally cleared their skin in

two weeks that's not how it worked for

me it took a little bit longer and now

here we are five months later and I

would never trade this for anything in

the world so this has been shown for me

to give me more even skin clearer skin I

do still get breakouts here and there

but they are not nearly as big or severe

they heal a lot more quickly and I

don't think I've gotten an actual cyst

since I started this supplement which is

a huge deal and I'm knocking on all of

the wood in my whole house because if

you're someone that has acne you know

that the worst thing that you can do is

verbalize how well your skin is doing I

don't have before-and-after pictures I

mean I do have them but I don't want to

share them I just don't feel comfortable

you'll just have to trust my words my

skin is like literally the best it has

ever been naturally in my whole life and

it is incredible and I will take this

until I'm dead or until it doesn't exist

anymore and we're until it stops working

which please do not stop working and

yeah that's really all that I have to

say this has made a tremendous

difference in the life of my skin if

you're someone that experiences severe

or any type of serious acne you know how

painful it can be you know how

devastating it can be to your

self-esteem it's worth a shot if you've

tried everything else and I had and I

had no expectations and I was so

pleasantly surprised I can't even

explain this is quite pricey it's fifty

dollars a bottle a bottle will last you

a month but in my opinion and in my case

is absolutely worth that amount of money

yeah that is my last update on this

product if you have any other questions

feel free to let me know down below I

will be happy to discuss anything with

you especially if I didn't mention it

beyond that I hope you are having a

fabulous start to your week and I will

talk to you all on Friday bye