#AskTheHIVDoc: How long does it take to get to HIV undetectable? (1:13)


everybody's body is a little bit

different don't compare yourself to

other people there are some folks that

start their HIV medications and within

two weeks they're undetectable there are

some people that may take weeks or

months to get to that point and the

answer is it's gonna depend on who you


what medication you're on the strain of

the virus and what's working or not as

long as we see you going in a trend

where your viral load is going down then

we know that the medications working if

we see a plateau then we need to do some

more investigation to figure out if the

medication is actually working if you're

taking your medication every day and the

virus that you have is not resistant to

any of the medication you should get to

undetectable but again remember

sometimes it takes time just keep on the

trend keep taking the medication keep

doing what you're supposed to be doing

and then know that it may take a few

months before you actually get there

everybody's journey is different so

don't compare yourself to anybody else