What Is The Best Birth Control After Giving Birth? | Ask The Doctor


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we're talking about birth control to use

birth control or not to use birth

control but after having a child because

I know it's a lot of mums obviously need

to you know hold up before you have you

next not like me though so the thing

when it comes to birth control is that

different different things will be right

for different families so some couples

and some families want to go straight

into having number two and some people

want what one two three year cup some

people want a five-year gap some people

don't know if they even want to have

another child or not family planning and

so planning your next child or being in

control of that is a really important

thing to do yeah so there's a few things

that we need to we can talk about in

this setting so it certainly after

you've had your first after you've had

your baby and if you are able to

breastfeed then if while you're

breastfeeding and you haven't had your

period come back then that in and of

itself is a reasonably effective form of


alone so breastfeeding is actually a

contraceptive absolutely the

breastfeeding hormones that are produced

by your body block you from ovulating

but it's not a hundred percent no it

definitely is not it definitely is not

as the mum who had for three and then

one so you know and so if you want to

increase the the effectiveness of that

particular on that particular method

then you can add in a product called the

progesterone only appeal or something

some women call it the mini pill right

now this is something that you can take

that is perfectly safe while you're

breastfeeding so no concerns in terms of

affecting breast milk supply or anything

like that it's a little bit finicky and

I always think it's a bit unfair that at

the time that you're at your most

sleep-deprived and you you don't want to

be watching the clock you have to take

the mini pill at around about the same

time every day in order for it to be

effective okay but the good part about

that is that you get to control when you

start and stop it so that's very much

something that is controlled by you if

you want to look at a slightly longer

gap in between children then you can

look at things like an implant in your

arm cord

an order an IUD device called a marina

yes which they they can last between

three years for the Implanon or five

years for the marina is it safe I've

heard different so III you stories I

have a lot of experience utilizing the

marina device and it's a very effective

method of contraception right if it's in

if it's used by experienced people it's

perfectly safe the other benefit with

that is that most women don't get their

periods while they're utilizing it so

that's okay an extra bit of a bonus from

there but just be cover of a good

discussion with your doctor about the

best method of contraception that'll

work for you because every family is as

unique as the people who make it up I

love that you said that and that's

exactly so true every family is unique

so do what works for your family and get

the help that you need if you're looking

to plan and space out your children