Should I take prenatal vitamins while breastfeeding, and what foods should I eat?

you want to know if you should take a

prenatal vitamin while nursing and also

how much food you should be eating what

kind of things can you be taking to work

to eat and um you should definitely be

taking a prenatal vitamin while nursing

because it's going to ensure that you

have the nutrients that your body needs

and that there's excess left over to

make good milk for your baby and one of

the things that's important to keep in

mind when you're talking about dieting

and nursing is the fact that you

actually need 4 to 500 extra calories a

day while breastfeeding if you are

exclusively breastfeeding a lot of women

think it's a good idea to eat for two

during pregnancy and then go on a crash

diet afterwards but you only need two to

300 extra calories a day during

pregnancy and 4 to 500 extra calories a

day while nursing so you can see that

the requirement is actually higher you

need enough calories enough nutrients

you need to be well hydrated so that

your body has something to make good

milk out of a prenatal vitamin will

definitely help you do that now as for

nutrition and what to eat it's good to

eat three square meals a day and to have

frequent snacks as well while you're

nursing those extra calories should be

healthy though it's not a good excuse to

eat like tube doughnuts for snacks you

can basically think of eating a healthy

carbohydrate and a protein so like

almonds are a good protein and apple is

a good carbohydrate you could eat a

cheese stick which is a protein and a

few crackers which is a carbohydrate the

combination of the two will help to keep

your blood sugar even and help your body

to run efficiently and also help you

make good milk for your baby when you're

talking about meals just make sure

you're you're loading your diet full of

fruits and vegetables whole grains

healthy fats low fat dairy and also lean

protein if you have any more questions

about your well-being or your babies

talk with your doctor and if you have

more questions for me in the future

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