When to start taking your child to the dentist.

we shall stafford i'm a board-certified

pediatric dentist here at world of

smiles pediatric dentistry it's

important to take your child to the

dentist at age 14 several reasons first

off we want to provide education to

parents to prevent cavities for a

lifetime and studies have shown if you

bring your child to the dentist early we

can talk about ways to prevent cavities

and really set parents on the right

track for a lifetime without cavities

second it's really great to have a

pediatric dentist on call so in case

your child does fall when they're

learning how to walk and to run you have

someone to call and ask questions if

your child chips a 24 they fall and

there's bleeding in their mouth you want

to make sure that you have a pediatric

dentist to contact in third it gives us

a chance to build a relationship with

your child if we bring your child into

the dentist at age one sometimes there

is some fussing that's totally normal

but as they get more and more used to

coming in they realize that coming to

the dentist is fun and we can actually

set your child up to have positive

experiences at the dentist for a

lifetime and that's always my goal is to

make it a really great experience for

families and especially for young kids

we hope to see you here at world of

smiles pediatric dentistry for your

child's next dental adventure