hey guys my name is kena and welcome

back to my youtube channel so today's

video is a very hot topic and very

highly requested so today we're talking

all about supplemental collagen

so that would be collagen that you take

either as like a powder form or capsules

and you're taking it orally as part of

your diet so if you're interested to

learn about the skincare effects of

taking oral collagen then just keep


okay I'm just gonna start by covering

like what is collagen so collagen is a

protein it is the main structural

protein in the extracellular matrix in

connective tissue things like cartilage

and in your skin and there's a bunch of

different types of collagen I think

they've now found like 28 different

types but I'm mostly gonna be talking

about type one which is present in your

skin so collagen is made up of mostly

glycine proline and hydroxyproline and

these are all non-essential amino acids

that your body can actually make itself

you can also get them from your diet but

it has been found that for most mammals

actually the amount of these essential

amino acids is not exactly adequate and

it is good to be supplemented from your

diet for these non-essential amino acids

as well so because collagen is made by

mammals and some other animals like fish

and birds that's kind of the best source

to get it so you can get it from things

like cows chicken fish if you're a vegan

legumes such as soy and tempeh do also

have the essential sorry the

non-essential amino acids that would

make up collagen and so these are good

dietary sources of those non-essential

amino acids to kind of boost the amount

that you have within you and promote

healthy collagen biosynthesis so there

is a lot of kind of randomized

double-blind placebo studies done on

oral collagen supplementation and

generally collagen supplements are going

to be made up of hydrolyzed collagen so

this is going to be peptides and dye

peptides which is basically so collagen

is like a huge protein molecule and they

hydrolyze it which basically chops it up

into little small peptide chunks that

can be uptaken in your digestive tract

and then it goes into your bloodstream

and it can go to the places that it

needs to like in your joints and to your

skin so there's a ton of clinical trials

and there's a great review that was done

in 2019 so I will link that study or

review of many studies down in the

description box below if you want to do

a little bit more digging and kind of

see how they do these trials to look at

the effects of oral collagen

supplementation on the skin but to kind

of summarize those findings there has

been really promising results with short

term and long term use of collagen

supplements on both the skin and wound

healing so it has been proven to really

improve skin elasticity and also lessen

wrinkle depth oral collagen supplements

have also been shown to improve

hydration so I guess the big question

really is like should I take an oral

collagen supplement and that is totally

up to you I think that if you're not

eating a lot of meat or fish or eggs or

dairy you could definitely benefit from

taking a collagen supplement to improve

the skins the elasticity and just

overall collagen density in your skin

and hydration and all the things that I

mentioned before but if you do have a

really well-balanced diet and you're

eating a lot of meats and you're eating

a lot of eggs and dairy then you're

probably fine without taking an oral

collagen supplement now there is a lot

of different types of oral collagen

supplements they will all be hydrolyzed

collagen but they have different sources

so kind of the main one is from bovine

sources or like cows that's a really

popular one they also do have some vegan

versions that would come from legumes

such as soy lentils and things like that

so it really comes down to personal

preference and if you do find that your

skin is losing its elasticity and you're

experiencing a lot of wrinkles you might

benefit from taking an oral collagen

supplement now I know I'm gonna get this

question in the comments pretty much

asking me what collagen supplement I

recommend because I'm not gonna

recommend you to take any dietary

supplements I am NOT a doctor I'm not a

nutritionist I'm not a naturopath so I'm

not gonna make those recommendations

it's really up to you to do your own

research talk with your physician and

see if that's right for you and of

course you know if you are vegan or

vegetarian you're gonna

for something that is a vegan or

vegetarian source versus most of them

come from bovine which is like the bones

from cows basically there also haven't

been many side effects associated with

collagen supplementation so it is

regarded as jet-like safe some side

effects which I find a little

interesting is like a bad taste in your

mouth or sometimes people do get a

little bit of in digestion but I would

recommend taking your collagen

supplements with food like most direct

hair supplements you know I recommend it

to take with food just to avoid any

upset stomach or kind of indigestion

associated with a large amount of

anything going into your body so that is

pretty much it about or a little

collagen supplementation it is pretty

simple it is pretty tried-and-true there

is a ton of clinical data that is good

like up to good standards so it's

randomized double-blind

placebo-controlled studies involving

humans and they have really shown

promising results so if you are curious

about taking a collagen supplement I

would say you know after talking with

your physician then decide if it's right

for you but there is a lot of results

saying that it could be beneficial to

just again improve overall skin

elasticity hydration and increase the

density of collagen in your skin I am

gonna do a video on topically applied

collagen but that is a little bit more

complicated and I thought I would just

kind of cover the more popular questions

that I have which is surrounding oral

collagen supplementation alright that's

pretty much all I have to say about

collagen again I will link that review

study down in the description box below

so with review studies they will have

references to all of the primary

literature which means these studies

that actually did those trials with

humans and then you can really check out

how they did that you know how many

patients where it was done how it was

performed and I do find that very

interesting so if you're into science

literature then I definitely recommend

checking out this review and looking at

the references and learning more about

how these trials are done PS I know many

of this questions so I will just answer

it now I don't take

a hydrolyzed collagen supplement I do

eat a lot of fish and eggs so I feel

like I'm kind of okay there and I don't

really feel like I need it at this point

in my life my skin is very supple and

soft and I don't experience deep

wrinkles my good skin hydration so it's

just not something that I've

incorporated into my routine so I just

wanted to cover that because I know I

would get a question about if I'm taking

an oral collagen supplement and I'm just

not so there's that all right that is it

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