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i've been taking collagen supplements

for quite some time now

and so i thought of doing reviews on

some of the ones that i'm taking

i've actually tried a couple of brands

like bello or sirviage or reserve age

however it is pronounced

meiji and the one i'm trying right now


the one from youth yuri and miyacell

is next in line a friend of mine is also

recommending the one from

shiseido there are actually a lot of

good ones out there and usually

a bottle lasts for a month and so i plan

to try different brands

and give you my feedback on every single

one of them

but before i do collagen supplement

reviews i feel the need to share

information about collagen collagen


what are its benefits when should one

start taking collagen

and more now i am not an expert neither

am i a doctor

i am simply passing on the information i


research i'll be placing my sources link

at the description

box that said i'm trying or i've tried


simplify the information about collagen

also a reminder for everyone

before taking or applying anything


please do a thorough research and it is


to ask your doctor so if you guys want

to know more about collagen and collagen


stick around because i'm here to pass it

on what is

collagen collagen is the most abundant

protein in

our body it's one of the major building

blocks of bones

skin muscles tendons and

ligaments it is also found in other body

parts like blood vessels

and teeth there are many types of


the four main types are type 1 2

3 and 4. type 1 this type accounts for

90 percent of

our body's collagen and is made of

densely packed

fibers it provides structure to skin

bones tendons fibrous cartilage

connective tissue and teeth type 2

this type is made of more loosely packed


and found in elastic cartilage which

cushions our joints

type 3 this type supports the structure

of muscles

organs and arteries type 4

this type helps with filtration and is

found in the layers

of our skin apologies for any sudden


now our body produces less collagen as

we age

that is visible in our skin that is why

they become

less firm and supple cartilage

also weakens with age that is why we

need supplements or incorporate

collagen producing foods into our diet

vitamin c helps produce collagen in the


as well as high quality protein like


poultry seafood dairy legumes

and tofu what are the benefits of taking

collagen supplements or why should we be


collagen supplements collagen

supplements are known to improve skin


like reduce fine lines and wrinkles

support skin elasticity and reduce

sagging skin

improve hydration and skin firmness


radiance heal acne and scars help reduce


and stretch marks but collagen is not

just for the skin

it has more benefits collagen helps


joint pain prevent bone loss boost

muscle mass promote heart health and

other health benefits for hair and nails

it may increase strength of our nails

and it may stimulate hair and nails

growth weight loss it may promote weight


through faster metabolism gut health

and brain health many people have


a lot of benefits when taking collagen

supplements however

these claims haven't been studied much

just yet now here are some frequently

asked questions about

collagen supplements because there are

different types of collagen

what type of collagen or collagen


should i be taking the best collagen

supplements for skin contain

type 1 and 3 hydrolyzed collagen

that's because our skin uses type 1 and


collagen whereas our joints and tendons

use type 2

and the hydrolyzation of collagen makes

it easier for our bodies

to absorb and process because it has

already been partially broken down

this can be found from porcine bovine

fowl and marine collagen sources

fish or marine collagen is absorbed up


1.5 times more efficiently

into the body and has superior

bioavailability over bovine

porcine and foul collagens this is

due to their smaller particle size

so why is fish or marine collagen better

fish collagen has superior absorption


up to 1.5 times more bioavailable

than other collagen sources which type

is best for the skin the best type of

collagen supplement for skin and beauty

is type one it comprises about ninety

percent of our body's overall collagen


and is present in bone skin and the

lining of our gut

what is hydrolyzed collagen hydrolyzed

collagen is a more processed

form of collagen making it easier for

the body to digest

and put to use so when do i start taking


the answer may be different for everyone

but know these

number one collagen decline starts in

our twenties and number two lifestyle

is a factor normal cases the sooner we

get into it

the better some of the signs for skin

that collagen production may be slowing


increase or deepening of wrinkles


in elasticity other skin issues such as

an increase or

intensification of stretch marks and

enlarged pores

most people start taking collagen

supplements in their 30s

like me but there are also a lot out


who want a head start in taking collagen


in their 20s and so if you are in your


please please do your research i cannot

emphasize that enough

also please ask your doctor i did

ask my doctor before taking collagen


when can i expect to see results every

person and collagen

supplement is different therefore

results vary

however keep in mind that it takes our

body about

four months to replenish unhealthy


with healthy tissue should i be taking

collagen supplement with food

or an empty stomach for best absorption

it is recommended to take collagen in

the morning on an empty stomach or


bed but it is not necessary one can take

it any time of the day

how much collagen do i need in a day it

is recommended to consistently take

a minimum of 5 grams of collagen a day

for best results

take note of age requirements and read

product description

of supplement like any supplement we

should not exceed the suggested use

without medical advice how long should i

be taking collagen supplements

collagen should be taken every day

throughout our lifetime

since our body needs protein every day

the nine essential amino acids our body

needs to build

healthy tissue are contained in collagen

what collagen supplements are available

in the market

the most common forms of collagen

supplements are tablets

powder and liquid form which one should

i take

according to some research liquid forms

are digested

and absorbed quickly than tablets and


however tablets and powders are in the

market for varied reasons

bottom line whichever is most convenient

for you

either of the three have its advantages

and disadvantages

according to preference as to my

personal experience i've only tried the

one in powder form

and ever since i've been taking collagen


i noticed more hair volume and faster


growth i also noticed better

skin health bones joints

are or feel better and i also notice

better bowel movement what are some


affecting collagen production factors

are excessive amounts of sugar smoking

and getting sunburned reminder although

it has many benefits

it may not be beneficial to everyone

best to ask your doctor first

before taking collagen supplements

again i will be doing reviews on the

collagen supplements that i am

and will be taking and so if you guys

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