Birth Control Pills | Contraceptive Pills Guide | MINI PILL (2019)

You've been started birth control pills but you're not sure if you're taking it right

well not to worry because at the end of this video you're going to be a pro

trust me

now please remember that there are two types of contraceptive pills

combined oral contraceptive pills which we call COCs for short and

progesterone only pills which we call POPs for short now this video is going to

focus on POPs progesterone only contraceptive pills but in the near

future we'll be doing another video on the

combined oral contraceptive pill as well now if you're not sure which

contraceptive pill you've been prescribed then fear not because this

information is usually in the information leaflet that comes with it usually

in the first paragraph but if you've lost it or misplaced it I've also left a

useful link in the description below where you can check this now to help me

with this video I met with Jo an advanced nurse practitioner who really

knows her stuff when it comes to contraceptives she did a great job

simplifying things and making it easy to understand so I hope you find it helpful

let's first start with an easy question before we move on to the more

complicated ones so how effective is the progesterone only pill the progesterone only

pill is up to 99% effective providing you take it properly so that means

not missing any pills, not taking any medication that can potentially interact

with the pill or if you have any vomiting or diarrhea now I probably get

asked this question about twice a day in practice so I think a lot of the viewers

are going to find it helpful exactly how long does it take for the

progesterone on the pill to become effective and protect you from pregnancy

if you take the progesterone only pill within the first five days of your

menstrual cycle you will be protected against pregnancy straight away however

you can take the pill any time in your menstrual cycle but you would need to

either use condoms or abstain from sexual intercourse for a minimum of two

days until you will be protected against pregnancy that makes complete sense but

what about women who have a shorter menstrual cycle if you do have a short

menstrual cycle and you're period comes every 23 days or less and you start your

progesterone only pill on day 5 you may not have immediate contraceptive protection it is

important that you do use condoms or abstain from sexual intercourse for at

least two days Wow who knew that the progesterone only pill and contraceptive pills in general

were so complicated but I think that really helps simplify things I think it's also

important to remember that the contraceptive pill doesn't protect you

from sexually transmitted infections so to protect you from that you will need

to use condoms now moving back onto the progesterone only pill when should you

start taking it and what is considered a missed pill so I tell all my patients

when starting the pill to choose a convenient time to take it and just to keep taking

the pill every day until you don't need any contraception anymore so basically

don't take any breaks don't miss a pill and continue taking it as long as you

need contraceptive protection exactly it's important to remember that there

are two types of progesterone only pills, desogestrel pills which needs to

take within 12 hours at the same time every day and the other traditional

progesterone only pills which need to take within three hours at the same

time every day okay that makes sense but let's say for example someone is taking

desogestrel and it's now they're now 10 to 11 hours late and suddenly remember oh

no what do I do so they quickly take their missed pill but

then later on in the same day they're due to take their normal daily pill now

do you miss that pill or you take that pill in this example you take your

desogestrel pill at your regular time and as long as you're in the timeframes you do

not need to use any extra precautions well I guess that's some good news but

let's reverse it now bad news you've just missed your pill is it's gone past the

time frames that you said what do you now in terms of what to do now you

take your pill as soon as you remember only take one pill even if you miss more

than one take your next pill at your regular time even if it means that your

taking two pills on the same day one when you remember and one at your regular time

so I guess it's kind of like when you start the progesterone only pill mid

cycle so you have to use extra protection for the first 48 hours when

you remember to restart the pill so you're gonna have to use a condom

basically exactly thank you so much Jo I think everyone around the world who's

watching this is going to agree that you were really helpful and you really

helped simplify quite a confusing topic to additional points which I'd like to

raise which Jo mentioned earlier on in the video

the first one is diarrhoea and vomiting this can actually affect the absorption

of the progesterone only pill and in some circumstances this can make it

ineffective now it all depends on the timing and the

severity of it so I've left more information in the description below

because it is a bit complicated and I'd recommend everyone to read it the next

point is medication interactions certain medicines may interact with the

progesterone only pill and this can mean that it doesn't work properly now the

best thing to do is always read the information leaflet so you're more aware

of what interacts with it and also always let your pharmacist know all the

medicines that you're taking so they can check for interactions and give you

useful and appropriate advice on this and that's the end of the video I really

hope this helps simplify quite a confusing topic for you and if you have

any further questions I've left some really useful links in the description

below which should help answer it see you next week hey guys thanks for

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