How many hay fever tablets can I take in a day?

I never normally recommend that anybody

takes more than the license those four

tablet now there are different kinds of

hayfever tablet most of them especially

the so called non-drowsy ones are

licensed for one tablet a day although

some of the more perhaps old-fashioned

ones like floor Fenna mean you can take

significantly more often those ones tend

to make you drowsy interestingly people

assume that if they take more tablets

they'll get more relief but actually one

study suggested that doubling up on the

dose didn't make a great deal of

difference so if one tablet a day the

licensed dose isn't relieving your

symptoms then I would recommend either

that you speak to your pharmacist about

perhaps changing to an alternative or

possibly adding in another treatment for

instance antihistamines and eyedrops

antihistamines and nose drops those need

to be taken regularly in order to have

best effect although with hay fever

tablets you can usually get relief

within hours of taking