Lactation Cookies? THEY WORK!

hey everybody it is growing up Alina and

I wanted to update you guys on how

breastfeeding is going so let's just say

you're a mom who has a little milk

supply and it's happening a really hard

time and getting milk out for your baby

me I've always been an over supplier but

just recently as my baby boys almost

turning three months old

I wasn't pumping as much as I used to

like I would be able to pump eight

ounces on each side now like before the

product I'm about to show you

I was only pumping two ounces every

other couple of hours to where I had he

take some the milk I had stored in my

freezer I feed it to my baby boy through

a bottle and keep pumping now I tried

the munchkin milk makers alike tation 50

bites and these bad boys work and it's

the best two dollars I ever spent

so I only ate one and I troubleshooted

my medulla pump so pretty much I just

sawed off the front because it wasn't

working and I was getting low suction

and I cleaned the membrane and if you

guys want a video on how to do that I

will be glad to show you how but after I

did that in ate one of these cookies

literally just one bite one single

weication cookie bite i was able to pump

six ounces from one side the very next

morning which is absolutely insane so I

stand by these and I'm gonna go to the

store today and buy a bunch more at ease

because obviously they work like a charm

and I just wanted to show you guys if

you guys have any questions for me feel

free to leave a question in the comment

section below I think you guys so much

for watching comment rate subscribe and

I hope this video helped anybody that is

having trouble pumping milk for their